Here you can see how the great #streetart in #Reykjavik looks. You can also see how traditional Icelandic garbage bins look like. And yes, this is also how Hildur looks when she finds a random cloud of mushrooms. #IAtakeover @rokkurro @hihildur (at Kaffistofan)

“Það besta sem Guð hefur skapað er nýr dagur”. The best thing God has created is a new day. - #SigurRós. Be thankful for what you got. Be nice to yourself and others. Photo of me and my boy - my miracle. Have a nice #Friday and remember; the owls are not what they seem. #IAtakeover #airwaves14 @futuregrapher

„In the distance - I’m your tourist.“ Travelling by bus (public transportation) is nice. You see / meet new and interesting people everyday. You should experience #Reykjavik, with your friends or alone with your walkman, by riding random bus routes around town. Happy Wednesday from #futuregrapher @ftrgrphr #IAtakeover #airwaves14

Sunday at Reykjavik Roasters is the best Sunday. They have tons of good vinyls to choose from so you can choose the soundtrack to your life. Oh, and this is by far the best #coffee in #Reykjavik according to Hildur. #IAtakeover @rokkurro @hihildur (at Reykjavík Roasters)

Soda. Hot dogs. Balloons. It’s independence day! raining as usual. Like proper Icelanders we’re out celebrating despite the weather (something you will most likely encounter at Iceland Airwaves). We can’t wait to share with you our adventures this week, stay tuned for more celebration! Xx @samarisamaris #IAtakeover

We have all seen the sunny pictures from Reykjavík in the past few days, right? Only makes one jealous when living in rainy London. During tube strikes. 😪 Still doesn’t stop Helga from strapping on her piano and guitar and heading to studio! Cheers from the UK! #IAtakeover @rokkurro @helgaragnars

Somebody asked for more pictures of hot dogs so here it comes! Icelandic hot dogs are without a doubt the best in the world so make sure to get at least 5 when you come for #IcelandAirwaves. Here @hihildur @axelij & @arnithorarnason are enjoying “ein með öllu”before heading to the studio, because these wonderdogs spark creativity. #IAtakeover with @rokkurro !

It’s friday and I’m in love. Finding crabs, shells and all kinds of colored stones is easy in Iceland. I collect beach stuff - something I got from my great-grandmother Amma Guðný from #Patreksfjördur. And since I was talking about Sigur Rós earlier, then I should tell you to check out Biogen`s remix of ‘Syndir Guðs’. Amazing work. Amen. #IAtakeover #airwaves14 @futuregrapher (at Ægissíða)

Axel doesn’t let a cast get in his way when he needs to sign a Rökkurró vinyl! He had a small accident so he has to take a short break from the guitar, but fortunately he had finished all the recordings for our new upcoming album! #IAtakeover @rokkurro @axelij

Sometimes life gives you a random fridge and you feel like you should pose with it. 4/6 Rökkurró members met for a brief meeting where we were discussing our new album production and of course we took a break to be cool with our sunglasses, skateboards and fridges. #IAtakeover @rokkurro @hihildur @axelij @skuliagnarr @arnithorarnason

#Airwaves14 artist @rokkurro are taking over our Instagram tomorrow for a whole week! This is a part of our #IAtakeover series, where local artists give us a peek into their life in Reykjavík, and we’re really looking forward to seeing what Rökkurró have in store for us! 📷