iasip: the gang exploits the mortgage crisis


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I sleep with women, but I’m emotionally involved with Mac.

women contributors to iasip

y’know what’s fucked up? i don’t know anything about most of the women behind the show in any capacity. and by most, i mean Anyone besides kaitlin olson. i couldn’t name any women writers or directors. so, i decided to look it up. 

do you know how many episodes have women credited as writers? 

five. six. 

out of 134. 

the gang gets held hostage had the story written by lisa parsons. 

the gang exploits the mortgage crisis, mac fights gay marriage, and dee gives birth are written by becky mann and audra sielaff. 

the gang tends bar was written by megan ganz. 

edit: old lady house was written by dannah phirman and danielle schneider.

that’s it, folks. 

for women who have directed episodes, jamie babbit (the lesbian director behind but i’m a cheerleader, the L word, malcolm in the middle, and gilmore girls) has directed three episodes in this season: hero or hate crime?, ptsdee, and a cricket’s tale. 

that’s It. that’s all the women writers and directors of the show. 

and we wonder why dee gets the shaft


season premiers 1-12, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Glenn Howerton: It’s pretty hard to believe. It’s hard not to get nostalgic about the very beginnings of the show considering none of us were writers. We were all just actors, and when the show got picked up we knew we wanted to write, but we didn’t really know how to write. We just figured if the show got picked up we’d figure it out.  


MacDennis Week, Day 3: Favorite Funny Moment

I’m sure I won’t be the only one to celebrate Hugh Honey and Vic Vinegar today; this scene alone contains SO MUCH, it almost feels like cheating to choose it as a single “funny moment.” Obviously, this scene is legendary for “Do that for me, okay, baby boy?” – but I also want to call attention to some subtler treasures contained herein:

1. Mac is simultaneously scowling and giving a thumbs-up in his Vic Vinegar headshot.

2. “Vic! You got that other snack tray?” “I certainly do, Hugh!” –Dennis and Mac actually address each other as “Vic” and “Hugh” when no one is around to hear them. They are COMMITTED to this roleplay.

3. Dennis’s effete little hand gesture at 0:38

4. The open-mouthed kiss (and unspeakably disgusting grunting noise accompanying it) that Dennis administers to the woman’s hand at 1:02

5. Dennis’s crooning delivery of “Now, Viiiiiic…” at 1:23 – you get the sense that they’ve practiced this part over and over.

6. “How about I take your wife upstairs and show her what it’s like to be deep inside a REALLY big house?”

7. But the real reason I chose this scene: Dennis’s reaction at the very end, which begins with his utterly sincere “That was AMAZING, bro!” (2:21) and just builds and builds as Mac boasts of his newfound prowess as Vic Vinegar. Finally Mac yells, “If they back out now, I will find them, I will strangle them, and I will BEAT THEM INTO OBLIVION!” – in response to which Dennis can only sputter, “Wow! Wow!” as he gazes at Mac, positively beaming with awe and adoration, and then goes in for a spontaneous shoulder massage, because he’s just so excited by Mac in this moment, he needs to be touching him.

It cracks me up every time, because it’s patently obvious that this scheme was, in fact, a terrible failure. Are Mac and Dennis really so deluded as to believe that transaction went well? Or are they just so swept up in their Honey/Vinegar roleplay that they don’t even care about real-world consequences? Either way, this scene ranks up there with the composition of “Dayman” as one of the most purely joyful moments in the show’s history. Mac and Dennis are a twisted psychodrama unto themselves, but in this moment, at least, they’re just so damn excited about each other, the force of their mutual adoration could blow up a thousand houses.

Best Macdennis Episodes

1. Mac and Dennis: Manhunters
2. Mac’s Banging the Waitress
3. The Nightman Cometh
4. The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis
5. The Great Recession
6. Mac and Dennis Break Up
7. Dennis Gets Divorced
8. The Gang Dines Out
9. Mac and Dennis Buy a Timeshare
10. Flowers for Charlie
11. The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6
12. Charlie Work