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idk about you but a really cursed episode is the one where everyone (especially dee and charlie) get really obsessed with that online video game, but TBH the only scene that matters is where dennis shows up at the apartment in that horrible british accent like "STOP CHORLAY.... this gAEYME has gone on LOWNG enouGH"

omg i love this episode a lot, especially british hairdresser dennis!! this inspired me to rewatch the “STAOHP CHOARLEY” scene it’s honestly iconic and i love the way dennis immediately says “shit” after realizing just how terrible his accent was lmao

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(nsfw text?) omg we really DON'T talk about it enough. Cause narratively, it would make more sense for real Dennis to get blown by hairdresser version because he had just realized he's god. And the logical conclusion is that people should worship him (i.e. blow him). But INSTEAD he's the one who blows the (imo) obviously gay Dennis? The scene is definitely screaming for analysis. Not to mention that he tries to emulate his hairdresser-self later (the accent). Is that version Dennis' ideal self?

YOOO I have never thought about this scene in this way before! To me, Dennis blowing himself demonstrates that because he sees himself as a god, the only sexual partner who he thinks is worthy of his time is himself. But yeah there’s a lot to unpack about the characterization of British Dennis and what it implies about Dennis and his sexuality/self-image