iasip bros

some examples of central plot lines in various sunny episodes:

• mac and dennis trying and failing to live without each other
• mac and dennis being domestic in the suburbs
• mac and dennis secretly masturbating together
• mac and dennis coming up with increasingly homoerotic merchandising ideas
• mac and dennis scheming together to get dennis out of his marriage
• mac and dennis going on a fancy dinner date
• mac and dennis seducing each other’s moms because they couldn’t bang each other


Romeo (Rat) and his brother Miguel  patrolling the Commonwealth 

A pair of Diamond City radio host moonlight as monsters hunter for settlers who report paranormal phenomena or sighting of urban legends. Since 2078 they have made it their life’s work – when they’re not arguing with each other, that is – to help settlers throughout the post apocalyptic Commonwealth who feel they have been affected by seemingly unexplained disturbances of the wasteland.

Miguel belong to @ in-comes-nanners

predictions for the finale - 

  • The gang cycles through several plans to fake Dennis’ death or otherwise get him out of fatherhood (blowing up the range rover, one of them fake shoots him in front of the mom, pretending to date mac)
  • mac and dennis get a little too into the fake dating and macdennis comes to a head much like chardee did
  • charlie bangs the waitress (i’m hoping this doesn’t happen but the promo has me rattled) and this makes him realize he doesn’t actually love her (he doesn’t look very happy in the promo)
  • or, charlie, dee, and the waitress all bang each other (just spitballing here)
  • dennis’ feelings for mac will be more apparent, especially with the whole rpg business. his big choice between staying or leaving philly culminates in him choosing between the mother of his child, or mac
  • mac confesses his love for dennis, and dennis rejects him (to get away from the big feelings loving mac causes) and regrets it 
  • a heartbroken mac is cheered up by the rest of the gang, who found the rocket, and let him blow up the range rover
  • it’s actually frank’s baby 

These are the designs I have submitted to some shirt design places so far. Still in the process of seeing who/where will print them, or where I can print them on my own.

I’LL TAKE ANY SUGGESTIONS IF YOU KNOW OF A GOOD PLACE OR WEBSITE! Also, I’d like any comments on what you think of these designs for shirts, prints, stickers. What appeals to you? What doesn’t?