What do you think street harassment is about? Sex? Benign flattery? Attraction? Women who can’t just suck it up and deal?

It’s power. Catcalls, sexist comments, public masturbation, groping, stalking and assault: gender-based street harassment makes public places unfriendly, frightening and dangerous for many girls, women, and LGBQT people.

It’s power to control public spaces. Power to alter paths. Power to shame, scare and intimidate. Power to define what is safe and what is not. It’s the power to say: “I’m entitled to touch you, comment on your body, coerce you to smile, control your movement.” Even when women perceive catcalls as flattering, they are nonetheless aware that it’s an unpredictable degree away from possible harm.

International Anti-Street Harassment Week: 10 Things You Can Do To Stop Street Harassment

happy (wrong word?) International Anti-Street Harassment Week, y'all

Thrilling Intent Week day 5 - Crossover:
i bet you expected ashe as princess mononoke. sike! so did i

ashe - nausicaa
markus - howl
gregor - ashitaka
kyr - fio (you know the cute mechanic from porco rosso)
inien - kiki


The first message comes from her, luckily for him he had his phone off already.
You got away with that, impressive - IA

He smirks reading the message, strangely amused before replying
You still have powerful “friends”, impressive - SH

Irene holds the phone gently, appreciating the moment, then she types again
You jealous? - IA
And when a reply doesn’t arrive she continues the conversation, fiercely.
My new husband is boring. Come over. Let’s have dinner - IA
But this time the answer arrives
Busy - SH

She laughs slightly
Busy? You escaped death. Again. You should celebrate - IA
She hesitates some further seconds before continuing 
YOU should celebrate. With ME. Catch a fly. Let’s have dinner - IA
When a reply doesn’t come, again, she changes strategy.
You wouldn’t have died anyway… - IA
That worked. She giggles, she knew that THAT would have worked.
What makes you say so? - SH
She decides to torture him for a while before finally answering
I would have helped you - IA

Is that sentiment, Miss Adler? - SH
Was it sentiment back in Karachi? - IA
And Sherlock doesn’t reply and Irene gets undressed thinking about him.

The next time he’s the one starting the conversation, sending a picture.
Irene is eating when she downloads that picture and once she sees it she almost chokes
Is that little Watson? - IA
she types fast
Her name is Rosamund Mary - SH
He confirms and Irene smiles gently before writing  
She seems pretty but your child would be prettier… - IA
Sherlock almost chokes too when he reads that and a couple of seconds later
Are you offering? - SH
Irene can’t help but rolling her eyes, even if she’s aware he can’t see her, then she texts again
Maybe. Or maybe not. You should come over to find out - IA

Irene write again a couple of days later.
This city is tedious - IA
I need some new “friends” - IA
She keeps writing and he keeps ignoring her
And I miss London - IA
And Belgravia - IA
And Starbucks - IA
And your funny hat - IA
You should wear it more often, it suits you - IA
But you already know that - IA
Com’on join me. Let’s have dinner - IA
Even the great Sherlock Holmes has needs - IA
To eat, for instance - IA
Or to… play - IA
Or to have dinner - IA
You like this don’t you? - IA
You bastard - IA
What’s so interesting to avoid me? - IA
I know you find this hilarious - IA
And then, eventually, he answers
I do - SH

Irene decides to return the favour sometimes later

Have you read John’s blog lately? I know you would find his last post HILARIOUS - SH
It’s been a week, still offended? - SH
Do you have anything to do with the Borgia’s perl disappearance? - SH
Not that I care - SH
Gone to the Opera today? - SH
Maybe - IA
Sherlock smiles gently enjoying this little game of theirs and decides to push her
Godfrey? - SH
The mention of her husband’s name manages to amuse Irene more than she was supposed to, probably.
Is that caring, Mister Holmes? Or jealously? - IA
Try not to be irrational, Miss Adler - SH
She’s happy in that moment, more than she’s right to be and appreciates the moment, liking the power she is holding, then she texts back.
I’m not and you know it. Let’s have dinner - IA

The next time is Irene who starts the conversation

I’m bored. Again. Let’s have dinner - IA
Busy. Again - SH
Try to be interesting, Mister Holmes. Let’s have dinner - IA
Not now - SH
He warns her tough without realising that this attitude can only manage to annoy her more
Why not? - IA
The woman doesn’t even wait a minute to write a further message
You know you can’t get me out of your mind. Let’s have dinner - IA
And then again another
It’s been too long. Let’s have dinner - IA

When she texts him again Sherlock is about to catch the flight to go home
Travelling around the world and not even a short visit in Montenegro? If I was a different person I might get angry - IA
When he reads that he finds the message unexpectedly funny. His reply is half a monkey, half a challenge
You ARE angry - SH
She doesn’t deny that but she attacks him
And you are hungry. Let’s have dinner - IA
He doesn’t deny that either

Then the word falls apart and he needs anchor, she needs her

Mary is dead. John hates me - SH
Her replay is immediate
I’m already on my way - IA
He shivers at the only thought of that, then he texts her
Don’t. It’s too dangerous - SH
He can almost hear her laugh, then her reply arrives
Nonsense. I’ll be there in 12 hours - IA
He trembles writing the following words
I can’t protect you. The last person I vowed to protect died - SH
Her response comes fierce, like her.
Luckily for you I’m prone to resurrection - IA

And for the first time in a while he genuinely smiles

You know where to find me

(or Texts p3)

After 4x03 (because we all know they kept texting, right?)

Irene was sleeping peacefully when his next message arrived
Tell me you’re safe - SH

She hesitated for some seconds holding the phone, genuinely worried. That tone, that message… It definitively was something not in Sherlock’s character

What’s wrong? - IA
She typed nervously and in a hurry

Long story - SH
He replied in a second

Short version? - IA
She asked again, insisting on the matter

I need to see you in person, please - SH
She kept staring at that message for some seconds. Sherlock needed something, Sherlock was even begging her. Her. This must be serious, she thought. Then an other message arrived.

You know where to find me - SH

She laughed slightly and bite her lips, leaving her bedroom and her husband, before sending the following text

High Wycombe? - IA

She looked outside and breathed in and out, the rain was falling heavily and she had never felt more alone. It was cold, outside and inside her, then another message from Sherlock arrived.

How? - SH

She rolled her eyes before replying
Oh, Mister Holmes stop boring me and think - IA

In a blink of a moment his answered arrived
John - SH
Bingo! - IA
She wrote laughing silently. She could almost imagine him, his half annoyed and half amused face staring at her. Then she received his message.

No you didn’t - SH

She received his message and smirked before typing
Oh yes I did. You know I did, I texted him - IA

Woman! You misbehaved - SH
She could almost hear his mouth on the crook of her neck

As always - IA
And she could almost feel his finger caressing her back
I am aware, sadly - SH
And she could almost feel his body on hers too.

Then another message arrived
By the way… stop that - SH

She had to reflect upon that for some seconds before understanding. It was about John, obviously. John and her. And the fact that she had texted him, repeatedly. And the fact that he had answered her, often.

I won’t - IA
She replied to Sherlock and his reply arrived soon after  
Yes, you will - SH

Irene smiled thinking back to Karachi before managing to send him another message
I never obey you. I never obey anyone - IA

Sherlock’s text arrived some seconds later and she could almost hear his annoyed voice
I know, but stop that - SH

The following text is just trying to irritate him
Oh, look at the poor man - IA
I’m not jealous - SH

Reading that Irene had, for the second time that day, the urge to roll her eyes

Of course you’re not. You’re just afraid to see me and John getting along and siding against you - IA
She sent that text, which was intended to be a joke, at first at least, but she soon realised it wasn’t so she continued the conversation.

Which will happen surely. You were right, by the way, he ships us - IA

What did he say? - SH
She could almost taste his curiosity, his impatience so she smiled before replying  
That’s a very private conversation between me and him - IA
Then she hesitated some further seconds before continuing
If you want to know I’m afraid you need to see me in person - IA

Then the most unexpected message arrived.
I already told you, you know were to find me - SH
She closed her eyes for some seconds, he was really insisting. This worried her and yet at the same time it made her feel powerful. The she opened her eyes and stared at the window impatiently. Then she turned her attention to the phone and to him once again.

Where? Backer Street? Because the last time your big brother almost saw me - IA

She didn’t have to wait much to receive the following text
Not almost - SH
She read that. One time. And then a second time and a third. And panicked.

It’s not funny - IA
If Mycroft knew about her, she wasn’t safe. If Mycroft knew, she had to run again. If Mycroft knew she was dead, again. If Mycroft knew…then another message arrived

I know it’s not - SH
And then another
Relax, you don’t need to worry about that - SH
But still she felt the fear of being exposed, again. Then another texts arrived
I made a deal for you - SH

What do you mean? - IA
She typed trembling

Not long after Sherlock’s explanation arrived
You can come back - SH

She. Back. Irene kept looking at the screen for some seconds, speechless.

To England? - IA
She asked doubtful

Yes - SH
He replied simply

How? - IA
She asked genuinely shocked and Sherlock’s text confirmed what he had said before
I told you, I made a deal - SH

Yes, but… why? - IA
She asked without understanding

You know why - SH
He replied and Irene could almost feel his insecurity, his desire to avoid the subject, so she insisted, amused.
This is the sweetest thing you have ever not told me - IA

Shut up, woman - SH
She read the message and in a moment could almost hear his voice, then she texted back.

Since when are you in such good relations to your brother, by the way? -IA

Come here and find out - SH
He insisted once again. He really wants to see me, Irene thought, he really is worried, but still she needed to know, to… understand what was had happened with his brother.
How did you even convince him? - IA

His reply left her without words
The truth - SH
What truth? - IA
She typed finding a solid grip on her phone, then the most unexpected reply reached her.

That you’re family - SH

That statement left her speechless and disoriented and her answered arrived only several hours later.
Fine - IA

Incredibly he answered after only some seconds
Are you on your way? - SH

Her reply was not, anyway, what he had expected to read

No - IA

Why? - SH
The posh boy typed surprised and intrigued

Because you know where to find me too - IA
The Dominatrix replied with a victory smirk, it wasn’t so cold after all.