What do you think street harassment is about? Sex? Benign flattery? Attraction? Women who can’t just suck it up and deal?

It’s power. Catcalls, sexist comments, public masturbation, groping, stalking and assault: gender-based street harassment makes public places unfriendly, frightening and dangerous for many girls, women, and LGBQT people.

It’s power to control public spaces. Power to alter paths. Power to shame, scare and intimidate. Power to define what is safe and what is not. It’s the power to say: “I’m entitled to touch you, comment on your body, coerce you to smile, control your movement.” Even when women perceive catcalls as flattering, they are nonetheless aware that it’s an unpredictable degree away from possible harm.

International Anti-Street Harassment Week: 10 Things You Can Do To Stop Street Harassment

happy (wrong word?) International Anti-Street Harassment Week, y'all

Embodied Values: Bringing the Senses Back to the Environment


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I collaborated with Allyson Pattie on an installation  Hearing Hands which was presented at the Sawyer  seminar series conference SENSORY WORLDS:  Environment, Value and the Multi-Sensory, hosted  by the Institute for Advanced Studies in the  Humanities.

 The piece allows participants to listen with their  ears and also through touching. Inspace,  Edinburgh, 7-9th December, 2011.

Section: “Portrait of Gisap project”

From 03rd till 08th of December, 2015 under the auspices of the GISAP project launched by the International Academy of Science and Higher Education (IASHE; London, United Kingdom) the next stage of the scientific and analytical championship in Economics, Management, Jurisprudence, Sociology, Political and Military sciences, as well as the CXIV International scientific and practical conference “Conditions and aims of development of public processes in the context of priority of liberal values and respect to moral and cultural traditions” were organized. The events were devoted to the memory of the outstanding Roman politician, philosopher and the brilliant orator Marcus Tullius Cicero; therefore the events have the status of his “Memorial”. The specified events took place under the British jurisdiction in the remote-interactive form on the basis of the http://gisap.eu/ website. The events were organized by the scientific, philanthropic and public organizations from around the world. The assessment of quality, author’s originality and innovativeness of researches was carried out by authoritative international experts.
Within the framework of the absolute open European-Asian championship in scientific analytics Toivo Tanning with his report “The influence international sanctions on economy of Russian Federation” became the winner in the field of Economics. The second prize-winning place was occupied by co-authors Vladimir Chernyak and Alex Kazimirenko, and the third place was taken by Lyudmila Moroz. In the field of Jurisprudence Ruslan Puzikov has taken the first place with the report “Problems of legal regulation of public safety issues on the modern stage”. The second place is taken by Evgenie Korolev, and the third place - by George Chiladze.
In separate thematic sections of national championships the highest places were occupied by: Mariya Baran (“Management theory and practice in the XXI century”); Toivo Tanning (“Economics and Management - Open specialized section”); Oksana Konoplytska (“Juridical psychology”), Ruslan Puzikov (“Theory and history of law and state, history of legal doctrines”).
Following the results of events the IASHE Publishing house has issued the collection of scientific works (ISBN 978-1-909137-86-8). The best works by participants of championships in scientific analytics will also be published in the journal “GISAP: Economics, Jurisprudence and Management” (ISSN 2053-6402 (Print), ISSN 2053-6410 (Online)).
More details about the results and materials of scientific and analytical events, as well as contents of the IASHE editions are available on the websites: http://gisap.eu/, http://iashe.eu/, http://journals.gisap.eu/, http://www.ecojuris.gisap.eu/.

We appreciate your attention.
The IASHE and the GISAP Project Organizing Committee.