In Greek mythology, Iapetos is an offspring of Ouranos and Gaia, and is therefore one of the twelve Uranides. The other eleven are: Kronos, Okeanos, Hyperion, Krios, Koios, Rhea, Tethys, Theia, Phoebe, Themis, and Mnemosyne.

Iapetos is the father of the four Iapetionides: Prometheus, Menoitios, Epimetheus, and Atlas.

His name derives from the word iapto (“wound, pierce”) and usually refers to a spear, implying that Iapetus may have been regarded as a god of craftsmanship. However, scholars mostly describe Iapetos as the god of mortality, because his sons Prometheus and Epimetheus were represented as the creators of mankind.

In Hesiod's Theogony, Iapetos’ wife is Klymene, a daughter of Okeanos and Tethys, and she is also the mother of his children.

Being the father of Prometheus, Iapetos was regarded by the Greeks as the ancestor of the human race.

Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology by William Smith

In Greek mythology, Iapetus also Iapetos or Japetus was a Titan, the son of Uranus and Gaia, and father (by an Oceanid named Clymene or Asia) of Atlas, Prometheus, Epimetheus, and Menoetius and through Prometheus, Epimetheus and Atlas an ancestor of the human race. He was the Titan of Mortal Life, while his son, Prometheus, was the creator of mankind.

Living your nightmares

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by Iapetos

Someone forced Dean to see Cas being tortured every night he dreams. Cas eventually appears, healthy and well, but will he be able to stop it with everything else going on? While searching for a way to help Dean, Cas stumbles across something Dean denied himself for a long time.

Words: 2223, Chapters: 2/?, Language: English

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Indio - 31 - …- Iapetos - Rami Malek - OPEN

“The meaning of life is that it stops.”

To Forget The Past

Iapetos is the Titan of violent death, as well as the personification of one of the four pillars of the earth. He, along with his brothers Crius, Coeus, and Hyperion, held their father Uranus while Cronos castrated him. He is the father of Atlas, Epimetheus, Prometheus, and Menoetius by an Oceanid.

Referred to as “the piercer,” Iapetos is often depicted with a spear and shield. His sons are the ancestors of humanity, so he ruled over the mortal life span. He is cited as being at Cronos’s side in Tartarus, bearing the weight of the Universe instead of just the earth.

You Must Build A Future

When Cronos proposed an overthrow of the Olympians, Iapetos was at his side in an instant. The titan was itching to get out of Tartarus and be restored to his former power. Cronos had led him in revolt once before and he knew the strength of the titans after being held so long in the pit. He rallied the Titans to Cronos’s cause, and together the tore down the gods who had imprisoned them.  It was only after Cronos was restored to power that Iapetos grew wary of the act they had committed. Here history was repeating itself- the power was corrupting his brother, and this time it seemed that there was no way to stop him. True, there had been whispers of titan retaliation, but Iapetos had shrugged them off. He would give his brother the benefit of the doubt.

The last straw was the banishment of Mnemosyne. Casting one of their own to the mortal world was delving into the powers of others. Cronos had to be stopped. The betrayal brought Iapetos closer to the other titans, who welcomed his authority with open arms.  It was Iapetos who convinced Cronos that allowing the Titans down to Earth would do him good- The Titans, he said, are more powerful than any of his broken heroes that he sent to raise hell. The Titans can keep them in line, as well as pushing the Gods further away from the truth. He had Cronos’ trust, and so the Titans descended to Earth- but with entirely opposite intentions.

Iapetos was not doing this for the God’s sake- oh no. He was the titan of mortality, and having his brother usurp his power and make a fellow titan mortal convinced him of the need for change. He’s out to preserve his own power, yes, but also to appease some of the more argumentative Titans. There were many who could not bear to see their families cast away, but Iapetos holds no ties. On earth, he separated from his sons, trusting them to handle themselves amongst their creations. Iapetos was always fascinated with the mortals, and their modern world was something he could get lost in. He reveled in the numerous ways that they slowly killed themselves every day, and could almost laugh at their feeble attempts to do something with themselves before their inevitable ends.

On earth Iapetos became Indio, a war reporter. Wherever he was, war was, and he always made it to the front lines. Violence never fazed him; he was more interested in the thoughts of the men and women risking their lives day after day. He spent a year on earth travelling as he wished before finally settling into the titan’s plan, and now that he’s in New York he means to command. His sharp wit and cool gaze keep him aloof; seeming like the fame he’s garnered for himself means nothing to him. Indio’s path has brought him into contact with the shells of people, their rough exteriors hardened against the horrors of the world. He studies them, their devil-may-care attitudes baring hints of his own. He knows these broken people, these victims of monstrosities are the ones who truly know what life is: violent, cruel, and meaningless.

He likes the way these mortals think.

5 facts about Indio.

1. He’s very flippant about the Gods- he knows that he needs them to dethrone Cronos, but he doesn’t care much how long it takes to restore them.

2. He loves the aesthetics of modern society, particularly smoking.

3. Iapetos can have a very short temper.

4. He may be aloof the majority of the time, but when something grabs his focus he will laser in on it and learn all that he can.

5. War fascinates him- how lives can be used as bartering chips for things that will be of no consequence to the universe and how it is total and absolute, leaving no one untouched or unchanged.



OC written by Rachel

For years, the gods undergo rebirth as humans over and over without any idea that they are powerful deities with extraordinary power. They have heard of Greek Mythology and always thought of it as nothing more but literature, stories told in the past that have been studied through time. But life after life they are drawn to one another, and every time they always gravitate among each other; never knowing that they are simply re-meeting once again.

In the year 2013, all of them are in New York where they live different lives, just like the many times before, as teachers, doctors, lawyers; ordinary people with an impossible history hidden in their minds . But this time things might change. This time the power that holds their memories hostage from them is weak, and those that might wish to bring the gods back hold hope that they might be able to trigger the memories they lost and gain back the powers they once lost.

But there are forces that will stop at nothing to make sure that never happens and a war is on the horizon as the Gods awaken in New York City.

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Rick Stein Greece - A gastronomic exploration
Rick Stein Greece

The 6-part BBC series sees Rick Stein sampling the very best of regional dishes all across the Mediterranean – Greece, Venice and Turkey, as well as the more off-the-beaten-track locations of  Albania and Croatia. He then cooks his favourites back in Greece, on the island of Symi, one of the smaller Dodecanese islands an hour by high-speed ferry from Rhodes – and an island that is very close to my heart!

The good news is you can follow in Rick Stein’s footsteps and cook up a storm with local fish, produce and wine. Rick Stein cooked in the kitchen of the beautiful Villa Sofia on Symi, which is available to rent.

I have it on good authority that, whilst the crew stayed in the five bed, four bathroom villa, Rick himself chose not to sleep ‘on the job’ but in rooms at the beautiful Iapetos Village.

Rick Stein seemed to enjoy his time on Symi, diving into the blue waters of the Aegean from the quayside outside the villa, enjoying a glass of wine on the balcony as the sun set over the distant mountains of Turkey.

For viewers outside the UK, the series can be watched  by using a VPN like Hola:


Blogpost from Anne Zouroudi: www.annezouroudi.com/