Cool shit, didn’t realize I had that many people following me (I don’t say shit but I appreciate it). Not that any of you will really see this but if you do get to that’s cool. Just followed some folks back (super late). Thanks for the follows people. Hopefully some new stuff soon. Bout to probably post a preview of something I’m working on in a lil bit as well as a few pics from the past few months/weeks.

Also! In a couple weeks I’m going to be taking a road trip out to Boston, MA. Why? Doesn’t matter. But, I’d like to shoot while I’m out there on the road. My estimated route is below.

So if you have a chance and you’re anywhere in my path I’d like to shoot with you. Doesn’t matter who you are or what you think of yourself I’d like to shoot with you. Lets try to make this a fun trip.

Send your info to my page in an ask or hit me up at my twitter/instagram/tumblr @iantonymarshall

A select few may be asked to participate in this year’s NBCAM Project. If you can’t do it then please take a moment to help me spread the word.

Thanks people.