ianto x owen

‘Beware of ascribing human feelings to aliens,’ Jack said. ‘It’s a classic mistake. They don’t think like us, they don’t feel like us, they don’t react like us. It’s hard enough working out what a cat is thinking, let alone something from another planet. Anthropomorphise at your peril.’
‘That should be our motto,’ Owen said. ‘I’ll get some T-shirts made up.

Slow Decay by Andy Lane (Torchwood Novels #3)

T-shirts… with the Torchwood logo on. ;)

Owen didn't hate Ianto, though...

Not any more than he hated Gwen or Tosh or Jack. 

Owen’s just kind of a dick to everyone, all the time. It’s just kind of how he is. It’s nothing personal.

(I’m not saying that makes it okay, but I really don’t think it was coming from a place of hatred for any of them.) 

“Coffee?” asked Ianto, appearing like a genie from an expertly rubbed lamp.
“I love you,” said Gwen, taking hers.
“I love you more,” Owen told Ianto, “and I’m prepared to have your babies.”
Ianto smiled patiently.

“Jack in his office?” Gwen asked Toshiko as she came over to the lab space.
“I guess. I haven’t seen him.”
“What are you doing?” Gwen asked. “Isn’t that…?”
Toshiko sat back, removed her eye-guards, and took a sip of her coffee.
“Yes it is,” she said. “Mmm, I love that man.”
“It’s me he’s marrying,” Gwen said.

Border Princes by Dan Abnett (Torchwood Novels #2)

No one can resist Ianto’s coffee, and everyone is prepared to go to great lengths for it… not that I can blame anyone for wanting to marry Ianto.

When Owen’s eyes adjusted to the contrast, he realized it was Ianto who’d woken him by pushing his shoulder. It wasn’t like him to touch Owen, to touch any of them, really. The lad could throw the Torchwood SUV into a hairpin turn, knock a Weevil down with a well-placed blow, and run a hundred meters like Christian Malcolm. But he wasn’t the sort to put a comforting arm around someone or punch them playfully on the arm, and he’d die rather than hug you. Ianto never gave a second look to Gwen or Toshiko. And Jack was always hitting on him, so he was probably gay, hiding in the closet with the lights off and hoping no one could hear him breathing.

Another Life by Peter Anghelides (Torchwood Novels #1)

I love this quote for several reasons: 

1. Ianto is SO CAPABLE … he’s amazing and yet so quiet about it

2. Ianto is very withdrawn – which makes his relationship with Jack so much more interesting, because it’s quite a reversal

3. Owen fully recognizes how great Ianto is at everything

4. Owen’s assessment of Ianto’s sexuality, which is kind of hilarious. He recognizes that Ianto might be up for something with Jack, possibly before Ianto does. 


» Torchwood per Episode ; Season Two; To the Last Man
❝Being here, I’ve seen things I never dreamt I’d see.
Loved people I never would have known if I’d just stayed where I was.
And I wouldn’t change that for the world.❝

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