ianto jones memorial


Ianto Jones memorial: Cardiff - So at Cardiff bay, where the BBC doctor who spin off Torchwood is set, there’s this rather special wall. It is a memorial wall to Ianto Jones, a character who dies in the series. There are pictures, fanarts, fanfics, posters, signs EVERYTHING! However crazy your fandom may be: they’ve got nothing on this. making a memorial in the middle of a capital city to a fictional character? I love whovians.


» Torchwood per Episode ; Season Two; Adam  
❝ Our memories define us, Adam changed those memories, he changed who we are. Now I have to help you all go back. Find a memory that defines you, rediscover who you are. If I’m wrong, he’ll still be here when we’ve done this. Let me take you back to before we all met. Feel around for anything that makes you what you are. The hidden and the forgotten. Tell me where you are.❝

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