Guiding Light 4/31

Fandom: Torchwood

Day/Prompt: Day 4: (First/last) date/love from @xmasprompts list

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Part One Where they’ll all be eventually

Jack fumbled in his pockets, looking for his phone. When he found it, and saw he had no texts, he sighed. He was starting to get really nervous about Ianto coming. Maybe he had just gone home, forgetting about him.

But not two minutes later, Ianto was walking with Tosh, talking and laughing with her, and Jack looked at him as if he hadn’t already looked at him all day long. He had noticed the red shirt right away, and he probably would have drooled on his table, had Owen not been here to kick him back to reality. If the three buttons opened looked gorgeous on Ianto, the tie definitely was Jack’s favourite. Ianto had added it between the moment Jack had last seen him and now, and it clearly was a plus, and a good surprise.

His dark hair was dishevelled, probably in the same way Jack’s was – from nervously running his hands through his hair – and his blue eyes seemed to look right into Jack’s soul. Which meant that Ianto was looking at him.

Jack nervously laughed as he realised they were facing each other and that Tosh was long gone, so he just looked stupid, standing there and staring at Ianto.

“Hi,” Jack chuckled, and almost physically slapped himself.

He didn’t, because he looked stupid enough already, but he shook his head and smiled.

“Looking good,” he managed to say without sounding like a virgin fifteen-year-old girl.

“You too,” Ianto smiled back and Jack’s heart missed a beat. Since when had Ianto’s smile turned him into this gorgeous Welshman? “Shall we go?”

“Yeah. Yup. Yes. Sure,” Jack nodded.

To his surprise, Ianto didn’t run away and he even looked happy and impatient. By the time they reached the pub, Jack had composed himself and could have a normal chat.

It wasn’t anything wonderful or extraordinary for a first date, as they got along as well as the past weeks as friends, and flirted as much as they had. It was a bit lame, actually, as the pub was noisy and really not a good place for a first date, but they didn’t complain.

In the end, they were in their own bubble and it was fine, even in a crowded place not made for dates at all. They then walked for a while, and Ianto walked Jack back to his flat.

“Want to go up for a drink?” Jack asked, not wanting to go just yet.

Ianto seemed to consider it, but shook his head.

“I’d better go catch my train,” he smiled.

“Oh, yeah,” Jack chuckled, again nervous.

They looked around for a while, with an awkward silence between them.

“Well, I should probably go,” Ianto eventually sighed.

Jack nodded and played with his keys for a few seconds, none of them moving. Ianto eventually leaned on to kiss Jack so briefly that he couldn’t react. Ianto licked his upper lip then pursed his lips.

“Right, see you soon,” he smiled.

“Ianto,” Jack called back, taking Ianto’s wrist.

He felt Ianto’s heart beat fastening against his thump, and it echoed his own pulse. He put his hand on Ianto’s cheek and tilted his head, giving time to Ianto to back off if he wanted. He didn’t, and their lips met in a longer kiss than the previous one.

“I hope to see you on a second date,” Jack whispered against Ianto’s mouth when they parted.

Ianto nodded eagerly and they kissed again, then went on separate ways, Jack grinning happily. It could have ended up worse, as a first date.


from the press release:

“The new story will be released in October, allowing for an unbroken run of stories from September. Four more releases will follow at monthly intervals into 2016.

“There was originally going to be a gap after the first release,” explains James, “but we soon realised that everyone we spoke to was being so helpful, we’d be in studio a lot earlier. Actors, writers, agents, BBC Worldwide have all been amazing - ‘Well, since it’s Torchwood’ everyone kept saying. So it’s coming out early. Since it’s Torchwood.”