ianto baby come back to me

My friend: do you have any tv show recommandation?

Me: OMG yes. So at the moment i’m obsessed with Skam, it’s a Norwegian show, not the one with the US remake and Philkas and the puppy killer, no this one features so many teens issues and it really represents us and the modern society, and one of the character is bipolar, like Ian Gallagher is shameless which btw is back with Mickey right, and also it’s funny because Skam means shame so shame, shameless; so yeah and Magnus, which btw is also the name of the High Warlock of Brooklyn that Matt Daddario loves so much and who is back in with a lot of Malec apparently in season 2 the 2nd of january, and the 1st is gonna be Sherlock’s coming back and i can’t wait/fangirl moment/ , so yeah anyway    Mag’s mother is also bipolar so he educated Isak because he wanted to abandon him but i don’t want him to do that because it will be like Ian when he broke up with Mickey or Ianto when he died like I will not support it, I want a happy couple who will have babies just like Victuuri cause  they are so married omg btw the hug in the airport left me shook so yeah. so yeah it’s a good show but i’m kinda looking for other ones because i need more ships.