ianthony exists

[►] Out of all the touching that happened in today’s video, this part from the BTS was by far my favorite because we get some protective Ian here and I’m SO IN LOVE WITH PROTECTIVE IANTHONY! 

You can see the exact moment where Ian goes into full on protective mode with Anthony, hugging him tighter and bringing him closer to his chest while also bracing himself to deal with Anthony’s weight. He didn’t want Anthony to get hurt and did everything he could to prevent it from happening and IT WAS SO CUTE!



So, Ianthony basically canoned in Smosh Babies, right?

So technically this means that Ianthony was/is still canon in the Smosh universe.

If we are to believe that Smosh Babies directly coincides with the universe the guys have created in the canon Smosh episodes, then this means that Ianthony is or at least once was canon in that universe.

What this means is that in the entirety of the Smosh canon, Ianthony exists or at least did exist.

So in a sense, Ianthony is canon.

Now, the sense of the ship is still the question. Personally, I believe they meant the moment as a “platonic soulmates” type of thing, but the heart that they showed can mean that the “soulmates” part can be conveyed in a romantic sense.

Either way, platonically (which is canon no matter what because let’s face it, Ian and Anthony are totally bro-married) or romantically (which may or may not be a canon possibility in at least the Smoshiverse), Ianthony technically canoned in the Smosh universe.