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Have you ever considered shipping janiel they are very cute

I don’t even know who that is… ._.

I know I’m odd, but I’m very picky about my ships and can’t just settle into just any ship even if I wanted to. In order for me to commit to a ship, it has to be something special that makes my imagination run wild which is exactly what Ianthony, Victuri, and my secret ship has done. Along with all of that, I’m also VERY complacent in the ships that I do end up participating in and I’m very loyal to them. I don’t switch fandoms often (if I ever do) and tend to stay committed to them for a LONG time. I’m weird, I know. There are couples that I “ship” but it’s just like the usual: “Oh yeah, they’re cute. I can see it.” but there are only a handful of ships that make me go into full cardiac arrest.

Okay, I’m done rambling. xD I’m sorry.

life of a shipper
  • mom: all she did on this summer was reading on her Ipad.
  • guest: oh really, you should be very proud of your daughter, while other kids out there doing useless stuff, she is engulfed in literature
  • me:
  • guest: so what piece of literature are you reading right now?
  • me:
  • guest:
  • me:
Parent Teacher Confrences
  • My mom talking to my teacher: Oh yeah my daughter just loves to read, especially on her phone, she never takes her eyes off of that phone if she's reading a book
  • My teacher: Really? Well then what kind of books do you read on your phone?
  • Me: *Starts to panic*
  • Me: *Gets up*
  • Me: *Break dances out of the school*