UGH. I’ve watched the last 20 minutes of the finale so many times and can’t stop crying. I never realized how much I liked Stefan until this episode. During the entire series I just kind of ignored him or was annoyed with him because my fave character was Damon. I didn’t start to appreciate him as much until the 7th season and now with his sacrifice I realize how much I low key loved him. I feel so incredibly sad that he had to die but understand why and it makes me even sadder. What a great ending to a great show. It all came full circle. It painted Stefan in a new light for me. The hero with his hero hair. So unfair that he had to go on the night of his own wedding. So unfair for Caroline. So unfair for Damon who’s last interaction with him was him stabbing him in the back with the cure. 😭😭😭 one of the best tv characters EVER.

PS. How convenient for Katherine, who truly loved Stefan and considered him the better man, to die together with him…


Aw so cute ❥