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Let’s talk about Mickey Milkovich’s shitty life:

Here’s the thing that pisses me off more than any other shit with Mickey haters: they ignore all the shit Mickey went through. So we’re going to talk about it & maybe it’ll change your mind about the beautiful gift that is Mickey.

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Okay, let’s get started. The first thing I’d like to talk about is Mickey’s mom. When we first meet Mickey in 1x03, Lip asks Mickey about Iggy getting out of jail & Mickey tells him his mom went to go get him. Then fast forward to when Monica comes back after Frank’s mom dies. Ian & Mandy are talking about his mom & Ian says “You’re so lucky your mom is dead.” That means that some time between season 1 & 2, Mickey’s mom dies. Now during this time Mickey is also in juvie, so it’s possible she died before he got to say goodbye.

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Now we also see in 1x03 that Mickey is still in school (he thanks Lip for the B on his paper), but later in season 3 when Mickey gets out & comes to find Ian he says he would still be a freshman. So this reveals a couple things about Mickey. One, Mickey is around the same age as Lip & Ian. Two, he drops out some time between season 1 & 3. Now, I want to suggest something, so go with me for a minute. We know during this time that his mom dies & that his dad is in prison during this time (he is picking his dad up when Ian comes looking for Kash’s gun). So is it possible that Mickey dropped out of school in order to take care of his family? The same thing Fiona gets so much credit for? Is it possible that his mom died & his dad was in prison & Mandy needed to eat, so Mickey dropped out to help take care of her? Is it possible that this boy everyone just assumes is a stupid thug (though we know is not the case because he’s a whiz with numbers) is just a kid trying to take care of the ones he loves?

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It always gets me that everyone says Mickey is so unloving because he clearly loved Mandy. Hell…the only reason he even gets involved with Ian is because Mandy said Ian had tried to rape her & Mickey was coming to get him. And the only reason he ends up giving Lip a beat down is because Lip basically calls Mandy a whore & Mickey gets pissed. And then we see his love for her again when she gets beat up by her boyfriend. Mickey brings her to the Gallagher house. He could’ve pretended like he didn’t see anything (Mandy was sure trying to act like it didn’t happen) but he didn’t. He took her out of the scary situation & got her to the safest place he could think of.

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Alright now let’s get into the real shit that gets me:

First, let’s talk about how everyone always talks about what a shit husband Mickey is. I am going to say this very clearly for you all to hear: MICKEY WAS MARRIED TO HIS RAPIST. OK? No he wasn’t a very good husband to her. But for fuck’s sake, why do we expect him to? He was in love with Ian (even if he hadn’t admitted it to himself yet) & he was happy with Ian. But then his dad finds out & pays this woman to rape him. Then he is FORCED to marry her. I mean Fuck! Would you be in love with that? Would you be able to sleep next to that person every night? Sit across the table from them at every meal? And on top of that, he lost the one person he did actually love because of this woman. She & Terry ripped away the only good thing he had. I might be a bitch to her too. But it’s not like she loved him either. Everyone seems to miss that point when talking about their relationship. Lana was just as awful to Mickey as he was to her. She constantly threatened him & belittled him about his feelings for Ian. She didn’t care about him anymore than he did for her. 

Now let’s chat about his son & the whole “he’s a horrible father” thing. Yes, Mickey had his faults when it came to his son. But…..this baby came from his RAPE. This baby is literally a daily reminder of one of the worst days of his life. And he was expected to love him from day one. Yes he responded in a mean way in regards to his son at first, but as we know with Mickey, this is how he responds when he feels scared & vulnerable. But he didn’t stay that way. Mickey steps up in the dad department. It takes him a while but he does it. The thing is that Mickey is a victim, probably suffering with a form of PTSD, who is forced to live with the people who made him a victim. And furthermore, is expected to love them. How is that fair? We can see from the way he loves & cares for Ian that Mickey has it in him to be a wonderful partner & caretaker. Under different circumstances I believe Mickey would be an amazing father & husband.

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Now the final point I want to talk about goes back to something I brought up earlier: Mickey is about the same age as Ian & Lip (we also can assume this because he goes to juvie both times meaning he wasn’t charged as an adult). Now while all this is going on Lip is somewhere around 18 to 19 & Ian is 17. That puts Mickey around that same age. So Mickey is somewhere in his late teens when he drops out of school, gets a “job”, is raped, forced to marry said rapist & becomes a dad. No wonder he is a little messed up. Lip can barely keep his shit together when Karen gets pregnant & that situation is no where near as fucked up as Mickey’s.

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So in conclusion, yes Mickey is a bit of a fuck up & a hot mess. But with all the shit he went through, can you really blame him?? I think the important thing to point out is this: Mickey was always trying. He knew he had faults but he was trying. He was trying to be a good brother. He was trying to be the son his father wanted. He was trying to provide for his family. He was trying to get along with Lana. He was trying to be a good father. He was always trying. And he deserves credit for that. 

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i have a soft spot for OK KO because theyre all working in customer service and KO represents the enthusiastic spirit of a newbie that i carry too while enid is the jaded case of an anxiety bomb that exploded some time ago, glued back together with the bubblegum that she now sticks under the counter, only scraping it off to flick into the ear of a bad customer

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i thoroughly agree that JR and Ian are fucking. lets talk more on that

Oh, darling, let’s. Let’s talk about how these two assholes blatantly show their love for each other. Let’s talk about how Ian liberates JR’s fucking jacket

and wears it to a fucking convention

like he’s declaring JR is mine, damn it, now stop asking to caress his beard, that’s mine too.

Let’s also talk about their obsessive need for couple selfies.


is not


you dicks.

And also, we must talk about this:

because why the fuck, you assholes.

Talk to me about these teasing little bastards, dearie. I need someone to rant with.

Best Friends With Them: DPR LIVE

  • This;
  • Munchkin;
  • Love him and protecc him;
  • Honestly he’s the son friend;
  • Ian is the mom friend;
  • You’re probably the dad friend;
  • So you’re the hip and trendy father;
  • Expect to be called father as well;
  • By accident, mind you;
  • You don’t even mind at some point into your friendship tbh;
  • You might or might not accidentally appear on his lives as well;
  • He loves you- in a family kind of way- so much;
  • This boy has a heart bigger than what is normal;
  • That’s why he so soft;
  • You really gotta protecc him;
  • But he also protecc you;
  • You crushing on anyone? ;
  • Leave it to DaBin to dig up all the shit of your crush;
  • Like I’m not kidding;
  • He’d be all like “Oh you’re crushing on that person that’s so nice I hope you start dating…! ;
  • But as soon as he’s alone he’d be scrolling through that person’s media and taking down notes;
  • `Just to be sure`;
  • Also there’s little arguments between you two;
  • Since he wins every fucking one of them anyway;
  • So what’s the point of arguing, right? ;
  • Probably has a lot of blackmail on you;
  • And would sometimes use it against you;
  • He would never post those pictures/videos/texts anywhere tho;
  • Cause he soft bby he want love and protecc;
  • The kind of friend to whom you’d tell e v e r y t h i n g;
  • Oh you killed a bih once? ;
  • He knows;
  • Knows your moods well, too;
  • If he senses you’re in a bad mood he’ll know how to deal with you;
  • He the friend that one wishes to have, tbh.
Alone, Until I Get Home (18/?)

Summary: In Boston, Henry Swan’s six-year-old brother Ian finds a book titled “Once Upon a Time” hidden beneath the seat in their mom’s old yellow bug. As soon as Henry touches it, he remembers.

Season 3 Canon Divergence-Emma finds out she’s pregnant a few weeks after she and Henry leave Storybrooke with new memories and new lives. Nearly seven years later, another Dark Curse puts her family in danger, and Emma must return to Storybrooke to help them.

Who’s powerful enough to cast the Dark Curse? And how the hell is she going to tell Hook they have a son together?

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Chapter 18

Emma doesn’t want to wake up.

The loft is quiet, she’s cocooned in the blankets with her favorite little furnace snuggled right next to her, and the weight of the hand resting in the dip of her waist is comforting, as is the thumb stroking the bare skin over her ribs.

Wait, no—what?

Emma’s eyes snap open. Six inches from her face is Killian’s face, half-buried in a pillow, one long-lashed eye visible, closed peacefully in sleep. She has seconds to take in details—the sweep of black hair across his forehead, the reddish gleam of his beard, the thin, straight scar along his cheek—before she’s panicking.


She sits bolt upright. There’s daylight pouring in through the windows—not the pale glow of dawn, but real, mid-morning sunshine.


Killian’s awake, looking way more alert than she currently feels.

Fuck, fuck, fuck-

“Emma?” he asks again, sharper, more concerned.

“Shit!” she swears, and leaps from the bed.

She pounces on the pile of discarded clothes in front of the dresser, and rummages around wildly until she finds a phone. The lock screen is a selfie of Killian and Ian pulling goofy faces, and Emma stares at it in confusion for several heartbeats before she realizes it’s Killian’s phone, not hers. She gives herself a shake, and focuses.

It’s after 10 o'clock, and Killian has eleven missed calls as well as text messages from Henry, David, and Snow, which means two things: they definitely realized she’s gone, and they’re going to come looking for her soon. Emma needs to compose herself before-

There’s a knock on the door, followed by Henry’s voice.

“Mom?” he calls, hesitantly.

Then there's pounding on the door, and Ian shouts, “MOM!”

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these idiots all knew, it wasn’t just a weird question.

Unexpected (Part 3)

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Part 1, Part 2

Warning: Mentions of Abandonment 

You watched with a hint of worry in your eyes. All of this was too risky. Yet you loved your boyfriend and was going to support him through anything. Regardless of how insane, reckless, and a bit stupid his idea was. 

     You stood in the middle of the aisle rolling the shopping cart back and forth in a playful way to make Ian smile. The child resting in a car seat Ashton had gotten for him that sat atop of the cart. You tiredly looked over to Ashton and watched as he stared at the different baby formulas. It had been exactly three days since you agreed to playing house with your boyfriend and raise the baby he had found and for the first time the two of you were going out in public with the child. “Which formula is better for him?” Ashton muttered, looking back at you only to earn a shrug in response. 

“I just babysat the kids I didn’t have to do any shopping,” you replied, reaching into the car seat to run your finger down Ian’s cheek. He smiled at the gesture and kicked his feet in enthusiasm. Ashton cursed under his breath realizing he should have researched all of this before the two of you left the house. You turned your back towards Ashton to look at the shelves on the opposite side and grabbed one of the packages that held some pampers. “Get that one,” you said, your attention now back on Ashton as you pointed at one of the tin cans that had a blue label on it.

“How can we be sure its healthy?” Ashton questioned, grabbing the can and looking at the back label. 

“I don’t know Ash, this is the first time I’m doing this,” you sighed out, pinching at the bridge of your nose. The two of you had been bickering for most of this day trying to figure out what was right for the baby and what was wrong. Your attention turned back to Ian and you began to talk to him. “Ashton is being difficult today huh?” you cooed at the child. Your boyfriend rolled his eyes at your words and then took a glance in your direction. 

“I’m not deaf ya know,” he grumbled under his breath. You began to laugh and pushed the cart so it could move. “I’m just trying to get use to being a father,” he sighed, placing the can of formula into the cart. 

“You’re not a father,” you reminded him. Ashton gave you a look and pointed down at Ian, who was looking between the two of you curiously. “Okay theoretically you are a dad and current father figure for Ian, but remember Ashton at some point you’ll have to call child services,” you said. You approached him and your arms snaked under his arms so you could hug him. “I know it’s hard but if you want to be a dad you have to think about what’s best for your children.” His arms wrapped around you and he looked over your shoulder at the car seat. As far as the government knows Ian doesn’t even exist due to no record of his birth being documented. So what the two of you were doing was sort of illegal, but so far you were in the clear. 

“You’re right, but I can’t help but to feel responsible,” he told you, “Thanks for doing this for me.” He kissed the top of your head and then pulled away so the two of you could continue shopping. Before the two of you fully leave the aisle Ashton came to a stop and turned to you. “Hey can I ask you for one more favor?” he timidly smiled. You eyed Ashton carefully and waited for him to say something. “Can you come with me to visit my mom? She won’t yell at me as much with you in the room.”

     When Anne opened the door to reveal you and Ashton with a car seat in hand she began to glare at you both in frustration. Ashton’s grasp on your hand tightened and you could feel him begin to shake in nervousness. “Hi mommy!” he chirped, trying to act as if nothing unusual was happening. Anne continued to glare at Ashton and without saying a word she stepped back and gestured for the two of you to come inside. You gave Ashton and hesitant look and followed behind him into the living room. Ashton sat the car seat on the couch and began to unbuckle Ian out. “Mom, I want you to meet Ian,” Ashton said, carefully picking the nearly asleep infant up and laying Ian’s head on his shoulder. Anne still had a frown on her face, but the minute Ian was in her arms she was smiling and cooing at the child. 

“I’m still not happy with you,” she said, sending a small glare towards Ashton. Her attention placed back on the baby in her arms. Not too long after footsteps could be heard running down the stairs and in came Ashton’s siblings, Lauren and Harry. Ashton grinned at the site of his siblings and immediately engulfed them into a hug. 

“What are you doing here?” Lauren questioned, pulling away from Ashton to hug you. 

“Just visiting. I wanted you all to meet Ian,” Ashton said, gesturing over with his chin towards his mom. Lauren’s eyes widened at the sight of the baby and soon she and Harry were surrounding the child.

“When did you to have a child!?!” Harry exclaimed. 

“They didn’t,” Anne commented, carefully placing Ian into Lauren’s arms. Both Harry and Lauren looked at Anne quizzically and then looked at both you and Ashton. “Your brother found a baby in the woods and instead of calling the police like I told him to do, he decided he wanted to become a father,” she said, sitting down with a deep sigh. Ashton sat down adjacent to her and reached out to grab her hand. 

“I’m sorry I couldn’t bring myself to do it,” he said, lifting up her hand to send a kiss to the back of it. “Y/N agreed to go along with it for a bit as long as I promise to call child services after a month.” Anne looked over to you with raised eyebrows, silently asking if this was what you had actually agreed to. 

“I wasn’t too thrilled about the idea but he won me over,” you said, pointing over to Ian. This whole situation was somehow a good test run to see if you and Ashton could handle raising a child. Silence fell between the three of you and you watched as Lauren and Harry eagerly played with Ian. “Ashton’s suggesting that we tell everyone that I hid a pregnancy. I don’t like the idea mainly because no one will believe it and the fact that Ian has red hair kinda gives it away,” you told Anne. She let out a small laugh at your words and then looked at Ashton in amusement. 

“That’s a bad idea. I do have to admit that I’m semi disappointed in both of you, but you are taking care of him so I can’t be all that mad,” she responded. “It would be better if you just told people you adopted him or something,” she said, Anne’s attention went down to her hands. You could tell she was deep in thought and was also worried about Ashton. There was no telling how this situation could go. So far Ian was taking a liking to Ashton’s family which was a good thing. You had a feeling he was already planning on adopting Ian. A discussion neither one of you had yet, but you could see it in his eyes. Ashton was already too attached to the child and it was dangerous. 

“What are you thinking?” Ashton asked, nudging his knee against Anne’s. He was waiting to hear his mother’s approval over the whole thing. Although Anne wasn’t on board with the idea there was nothing she could really do to stop her son from making mistakes. It was bound for him to mess up in life and Ashton had to learn from it. 

“Are you two sure that you’re ready to take on this type of responsibility?” she asked, “I get that you feel the need to take care of this baby, but I just have to know if you’re up for the challenge of being a parent.” You began to chew on your bottom lip and looked towards Ashton in question. The talk of having children came up a lot in your relationship, so the both of you knew that was something you wanted. This conversation was of course referencing the future and not the now. One thing both of you were learning is that sometimes reality liked to throw curve balls and changes at any moment. 

“I don’t think we’re ready, but no one is really ready to become a parent. Everyone learns as they go and this is one of those situations,” you spoke up. You felt Ashton’s hand slip into yours and he gave it a squeeze. You were doing the best you can with everything going on, being supportive even if you disagreed with what Ashton was doing. Ashton found himself nodding in response and then smiled over to his mom.

“That’s how I’m seeing it,” he commented. 

“Well I think he’s cute!” Lauren chirped, blowing a raspberry on Ian’s tummy. 

“Well for the time being you and Harry are temporary aunt and uncle,” Ashton announced. This was just the start of things and Ashton still had to explain everything to his friends and your family. Hopefully things would go a lot smoother and that everyone would understand.