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hello friends, & welcome back ! i’ve missed you all & this special lady we all love & admire. too bad marvel don’t really feel the same way about her as we do, but lucky, y’all have me. tash. ur trash qween. 

so basically, everything’s come to a close in the comics with medusa. which is tricky for me since i started rping her when infinity started, & medusa came to earth to rule the inhumans. so, like the banner suggests, some things are gonna change.

my blog will still feature all the comic canon up until the royals book. key points include:

- medusa destroyed the terrigen cloud upon learning that it is fatal to mutants.
- after that, her last royal decree was to banish maximus & appoint iso the new inhuman leader, before she abdicated the throne.
- medusa is no longer queen of the inhumans, merely a member of the royal family.
- after her abdication, medusa broke up with johnny storm.
- noh-varr visited the inhumans & informed them about an alternate reality in which they found the key to continue on without the use of terrigen.
- medusa & the royal family have returned to space in search of these answers.

non-canon elements this blog will feature in my main timelines:

- medusa & the royal family have relocated to the moon in order for medusa to heal her body after spending so much time on earth ( this is the conclusion of my long may she reign arc, in which medusa suffers from poisoning from the earth’s atmosphere, which is toxic to all inhumans born on the moon
- as she regains her health, medusa accompanies the royal family on their quest, while spending some time on earth to help iso rule over their people.

as per usual, if y’all have any questions or plot ideas you wanna hit me up with, come into my inbox or im’s & we can chat.

much love, ur qween xoxo

I’m back!

Hey everyone! ^^ I’m back from my hiatus, for now. I missed my sims, I missed tumblr, I missed youuuu~ I played for about 3-4 weeks now, just to make sure I won’t post few screens, get bored and disappear again.

Thanks to everyone who downloaded and reblogged my I Heart Butts tats! I didn’t expect them to be this popular, and now they have over 600 downloads on SFS! Also, it’s an amazing feeling to see how active my Notification board was even though I haven’t been active for like 3 months.

When I die, I know I will be forever remembered for those butt tats. ♥

I changed my avatar and my blog’s theme, just to start off fresh! :3 It’s darker and edgier now. Even though my content will be basically what it was before- Mia and Vivi, and sometimes random sims I made. :3

A little thing to hold you over. I’m trying to get back in Darling Pan writing so here is a short thing for all of you ! Forgive me, I am a little rusty :) This is probably terrible and it’s rather short and has no real point. I tried :) it’s mainly to get me back into it, really. I hope you enjoy it anyway ! 

Warning : Peter is a dick. 

And this is how it feels to take a fall (x)

It’s not often that Wendy Darling breaks but when she does, she shatters.

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Everyone on the island was suffering from this incident. Seeing the older, more ancient supers on edge was terrifying, and everyone was inside more often then not. The island was always raining or foggy. It felt like things were slowly wearing down.

It was all because of Gabriel’s murderer. They were the cause of this.

Nell had nightmares, after the first time she saw the body. She never said anything because she figured that it was a normal thing but that first scream that woke her up in the morning always rang out repeatedly, the tree was always raining blood and the boy’s face was always ripped open in an almost-smile.

Everyone on the island was suffering. Seeing the older, more ancient supers on edge was terrifying, and everyone was inside more often then not.

Soon she couldn’t sleep. She missed Thursday when she slept through most of the school day.

After a few more long unintended, nightmarish naps she was able to go through Friday and to her job of course. She came to the library looking washed out and ready to pass out at a moment’s notice.

She had grabbed a five shot mocha from the place clairy and Roderick worked at with a concerned look and a “take it easy” before getting there.

“Hey, Percy. Did you find anything?” She yawned and rubbed her eyes. Damn she was already half way though the fucking cup.

theravenssmile  asked:

Hey Tamaki and Mun. It's been awhile. How have you been? Either of you driving the other insane yet. Lol. :D

Oh! Me and Mun went to the Zoo! :D Have an Elephant picture I took!

Mhm…He took that shortly before he decided to ride said elephant and got us kicked out by security ¬.¬”

Ehehehe…he….^-^””” *mumbling* They don’t have to know….

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I will not ship a triangle and a little boy. I will not ship a floating, demonic triangle and a preteen boy. I will not. Ship. A. Triangle. And. A. Boy. Goddammit I ship the little fuckers.



Hey Sid how ya doin’? Still want a corrupted Jack fic? Maybe a little billdip to feed those new feels? I will gift a thing to you my friend.

I’d put a gif here but this is from my phone so I’ll settle for >:D