mianite valentines!! what better way to show someone you care with shitty cards from a dead fandom!! give em to your friends, tweet every single one to tom, heck even send one to me because god knows i’ll be alone on valentines day!!

i’m planning on making a couple more but we’ll see how the night goes

I have to say that even for being small, the Mianite fandom is one of the nicest groups of people I’ve ever met. Everyone is so kind and supportive not just to the streamers + everyone else involved in the series and the content they make, but also to their fellow fans and their fanart, fanfictions, etc. I just think it’s also amazing that although everyone was disappointed about no season 3, the fandom stuck together and now has gone as far as making their own “season 3” with Mianite Awakening. Shoutout to all the Mianite fandom that stuck together. Y'all are amazing