loveactually replied to your postmythology site lame? or not lame?

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never lame

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definitely not lame

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not lame


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1. first 6 shuffled on itunes my iphone.

the small print - muse
spaceman - the killers
high speed - coldplay
arrow - tegan and sara
golden - fall out boy
the only good thing (you ever said was goodbye) - joan jett and the blackhearts

 17. last lie i told.

it wasn’t really a lie~, but i was able to get away with spending $106 at urban outfitters. my mom asked what i bought and i just changed the subject cause i only bought two shirts, a pair of shorts and a phone case. she wouldn’t approve :c

27. a sound i hate and a sound i love.

i ran over an already dead animal on accident the other day and i heard the bones crush and it was the most sickening sound ever.
i love the sound of thunder and lightning.

29. do you believe in ghosts or aliens?

yes to both.

30. what do i touch when i stick both arms out?

keyboard of my computer.

41. last book i read?

the lost hero by rick riordan. the first book of the percy jackson spin off series.

59. where were you yesterday?

my cousins’ house, assorted towns in texas as i was driving home, my house, downtown austin and my best friend’s house.

82. what is your favorite word?

i don’t really have one tbh.

88. if i could make anyone spontaneously explode with the push of a button, who would it be?

anyone who thinks it’s okay to wear leggings as pants. BIGGEST pet peeve ever.

95. free plane ticket to wherever. where would i go?

greece. i’m HUGE on greek mythology and i’d love to go and see where it started.

100. top 5 favorite blogs on tumblr.

angel cause she’s the most flawless friend ever. she’s really sweet and adorable and one of my best online friends. we’re slowly getting to be rl bffs and she’s just amazing. AND PS ANGEL IF YOU SEE THIS WE’VE ALMOST BEEN FRIENDS A YEAR.
natalie makes amazing edits and even though she doesn’t post all that much, she’ll always be one of my favorite blogs. we follow each other but we’ve never actually talked. but she has a really good blog.
chloe has a really good blog. i reblog her A LOT cause her blog is primarily hunger games. the edits she reblogs are always really pretty and i can never resist reblogging her a shit ton cause her blog is just amazing.
michelle runs the best kingdom hearts blog ever. enough said.
never talked to bex either, but her blog is amazing.

ianhardinme replied to your postso. i have a plot i want.

that sounds weirdly enticing. c:

ugh yesss! it would be so good! and they’re just like those people that got married or decided that they’d found the one wayyyy early on and left their houses to live together and had all these it’ll be awesome feelings and it’s hard, but they’re in love and shit so they make it work though they have their issues and then she goes away on tour sometimes and he’ll come along sometimes. and maybe her band is kind of starting to get famous and he’s thrilled, but then he’s also worried their little happy bubble world will get compromised.