I can honestly say this year on tumblr has been my favorite and it’s thanks to all you lovelies.I love that i’m able to go on here and have fun with stupid text posts, live blogging, adorable gifs, and adric puns. It’d be impossible to list everyone I love here but here are some of the ones that hold a really special place in my heart. Some have become really close friends, and others I admire from a far. But you’re all wonderful parts of my life and I wouldn’t trade you for the world.

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Awww thank you so much, and we are so glad we followed you back because you and your blog are fabulous and we love seeing you flail over Onesie, Carole, and Russ and everything! Definitely partners in crime for all that is the One era. We’re so glad you’re in the classic who fandom because you bring lots of warmth and fun to it, as well as amazing gifs! (also someone who actually likes Lancelot lol). We’re happy that we made you feel welcome, that means a lot to us- as does this message. *hugs*

And we’re still not over an adventure in space and time. :)

Apologies to a fellow Tumblr

Dear Followers

I am just making a public apology to ianchesterfield who’s original photo of the child dressed as the Sixth Doctor meeting Colin Baker I posted yesterday. 

If you have reblogged this photo please can you be sure to edit and credit ianchesterfield as the source.

I sincerely apologise to Tyson for any offence caused, and to all of you if I ever post something that originally belongs to you please do not hesitate to message me.

Thank you very much for reading.


nichorello  asked:

Ah, it's your birthday. Happy birthday! I see you've already gotten a cake, so I'm going to give you a Jamie instead! I tried to get the Master as well, but he was being a brat, so have an adorable scot.

Thank you!

My very own Jamie is certainly acceptable. I feel the Master, even the tiny version, would cause a great deal more trouble than he was worth, so a Jamie is undoubtedly preferable.