Title: Sharknado

Time: About 2 hours with commericals

My Recommendation: It’ now Saturday and if you haven’t already I sincerely hope you plan on watching Sharknado this weekend. This movie is so bad it’s good. I can’t decide if it should be nominated for an Oscar or a Razzie, or both! The premise, as the name suggests, is a tornado sucks up sharks in the ocean and then sends them flying into people in LA. These sharks are everywhere and feeding on everyone! No one is safe from the sharks. This movie is definitely Tara Reid’s comeback, I just know somewhere in the world she is drowning in scripts. It also stars Ian Zering, yes Steve from 90210, as the “dad". They’re an odd couple and their kids look like they’re almost as old as them but who the hell cares when there’s sharks to kill with bar stools and surfboards?!  

-Horrible acting

-Horrible effects

-Wtf plot

10/10 would watch again!

My Favorite Scene: The scene in which Ian Zeiring’s character has a chainsaw and is eaten by a shark is just perfection