i’ve been really remiss in putting up architectural pictures.  i know.  i blame fluoride.  which is pretty much what i blame for everything. in the meantime, this amazing video

Los Angeles by Ian Wood

Fucking gorgeous. Los Angeles, I love you.


I’m so inlove with him that it hurts

Made with Vine

Drone video footage of downtown L.A. This rules. I love the beautiful old buildings in this town. The architecture is absolutely gorgeous.

Hi, Ian Wood! I just wanted to say thank you so much for volunteering to mentor me. Invariably, advisors of your caliber do inspire me to strive to improve my own (admittedly flawed!) communication skills.

Two things:

1) You have spelled Russell Brand incorrectly. I’m guessing it’s a typo.

2) I love you hat! Is that a fedora?


Meredith Yayanos


Jordan and Ian in Behind the Photo Episode 2. Pumped for these guys getting the shot published not only once but twice!


Video of Downtown Los Angeles made with a drone camera by Ian Wood. 


The Middle/Path Project, Episode Three: “Knowledge is Powder”

Beyond Boarding is a crew of snowboarders out of BC that truly inspire. From shredding full winters with no fossil fuel consumption, to helping the less fortunate in third world countries, these guys are working to make the world a better place. We linked up with David MacKinnon, one of the co founders, and headed north for powder and a hunger for knowledge. Our plan was to link up with a friend of David’s and take a look into his off grid home in Northern BC. Just outside of Smithers BC lives the Egenolf family. Their home runs off of waste veggie oil, solar energy, and wood gasification. They have built their own electric cars and they are currently running other vehicles on used veggie oil. We learned a lot about sustainable energy and how we can apply it easily into our own lives. Just on the other side of town was the Hankin-Evelyn rec area. An area that allows access only by foot. With groomed trails for split boarding, and warming huts scattered amongst the sleeping giants, we had hit the jack pot. We split boarded into the late hours and found a small taste of what terrain the area had to offer. Our hungry minds were soaking in information and our bodies were enjoying some much needed time in the mountains. We headed back home with much more than just our hunger for snow satiated. Knowledge is powder.” - Ian Wood