Day Two - How Ian’s actions and/or words did influence you? [July 9th]

i have a different understanding of compassion now, towards the environment and creatures around me and just with a little bit of change in my behaviour towards them, i feel like a much better person and found it an obligation to spread his word in my country, that’s why i created @isf_persia community. #ISFCommCrew

Ian Somerhalder Appreciation Week

day one ((this won’t last a week for me because im shit at stuff like this)) - why do you love Ian?

the ultimate moment of my life so far was when ian got me up on stage at insurgence 5 during his stage talk and took my phone to start talking to my sister. he wouldn’t stop joking around with me and staring and omg i was literally shaking i couldnt control myself. pretty much the best moment of my life because no matter what shit was going on in my life that day i was able to forget it and be happy and thats thanks to him.

one of my friends managed to get a picture before i left and i look so happy even my family when they see it say ‘you actually look happy there’ 'you’re actually smiling’ and that makes them so happy to see me happy right now and its just great that even with a photo and hugging me, getting me on stage can do that.


Like promised, let’s start the:

[July 8th - July 14th]

Day One - Why do you love Ian? [July 8th] 
Day Two - How Ian’s actions and/or words did influence you? [July 9th] 
Day Three - Ian’s favorite quote [July 10th] 
Day Four - Favorite Ian’s role in a movie/show [July 11th] 
Day Five 
Favorite Ian’s photo/photoshoot [July 12th]
Day Six - Favorite Ian’s interview/funny moment [July 13th] 
Day Seven 
Celebrating Ian’s beauty [July 14th]

No matter if you want to use gifs, graphics, videos, text posts, everything is welcomed :) Let’s just show our love for incredible talented, kind, sweet, amazing man in any way we can!!!
Tag every post as #ISAW1 so we’ll all be able to see and reblog the posts :)
You have one week to think about it, maybe start creating your own posts, and on Monday, July 8th we’ll start!!!!!

Hope all you proud Somerholics will join us :)
I will reblog this post during next week as a reminder for the start of the Ian’s week :)


Day Two - How Ian’s actions or words have influenced you?  

I didn’t use to be that interested or worried about environnement or the health of our planet, yeah, of course I had eyes and ears, and I know what was going on and the bad situation we live in, but I thought that I was just a small someone in this big world, unable to do something for it. That’s what changed when I payed more and more attention on Ian’s words, tweets and work with the ISF. He taught me that if everyone thinks he can’t do anything, then nothing will ever change. But it’s not like that, we can all make a difference, our actions can change the world we live in, we have to choose if we want it to be in a good or in a bad way. If we just fight for our believes, for our causes, against what we think is wrong, we can do something. Maybe not save the world on our own, but surely giving a great help on this cause. We don’t have to be afraid. In this, I think Ian is a really great inspiration, he moves our consciences, he refuses to let us live blindly caring only about ourselves, he believes that compassion in the great gift a person can show towards other people, nature, animals. And for a girl who was never the most compassionate around, lately I’m really starting to watch things and live under a different prospective. Baby steps. But I have to thanks Mr. Somerhalder for that :)


Day one: Why do you love Ian?

Dopo quattro anni mi ritrovo qui a dire perché dovrei amare una persona di così buon cuore? Beh perché è un modello di vita, un esempio, una guida, una persona la quale non conoscendo di persona mi scatena emozioni forti e mi fa sentire felice. Amo il fatto che si sia costruito una carriera pian piano nel corso degli anni, non ha corso, c'ha messo del tempo per diventare l'attore che è oggi. La sua disponibilità con i fan è grande noi fan nemmeno ce ne rendiamo conto che a volte forse siamo troppo penanti, troppo appiccicose, eppure è uno dei nostri doveri fargli sentire che noi ci siamo in ogni momento. Amo il suono della sua voce, non penso che riuscirei mai a non riconoscerla. È bello avere un idolo, una persona per la quale saresti disposta a fare di tutto, io mi sono innamorata di quest'uomo, amo i suoi progetti le mille ambizioni e l'amore che nutre nei confronti della terra. È bello vedere che c'è ancora qualcuno che sostiene delle lotte importanti. Per quattro anni non ho fatto altro che seguirlo, seguirlo e amaro perché è il mio modello di vita, si ama una persona non solo pe e ciò che fa ma anche per ciò che dice o pensa, mi è sempre sembrato un uomo con la testa sulle spalle e i piedi per terra. Spero continui così, e spero che anche gli altri possano imparare qualcosa da lui. :)