To us has been given the privilege of being the first western nation in the last two decades to have the determination and fortitude to say: ‘So far and no further.’ We may be a small country, but we are a determined people who have been called upon to play a role of worldwide significance. We Rhodesians have rejected the doctrinaire philosophy of appeasement and surrender. The decision which we have taken today is a refusal by Rhodesians to sell their birthright. We have struck a blow for the preservation of justice, civilisation, and Christianity - and in the spirit of this belief we have thus assumed our sovereign independence. God bless you all.
—  Ian Smith declares his historic rebellion against the British Government, 11 November 1965

Rhodesia was, at one point, the most successful and developed country in all of Southern Africa. The Rhodesian Bush War wasn’t a civil race war. It was a cold war gone hot scenario where communist ZANU forces (lead by the current Zimbabwean leader Mugabe) were repelled time and time again by both Native Rhodesians and Colonial (white) Rhodesians until news outlets like those in America had falsely interpreted the Rhodesian conflict to be racially motivated. The country was forced by the UN to hold an election which Ian Smith won against Robert Mugabe. The UN then forced another election to which the ZANU had threatened to kill native Rhodesians who voted for Ian Smith again. Mugabe won and they held a co-op tp which both Smith and Mugabe had held office, until Mugabe forced him to step down.

Tl;dr, Rhodesia was not a racist regime. Rhodesia has never been a racist regime.
Rhodesia =/= South Africa.