mickey after dentist

“is there a barbeque?” Mickey drooled quizzically

Ian was helping him into the car and trying to keep a straight face to see how far he could milk wherever this was going

“no, Mick, there’s no barbecue” he fastened his seatbelt

“fuck…” Mick said flatly, wincing around how that word felt in his bloody numb mouth “I look so sad…” he was looking in the visor mirror “am I sad?”

“I’m not sure. How do you feel?” Ian smiled, fully realizing he’d never asked Mickey Milkovich that question.

it took him a while to really think about it; so long that Ian had to ask him again.

“ow” he finally admitted pathetically, dragging it out so spit escaped his open mouth

Ian giggled. “I’m sorry, let’s get you home. Yev was asking about you”

“what’s a Yev?” Mickey asked painfully

“your son” Ian showed him a picture on his phone

Mickey went wide-eyed, staring at the little boy at the top of a shitty park slide “I love him so much”

Ian smiled, driving steadily til they reached the house

“you’re so smart. You know how to drive, you know where I live, you’re friends with my baby. You’re a really good kidnapper. I think you’ll get a lot of ransom for me…” Mickey said almost without breathing

Ian raised his eyebrow but stayed quiet

“I just have a question because why did you take my teeth? It really hurts”

Ian burst out laughing “Mickey, I didn’t take your teeth. The dentist did. And I’m not a kidnapper, I’m your boyfriend”

Mickey’s mind was completely blown “wow…” he shook his head and scrunched his face “will you marry me?”

“Uh, sure, Mickey. Let’s go inside first”



part 2: http://mhunter10.tumblr.com/post/128160279528/mickey-after-dentist-part-two

mickey after dentist (part two)

Part 1: http://mhunter10.tumblr.com/post/128141028728/mickey-after-dentist


Mickey blinked at his bedroom ceiling, and the cracks stared back

“when can we kiss?” he asked

Ian was lying next to him on the bed, making sure the towel and icepack stayed put against his swollen face. “I told you, Mickey” he grinned amusedly because it really would be the fifth time he’s answered in a span of thirty minutes “when you stop spontaneously draining blood from the empty cavities in your mouth”

“but why are they empty? Shouldn’t we fill them with something?” Mickey was genuinely concerned about the state of lack in his gums.

Ian petted his hair, smoothing it back. “something like what, Mick?”


Ian snorted. “why goldfish?”

Mickey thought for a minute

“the swimming kind or the cheesy cracker kind?” Ian stoked.

“the…humankind” Mickey’s voice inflected like it was a question then he moaned. “I need ice baby”

Ian shifted the ice pack closer. “it’s on your face, Mick” he thought of testing out a pet name, but figured it wouldn’t be as funny if Mickey didn’t remember it.

“I thought Mick was my son” Mickey’s eyebrows furrowed with confusion

Ian sighed. “that’s Yev, he was eating goldfish when we came in” he snuggled closer to him, resting his head on his shoulder

“okay but I have another question”

Ian waited, smile already playing at his lips

“when can we kiss?”