Moone Boy The Late Late Show

Chris gives the boys some advice.

Moone Boy 2.3

Pat Shortt.

  • The show has confidently established it’s unique brand of crazy.
  • Padraic gets as much screentime as the main character, so it’s essentially a show about two boys now. Which works for me.
  • This episode, much like the season premiere, gives nearly everyone in the (large) cast something to do.
  • This episode barely played the nostalgia card at all (unless you count Padraig’s dodgy music references!).


Moone Boy Sky One

Moone Boy Confidential.

Moone Boy – S01E06:

Martin and Padraic made plans for their last ever day of primary school, each more daring and caring than the last.

— Let’s strangle the school nurse. 

– Let’s turn all the globes into snow globes.

– Let’s use the toilet all day and not flush it. And then blow it up!

– Let’s steal all the chalk and hide it. But then, in a twist, tell them where it is.