Moone Boy The Late Late Show

Chris gives the boys some advice.

Moone Boy 2.3

Pat Shortt.

  • The show has confidently established it’s unique brand of crazy.
  • Padraic gets as much screentime as the main character, so it’s essentially a show about two boys now. Which works for me.
  • This episode, much like the season premiere, gives nearly everyone in the (large) cast something to do.
  • This episode barely played the nostalgia card at all (unless you count Padraig’s dodgy music references!).



As many of you may have already heard, my wonderful boyfriend NERO O’REILLY and I (IAN JAY, a-duhhhh) plan on moving across the country to picturesque SEATTLE, WASHINGTON at the end of September! As staunch believers in proper buddy comedy methodology, we’ve decided to get there in the form of a MASSIVE COAST-TO-COAST ROAD TRIP. However, as anyone who has moved before knows, moving costs money. Some things we need to pay for include:

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Moone Boy Sky One

Moone Boy Confidential.

Moone Boy – S01E06:

Martin and Padraic made plans for their last ever day of primary school, each more daring and caring than the last.

— Let’s strangle the school nurse. 

– Let’s turn all the globes into snow globes.

– Let’s use the toilet all day and not flush it. And then blow it up!

– Let’s steal all the chalk and hide it. But then, in a twist, tell them where it is.