maroonity222 asked:

Top 5 tv shows?

1. // Parks and Rec :’) // Ben Wyatt <3

2. The Vampire Diaries :) (even though i sorta totally forget it existed since its on hiatus oops // also there has been all that controversy between ian and being “rude” to fans idk i wont stop watching it though)

3. Greys Anatomy seasons 2-8 were the best tbh

4. The Office. It used to be one of my favs but i watched it too much and it got old :/ but steve carell is hilarious 

5. How I Met You Mother // I have seen every episode more than once and it will always be funny. I thought the ending was clever contrary to popular belief.

put “top 5” anything in my ask and i will answer ok go

anonymous asked:

☠ I'm intimidated by you cause I feel i'm being personally victimized and I just want to be your friend, but you talk smack about people who haven't done anything wrong.. And I just feel like Janis Ian, and your the rude bish Regina George....☠

well this is… unique 

aphoenixinwriting asked:

Yeah hi. Don't ever come on to one of my posts and ask for a dislike button. Fuck you. Ian Gallagher doesn't deserve your shit. Stay away from my blog, my page, and Ian. That was rude. Back the fuck off. If I even see you post praises to Mickey and hate against Ian I will come after you. I'm not even kidding. Stay off my post about Ian. You disagree? Do it fucking quietly. Thank you.

Ewww honestly it doesn’t even matter fictional characters honey get over it. Sorry that your panties are in a twist about it really I am not, but whatever just get over it really. Thank you.