Somehow whenever I see someone talking about the lost special website all i can see now is Mark hunched in front of his computer, maniacally reprogramming the HTML code of thelostspecial.com and continuously uploading shady pictures under shady links while grinning madly and muttering to himself about ‘ohh this is brilliant it’ll make them insane’

meanwhile Ian stands in the door like 'honey u know I’m with you but…. don’t u think you’re taking this a little bit too -’ 'No ShUt uP ian thiS WILL SHOW THEM FOR THAT 31% ON ROTTENTOMATOES’

but what I think is really cute is the fact that even though Mofftiss pay so very much attention to every last detail including costuming, Mark never takes off his wedding ring for his Mycroft scenes

which means that unless there’s a big reveal about a deceased love interest of Mycroft’s waiting for us, Ian is more important to Mark than continuity and plot structure in his world famous TV show

Idk I just think that’s really sweet and pure