Can someone please for the love of God write a fanfic where Billy Hargrove takes the role of Mickey Malkovich and Steve Harrington takes the role of Ian Gallagher?! Specificaaaaally, can someone write that dramatic-ass but amazing coming out scene where Billy just goes “I JUST WANT EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT I’M FUCKING GAY, ALRIGHT?” to his entire family and Steve’s just like ohmygod what the fuckkkkkkk-

Then Neil starts punching the shit out of Billy like the bastard he is (just like Terry) and Steve joins in on the fun, huehue.

And at the end, when the police get there and both Hargroves are slammed to the policecars while Neils screaming at his son for being a fag, Billy’s just grinning like a bloody maniac, teeth stained in red while his tongue wags back and forth like a psycho, saying “I’ve been staying at Steve’s house all this time, bitch and GUESS WHAT WE’VE BEEN DOING DADDY?”

And Neil’s all like AGHSJWHRHS ILL FUCKING KILL YOU while Billy just ups the ante even more crazily

“We’ve been FUCKING and I take it! He gives it to me GOOD and HARD and I FUCKING LIKE IT.”

And the entire Hawkins town is just like

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And not even so much cus he’s gay but because he’s the bottom, meanwhile Steve is over in the periphery like

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Ian deserved better,
Gallavich is beautiful but Ian deserved a better end.

Goodbye, Ian Clayton Gallagher.

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I no longer have friends here who are into Shameless (probably?) but the fact that GALLAVICH is endgame is going to be my favorite fact I think of the day that I die. Time to cry myself to sleep from the memories. They’re the only ship I ever wrote FF for, and maaaaaaaan did I enjoy doing that. 😍😍

All hail the writers of Shameless, and Noel Fisher for coming back!

Now don’t mind me, I’m going to rewatch the final scene 8 more times.

Holy fuck.

It’s interesting…

Noel has always described Ian as Mickey’s ‘angel.’ And now during that last scene, Mickey comes into that cell as Ian’s angel, his protector in the prison world.

It would be incredibly difficult for Ian to survive in prison on his own, but with Mickey there, he’ll be safe. And with Ian there, Mickey won’t even mind prison because at the end of each day, he’s locked into his cell with his life partner, where they can just be together and love each other.