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So, here’s what happened after the kiss

Ian leans his head on Mickey’s chest and as it rests, he can hear Mickey’s heart beating non-stop. Ian says nothing; it’s a bunch of seconds before he starts sobbing slightly.

Mickey, frowning, goes: «what’s with you now?»

At first Ian raises his head a bit to look Mickey straight into his eyes, but then suddenly rests it on Mickey’s chest again because he doesn’t feel he can say this while looking directly at him. Mickey is meanwhile caressing Ian’s head wondering why he dyed the ginger hair he loves so much.

Ian, not being able to speak properly because he’s both embarrassed and sobbing, goes: «I don't— he sobs –I don’t know how to say this… I wish I coul— I just… having you here now— oh fuck. I feel like a complete asshole.»

And with his voice broken, he continues: «after all the shit I did you’re still here, you came here and I, here, am lying on you as if I deserved it. I’m only realising it now, I’m so— he starts sobbing harder –so… sorry. I don’t know what the fuck to say, Mick, I…»

«Hey», Mickey interrupts him and, grabbing Ian’s head to look straight into his eyes, goes: «you’re okay. We’re okay. We’re together now and that’s all that matters to me. Not the past, not the future. I did shit too. That’s just us, we’re fucked up. We’ve always been. We haven’t ever been stable or some shit like that. We never been one of those cheesy-roses and shit couples, have we? And we ain’t gonna do that now. I see myself nowhere without you.»

Mickey changes the tone of his voice and smirking, says: «Well… this doesn’t mean you ain’t gonna pay for being a bitch sometimes, but you know how you’re gonna fix that.»

Ian can’t believe his words. He can’t believe the most wonderful and caring human being is right there with him, wants him and is actually his. Ian, with bloodshot eyes, not being able to say a word, gives Mickey a little smile and gets closer to kiss him on the mouth, a simple peck, with tears by now all over his face.

They look into each other’s eyes now, both smiling, and Mickey softly caresses Ian’s cheek with his thumb. Ian leans on Mickey’s chest again and while he does it, Mickey follows that movement putting his hand on Ian’s head and caressing it. Then Mickey kisses Ian on his head while still caressing it.

Mickey: «and oh, by the way, what have you done to your hair, bitch?»

Ian laughs; «let’s just say I wouldn’t have done it if I knew prison would’ve looked this good»

Mickey: «you better get that ginger shit back soon, I’m telling ya, tough boy» says Mickey while smiling.

Ian laughs again. He’s so happy. So happy to be there and so happy to be with the person he loves and who loves him back. The only person who he has ever loved, the only one who thrills him, the only one who knows how to deal with him. The one and only.

«I love you, Mick.» whispers Ian.

«I love you too.» answers Mickey.

I’m having major feels about Mickey Milkovich tonight. Specifically, how starved he must have been for the love of another person.

Look how quickly he warms to Ian. Even in season one, we see it(and we already know Ian is smitten). It’s especially obvious of Mickey’s feelings upon rewatch. Mickey hangs around Kash’s store even after he knows Ian didn’t do anything to Mandy. Yes, he’s antagonizing in a way, but why spend time there to begin with? Why the sudden penchant for shoplifting? Is it possible Mickey had a crush on Ian even before any of the stuff happened with Mandy? Like he obviously knew him from around the neighborhood. At the very least, he felt something once he started going after Ian. His behavior feels very schoolyard boy with a crush kind of thing, which makes total sense for someone as emotionally stunted as Mickey. He doesn’t have a legit reason to hang out with Ian other than to admit he likes him and hell no that ain’t happening, so instead he goes to the store and shows off and shoplifts.

When he and Ian start hooking up, Mickey is way more into Ian than he wants to admit. He acts like he doesn’t want affection but goes out of his way to be around Ian, including doing non-sexual things like hanging out and playing video games. It’s also super obvious that he’s pleased with Ian visiting him in juvie and showing he cares. Even when he responds to Ian’s “I miss you” with “Say that again and I’ll rip your tongue outta your head” he gives a little smile right after. He fucking LOVES it.

Season 2 Ian goes with Mandy to pick Mick up from juvie and they pick up their relationship right away. Mickey shows off for Ian doing pull-ups, they share a beer and cigarette, and while he scoffs at Ian for trying to find him a job, again you can tell he’s pleased about Ian showing he cares. When Frank catches them, Mickey absolutely loses his shit and rejects Ian and lashes out. But when we see him decide not to hurt Frank and willingly go to juvie once again, we are seeing more and more the feelings he has for Ian.

By season 3, when Mickey immediately seeks Ian out upon release from juvie, we can see how deep his feelings go. He tells Ian he missed him, he gets jealous of Ian dating Ned, starts showing physical affection, and invites Ian over to stay with him. When Terry ruins everything because he’s garbage, Mickey tries to protect Ian from him and jumps his own dad to keep Ian safe.

We all know that by the wedding and the end of the season Mickey is fully in love with Ian, but I think it happened a lot earlier than that and it simply took a long time for Mickey to come to terms with it.

This boy was STARVED for love. It’s not something he’d ever known and he ate it up from Ian in spite of his best interests (self-protection). I honestly think that he REALLY liked Ian in s1 and was in love with him by the time he went back to juvie in s2. Its clear Ian is all he thought about considering he finds him 6 seconds after his release in s3.

It took just a little bit from this sweet, affectionate, and open young man to make Mickey fall head over heels in love.

But did you all see mickeys hand go to hold Ian’s face. I watched this seen about 50 times and just noticed. I think that is the cutest thing ever.

Oh lookie here I happen to have gif of it so everyone can heart it as much as I do.

Me- mom I can’t go to work

Mom- why?

Me- Gallavich is endgame

Mom-that happened last week

Me-yeah but like, I stayed up all night watching all their moments

Mom- and now your exhausted?

Me- yes

Mom- so when you come home tonight go right to bed

Me-I can’t

Mom-why not?

Me-because I have to watch all the Gallavich scenes again

Mom- get out of the kitchen


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