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This is all because of you, isn’t Raistlin? Thrice-damned long, elegant fingers….

Surprise (Ch. 3)

Summary: Mickey becomes extremely protective of Ian in the face of their fathers, especially when Terry decides to end some unfinished business.

Word Count: 2126

Notes: Let me know if anyone wants me to write Chapter 4! :)

Two days have passed and nothing has happened. Mickey has been praying that his dad gets thrown back into the slammer sooner than later. The anxiety of Terry getting to Ian is driving him completely insane.

“I’ll come with you to work tonight,” Mickey says to Ian. “I don’t have a shift, but I don’t want Terry finding you.” He sees Ian flinch at the man’s name. “And if he does find you, I need to be there so I can blow a bullet into his forehead.”

Ian nods. “I think I’ll be fine, but thanks, Mick. I feel safe when you’re around, ya know?” He sounds embarrassed saying that but it’s the truth.

“Such a gaywad,” he jokes and pulls his boyfriend into a kiss.

“You know me,” Ian kisses Mickey again. “Let’s go.”

They make their way to the Kash n Grab silently and on alert. Mickey has a gun tucked under his belt just in case they have any run ins. Scared is an understatement, whether or not Ian can see right through is hard exterior, he’ll never admit it.

Once they enter the store, Ian begins stacking inventory. Mickey just watches at first and then decides he should help. “Linda!” Mickey says a looks at the security camera. “I’m gonna help Gallagher out tonight.”

“Fine. No fucking in the back room today. I’m serious, Ian,” she says over the loudspeaker. Both boys roll their eyes and laugh.

“No promises,” Ian smirks.

The afternoon has been going pretty smoothly. No one tried to steal anything which meant Mickey didn’t need to threaten anyone. Most of the time he was flipping through some pointless magazine and judging every rich asshole he saw in the picture while Ian worked on his geometry work in hopes to get into West Point.

“This is fucking hard,” Ian complains.

“Why do you want to go in the Army so bad anyway? Do you want to get your ass shot off?” Mickey scoffs. He knows he should be supportive of his boyfriend, but he can’t bare the thought of losing him for good.

“It’s my dream, man,” Ian says. “Wish you had one.”

Mickey shakes his head. “I’m fucked for life already, Firecrotch. We’ve been over this–”

Mickey gets cut off my the door slamming open. Suddenly, they turn their heads toward the front door to see Terry Milkovich with a bat in his hand. Ian feels his heart drop. It’s going to be a bad night. “No son of mine will be a faggot,” Terry spat.

Before Mickey has a chance to reach for his gun, Terry launches himself at his son, hitting him in the head with the bat, which Mickey eventually knocked out of his hand. Fists were flying into each other’s faces. Mickey was nearly unconscious until Ian jumped on Terry and punched him in the face. Terry slammed Ian onto the ground. One hand held on his neck, choking him, while the other repeatedly punch him in the face.

“Fucking. AIDS. Monkey,” Terry shouted between punches.

Before Mickey regained full consciousness, Terry grabbed the bat that fell from his grip when fighting with Mickey. He swung it at Ian, catching him in the stomach.

Mickey used all his force to get the gun and point it at his father. Without warning, Mickey shot the older man in the arm, causing him to fall back.

Slowly scrambling to his feet, Mickey trudged his way to Terry, placing his foot on his neck. “You ever come near Ian again that bullet will be in your neck. You understand me, dad?”

Then the police came rushing in. Fortunately, Linda saw the commotion the up stairs and called the cops right away. The officers knew Terry Milkovich very well and had no problem throwing him back in the joint.

Mickey rushed to Ian’s side, ignoring his own injuries. He had to hold back tears when he saw the redheaded boy lying unconscious and bloody. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.” His voice was quiet and shaky.

“C’mon, Ian. Open your eyes. I need you,” he begged. Mikey placed his forehead on Ian’s and started tearing up. “I’m sorry.”

“D-don’t be,” Ian forces out. Mickey’s head jolts up when he hears Ian speak.

He kisses his head. “You woke up. Thank God, you woke up.” Mickey scans Ian’s body. “The ambulance is coming.”

“No,” Ian’s voice shakes. “Nothing’s broken.”


“No, Mick.”

Mickey nods. “Tony,” he turns to the officers. “Send the ambulance back, we’re fine.”

“Wait, you need it. You’re hurt, Mickey,” Ian’s voice is soft.

“So are you, fuckhead.” He stares in his boyfriend’s eyes. “I’m sorry,” he whispers.

“Shut the fuck up, Mick. I love you, okay? We’re still here, he didn’t kill us. We’re okay, and that’s all the matters.”

“It’s my fault–”

Ian places a hand on Mickey’s mouth to shut him up. “It’s Terry’s fault.” Mickey nods. “Help me up, I want to go home.”

Mickey helps him up cautiously. “We need to give a statement.”

Ian shrugs. “Tony,” he waits for Tony to look at him. “He beat the shit out of us because we’re gay. Almost killed us, but he didn’t because Mickey shot him with the gun that fell out of Terry’s hand,” Ian lied about that one to cover Mickey’s ass. “He tried once before but it didn’t work then either. There’s your statement. Lock him up for as long as you can,” Ian smirked.

“We’ll do our best,” Tony reassures.

“We’re okay,” Mickey convinced himself. “He didn’t win.”

“Damn right,” Ian grinned.

Mickey chuckles when he sees Ian smiling because he is the only person who could still light up a room right after getting pounded on. “How’d he find us? I mean, what the fuck?”

“Call Iggy and ask him,” Ian leans on his boyfriend so he doesn’t fall over.

“Tomorrow,” Mickey says. “I wanna get home. We gotta get cleaned up. Then I wanna hold you and fall asleep.”

“Who’s the gay one now?” Ian jokes.

Mickey forces back a grin. “Fuck you. Either of us could’ve died tonight so I want to hold you and make sure it’s real.”

Ian kisses Mickey’s head. “It’s real.” They walk the rest of the way in silence.

* * *

“What the fuck happened?” Fiona screamed loudly as the boys walked in the house.

Carl and Debbie’s eyes widened at the sight of the boys. Ian had a hand marked around his neck to show that he was strangled. He was also profusely bleeding near his right eye. Blood cover him head to toe.

Then they looked at Mickey. He had a big welt on his forehead that was pouring blood from where Terry hit him with the bat. His left eye was swollen shut, it would probably be a long time until the swelling goes down. Though he was completely covered in blood like Ian, there was a pool of blood dripping from his shirt. There must be a big cut there, Debbie thought.

“We just wanna clean ourselves up and go to sleep, Fi.” Ian grabs Mickey’s hand and leads him up the stairs.

“C’mon, let’s shower. I wanna get you cleaned up,” Mickey says softly.

Ian nods. “Yeah, you need it too.”

Ian turns on the shower and they both undress, wincing when the the clothes gets pulled over a certain area. Ian looks at Mickey and frowns. There’s a large gash in his stomach and his body is full of black and blues. “How’d you get that cut?” He walks toward Mickey and slowly lays his hand on it.

“Don’t know, never saw a knife.” Mickey then frowns when he looks at Ian’s bruises. They hated being in the situation.

Mickey has to help the taller boy step into the shower because Ian had hurt his leg pretty bad during the fight. Once they got in they stood silently, just letting the water run over them.

“I love you,” Mickey says as if it’s the only thing that matters in the world.

Ian grabs Mickey’s face in his hands and kisses him softly. Though they are standing naked in the shower, there’s no sexual tension–just love. “I love you too.”

They then begin to slowly and carefully wash each other wounds. It took a while to scrub all of the blood off of each other, but they did eventually. Once finished, they walked into the bedroom and put on their boxers.

They laid there, in each other’s arms. They clung to each other, like nothing else was worth living for. Then they fell asleep, knowing they had someone who loved them.

* * *

“Frank, get the fuck out!” Lip yells as Mandy holds the three youngest children back.

Carl’s thinking about kneecapping his dad but decides against because he doesn’t feel like getting in trouble for “unnecessary acts of violence” again. He loves his father, but also hates the type of man he is. Carl can’t remember the last time Frank truly acted as a role model for him, which is a bit displeasing.

Fiona steps between her brother and Frank because Lip looks like he’s on the verge of punching the man. “Give us our money back, and get the fuck away from this house,” she says fiercely.

“I need to pay my tab at the Alibi. The beer supply is lacking over there, and I need to help them out by giving them thy money they deserve after years of hard labor,” he says bitterly. “And it’s my house!”

“Bullshit!” Lip gets in his father’s face again. “You never pay there! You’re trying to take the money we use to pay the bills for drugs, Frank! How fucking stupid do you think we are?”

Quietly, to avoid more conflict, Mickey and Ian made their way down the stairs. They look at each other and then at the people involved in all of the commotion. The whole room was tense.

After a while of listening to the constant bickering, Ian stepped up. “Frank, it’s not your fucking money. Get out.”

“Who do you think you are?” Frank says harshly. “You’re not even my kid.” He head butts him, like usual.

Everyone in the room gasps. Mickey grabs Frank by the throat and slams him against the nearest wall. “You ever touch a him again and I will bury you six feet under,” he spits. “You never touch him again, Frank.”

Frank nods with fear. “Give me the money back.” Mickey holds out his hand and when he has it, he places it on the table. “Now get out,” he pushes him towards the door that Lip opened for him.

Everyone other than Ian and Mandy were surprised by the evil and threatening tone that Mickey had toward Frank. It was a real threat, which scared the others and also gave them relief at the same time.

“I could handle Frank, Mick,” he slightly chuckles. “It’s not like it’s the first time that’s happened.”

“It’ll be the last.” Mickey turns to look at his boyfriend. “Fuck, Ian, you’re bleeding again.” He ushers for Fiona to hand him a towel, and she does. He grabs his boyfriend’s head tilting it back and holds the wet towel to it.

“Love that you care, Mick,” Ian shrugs. “But I’m okay. A little sick of getting beat up though,” he jokes and takes the towel out of Mickey’s hand.

Before Mickey could respond, Lip chimes in. “What happened last night?”


“Are you two okay?” Debbie says shakily.

Ian nods. “Yeah, Debs. We’re okay.” Mickey doesn’t answer.

“How are you alive?” Carl says.

“Shot him,” Mickey responds.

Carl’s eyes widen. Fiona gasps. “Dead?”

“Nah, in the arm,” Ian adds. “Mickey’s saved me one too many times,” he sighs. “Wish I could do the same.”

Mickey’s eyebrows shoot up in confusion. “Ian,” he speaks softly and presses his hand to Ian’s cheek. “You saved me from an even shittier life. I’d have been miserable if it weren’t for you,” Mickey smiles.

“You saved me too, Ian,” Mandy smiles.

“You guys are just sayin’ that to make me feel good,” he dryly laughs.

“You’re even more of a fucking idiot than I thought you were if you think that,” Mandy steps closer to her best friend.

She hugs him and looks at him with a smile. “We love you, Ian. You helped us learn we’re not destined for the South Side– that we could get out if we tried.”

“You and your dreams,” Mickey snorts. “I’ve been havin’ a few of my own ‘cause of you.”

Fiona looks at the three of them and smiles. No matter what shit they need to go through, she knows Ian will always be surrounded by people that love him.

Shower Sex - Cancer Crew Preference


It’s early- too early- and that strange time of morning when everything’s weirdly quiet and almost too still. You slip out of bed, fumble through the motions of brushing your teeth and hair, and then stumble into the shower, still bleary-eyed as you start the water. It warms quickly, and you let it roll down your back as you rub the sleep from your eyes.

Suddenly, the shower curtain’s being yanked back and Ian is standing in front of you, naked and very quickly squeezing his way in next to you without a word of explanation.

“What’s wro-”

You don’t get to finish your sentence. Ian’s already kissing you, hands groping and mouth pressing hard enough to make you lightheaded. This is a lot of sensation to deal with at seven in the morning, but you’re not about to complain.

“Want you so bad,” he mumbles hotly, talking into your mouth. You just moan a little, arching into the press of his fingers between your legs. Ian turns you around and presses your face into the cold tile, and you just stand there, completely okay with letting him do whatever he wants to you.

The sex is lazy, but purposeful. Ian knows just how to make you come undone when he wants things to be quick, and he uses all of his tricks without mercy. You end up shaking against the wall, moaning his name and trying to keep yourself steady. Ian turns you around, gives you a long a kiss, and then starts washing up, acting like the past fifteen minutes never happened.


“I’m gonna be late for work,” you say, half moaning as Joji kisses along the column of your throat. He smiles, mouth still pressed to your neck, and laughs.

“Hush,” he mumbles, and his hands start trailing dangerously low on your hips. You know you should push him away and insist that you really need to finish washing up, but fuck, all of this feel just a little too good to stop. Why you let him in here in the first place you will never understand.

Suddenly, Joji’s kisses are more feverish and hot, and you find yourself being lifted off your feet. The tile on the wall is cold against your back, but Joji’s breath is hot on your ear. “Don’t go to work today,” he husks, and you can feel him pressing into you now. You yelp, body jolting, and then let out a shaky breath.

“We really shouldn’t do this,” you say, trying to convince yourself more than anything. “My boss is gonna be so pissed if I’m late today.”

“Fuck your boss,” Joji spits, groaning as he picks up the pace. “You’re mine until nine, and that’s final.”


The tile on the bathroom floor is cold, and the bathmat feels foreign against your back. You look up at Max, clutching onto his back as he frantically settles himself between your legs.

“I thought you said we were going to fuck in the shower,” you say to him, gasping a little as he bites down on the curve of your shoulder. Max just shakes his head, voice low.

“No,” he says, “not anymore. Can’t wait for the water to get hot.”

You start to call him impatient, but you cut yourself off with a little gasp as Max pushes inside of you. He doesn’t give you an build-up at all, just starts going at it without so much as a warning. All you can do is lay there, skin prickling with goosebumps and face pressed into Max’s shoulder.

The two of you end up spent on the bathroom floor, pressed together and panting. Somehow, you manage to stumble into the shower together, giggling under the stream of warm water as you help each other get clean.


“Again, Chad?” you sigh, barely reacting when Chad winds his arms around your waist. This has become a pattern over the last week, Chad following you into the shower and coming on to you. It’s been fun, and usually, you’d let him have you, but you just don’t have the time today. A friend’s invited you out to lunch, and you’re already late.

“Yeah, babe,” Chad says slowly, already kissing on your shoulders. It feels good, but you know that you can’t let yourself be sucked into this. You need to wash your hair and get out of the shower, not let Chad fuck you against the wall.

“Chad, I’m late-”

“So be even later,” Chad whines, his hand slowly trailing down your wet stomach. In spite of yourself, you lean back against his body and arch into his touch. Chad gets his hand between your legs, and you can’t help but give in.

“You’re a bad influence,” you declare, not even so much as protesting when Chad pushes you against the wall and knocks your legs apart. He just laughs.

“And yet you stay with me,” Chad mumbles, smiling against your neck as you press back against him.

Ian Gallagher x Reader

*not my gif 
Summary: You and Ian are best friends. You were the very first person that knew Ian was gay, however, being best friends with Ian for so long, you started to fall for him. But you didn’t know how to tell him. 
A/N: My very first reader story. I hope you enjoyed this bit. Requests are open so don’t be shy now. :) x

Music blasting inside Y/N’s truck, while Ian and her are playing card games. “Boom, Uno!” Y/N said, dropping her cards downs, laughing and clapping at the same time. Ian laid back and sighed.

Y/N looked at a frowning Ian and smiled. “Come on, Gallagher. Its just a game.” Y/N said, placing her hand on Ian’s leg. Ian looked back up to her and giggled. “Well, maybe next time lets not play Uno.” Ian said, sitting back up, crossing his legs.

Y/N looked at him and just adored how handsome he looked tonight. Ian and Y/N always hang out at her truck every night. It’s like their tradition as best friends. Y/N started to developed feelings for Ian ever since she felt jealous about Mickey and him having a relationship. But she didn’t know what to do, she didn’t want Mickey and Ian’s relationship to end because of her and she doesn’t know how to tell Ian that she likes him because she knows that Ian would never have the same feelings towards her.

“So, how’s you and Mickey?” Y/N asked, lighting up a cigarette. “Well, Mickey and I are having a bit of ups and downs lately but overall, we’re fine. Mickey is a such a sweet guy, isn’t he?” He smiled, happily. Y/N puffed out a smoke and faked a smile. “Mm-hm”

“I just hope that one day, we’ll have kids together, get married and live in a beautiful house. I would really want to wake up in the morning Mickey lying down beside me in bed and give him morning kisses.” He said. Y/N’s heart shattered into pieces when Ian said that. She just hoped and wished that it was her that he will have kids with, get married to and live in a beautiful house. And also get the morning kisses when he wakes up beside her.

Y/N can’t help it but cry in front of Ian, hiding her face. Ian freaked out and started to get worried. “Y/N, what’s wrong?” He asked, pulling her closer to him for a hug. Y/N pushed Ian away from her and wiped away her tears. “Hey, what the fuck is wrong!” Ian said, angrily.

“I just wish that I’ll be the one that you’ll have kids with and be married to, living in a beautiful house and giving me morning kisses.” Y/N cried. Ian was confused and he didn’t know what to say.

“Wh-what do you mean?” He asked. Y/N sobbed, letting out a sad laugh. “I’m fucking in love with you, Ian Gallagher! Ever since I’ve met you, I already knew that you were the one. It was a love at first sight. But when you told me you were gay. It hurt me but I just let that pass so I didn’t mind. And the day I found you and Mickey have a thing going, I was so jealous. So. Fucking. Jealous.” She said.

Ian was hurt from what Y/N said. He realized how much Y/N love him, he knew how much he hurt her. “I just didn’t know how to tell you that because I know that you won’t have the same feelings.” Y/N said.

“I did…”


“I did love you.” Ian said, cupping Y/N’s cheeks on his hand. “I know that I’m gay but when I first met you I started to slowly fall in love with you. But I was scared because I have never had feelings for a girl before and you were even the very first girl that gave me a boner. I couldn’t tell you that I love you because if Mickey ever found out about us, he’ll kill me and you!” Ian said.

Y/N was speechless, she couldn’t believe what Ian just said, not expecting that would happen. “So you’re not gonna say a word?” Ian said. “Unbelievable.” Ian pulled Y/N close to him, and kissed her on her red lips. Y/N pulled herself off away from him, breaking the kiss. “Ian, this is wrong. How about Mickey?” Y/N said.

“I’ll tell him. I’ll do anything just for you. I should’ve told you earlier.“ Ian said. Y/N started to pack Ian’s stuff and putting it all in his bag. "What are you doing?” Ian asked in confusion. Y/N just kept on packing and gave him his bag and jacket. “Get out.” Y/N said, opening her truck’s door. Ian obeyed and looked at Y/N through the window.

Y/N sighed and rolled down her window, “Tell me what’s wrong before I go, Y/N, please.” Ian said. Y/N just smiled and gave Ian a kiss on the cheek. “I love you, Ian, but what we’re doing is wrong. We have to wait for a bit, if the right time came then we can start dating.” Y/N said.

“Goodnight, Ian.”


Y/N drove off with a smile and left Ian.

16 Days of Outlander - Day #14 The Search

I love the beginning of this episode and I love the end… and then there’s the middle.

Favorite Line: “You’re missing your leg.” Poor Ian feels so useless and hopeless after everything that happened during the raid that was actually an ambush. He had to watch Jamie get taken away by the Red Coats while he could do nothing. He was injured and needed assistance to even make it back to Lallybroch. Claire is determined to find and free Jamie and he wants to help but he can’t because - as Claire so blatantly points out - “You’re missing your leg.” His determined “I’ll fashion another one” is just one of the many reasons I love Ian Murray. The Frasers don’t have a monopoly on being stubborn. Of course, after he’s had time to calm down, rest, and think, he does the best thing he could do - contacts Murtagh. 

Favorite Minor Character: Jenny Murray. Ian may not be able to go, but Jenny won’t let anything stop her including having given birth only days before. What I love most about Jenny in this episode is that she’s clearly made up her mind to go before Ian has even put up his fight with Claire - as she’s talking with Mrs. Crook while they’re bringing Ian into the house she’s giving the woman instructions about milking the goat and mixing it with honey to feed Maggie while she’s gone. Also, the image of Jenny marching out of the house with pistols tucked into the front and back of her skirts just screams “don’t mess with Jenny Fraser Murray.” (And she interrupts Claire’s monologue/voice over which I find hilarious)

Favorite “That’s not in the book” Part: Claire recycling Mrs. Graham’s fortune. The book doesn’t go into specific instances of what Claire and Murtagh do while they’re looking for Jamie so we don’t actually see Claire in action per se. But I love that for the show Claire is just repeating Mrs. Graham’s palm reading fortune - and this particular woman’s responses were one of the lighter moments of the episode for me. 

Favorite Jamie and Claire Moment: Jamie’s ring. I don’t have the deleted scenes for any of the episodes (except the extended version of The Reckoning) because of how the season various based on medium (I downloaded mine through iTunes which inexplicably has the deleted scenes for the first half of the season but not the second). So I don’t have that deleted scene of Claire watching Jamie dress in the morning. Even with it, I’m not sure I wouldn’t still pick this moment where Claire glances at Jamie’s ring to remind herself of why it’s so important for her to put herself out there and face such public humiliation and ridicule - not one for performing in public myself, I sympathize and after watching Murtagh get laughed at and jeered so many times, I’d be way more reluctant than Claire. Also, love that despite the fact that people keep throwing food at him and jeering him, Murtagh continues to dance because of his love for and determination to find Jamie. 

Honorable Mention for Favorite Music Moment: the first traveling montage. The first montage of Claire and Murtagh traveling, singing, and dancing works really well and the music that goes with the various landscapes and village scenes is beautiful, it’s upbeat and hopeful, and yet conveys some of the tediousness of what they face in criss crossing the countryside. (Then the gypsies get involved and the episode loses its way a bit until she and Murtagh find Dougal)

Favorite Performance: Duncan Lacroix as Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser. This episode belongs to Lacroix and Murtagh. As Jamie told Claire back on their wedding night, still waters run deep and in this episode we find out just how deep. With his entrance Murtagh shows how far he’s willing to go to save Jamie - slitting the throat of an English soldier (he is committing the very crime for which Jamie has a price on his head which I find an interesting touch). Murtagh will kill, will humble himself, will ride the length and breadth of the country and go back to the beginning again for as long as it takes to find Jamie. Just don’t accuse him of not caring about Jamie. The scene where Murtagh enlightens Claire to his love for Ellen MacKenzie and just how much Jamie means to him is one of the best in the season (And the extended version of the scene is even more heartbreaking. Given the altered timeline of the show, we know that Claire is already pregnant at this point in the story and it’s likely Claire knows/suspects. I like to think that - having traveled with Claire for a while now - Murtagh also suspects that little truth especially because of the extended version of the scene) 

Favorite Location: seaside camp. They’ve gone as far as they can go and it’s time to turn back and start at the beginning but they certainly did pick a gorgeous place to make camp before they do. Murtagh’s comment about being able to see the America’s just makes it that much better. It’s also the place where Claire switches back into her dress instead of wearing her gypsy/performer’s costume. They go back to their original tactic and drop the song. But also, much of the tension between Murtagh and Claire has gone at this point - they really are starting fresh.

Favorite Book-to-Screen Adaptation: Dougal’s proposal. So they changed a bit of this scene as far as how and why Geillis comes up and functions in the conversation because of how they handled Geillis back in The Devil’s Mark - which is a change I appreciate more there than here - but anytime Claire and Dougal face off with one another like this, I can’t help but love it both on the page and on the screen. They’re so well balanced between respect and distrust, both able to hit the nail on the head leaving the other unable to deny the ugly truth - for Claire, it’s Dougal’s desire for Lallybroch; for Dougal, it’s the lengths Jamie would see her go to in order to protect herself from Black Jack Randall (and here too, I like to think that Claire knows she’s carrying Jamie’s child and that she agrees to marry Dougal if they can’t save Jamie because part of her can’t wait to tell him about the child and show that even if she did marry him, Lallybroch would go to the child and not to him or the MacKenzies - or at least that’s my understanding of the law, but it might not be right for the time and place). 

Favorite Scene, Favorite Costume, Favorite Music Moment, Honorable Mention for Favorite Minor Character: gathering the MacKenzies to rescue Jamie from Wentworth. Willie! I love that Willie is the first to speak up and volunteer to try and save Jamie. He’s come a long way from his first days with the rent party and facing down the priest with his Father Bain inspired Catechism. When he was on the outs with Dougal’s closest friends after telling Colum about Dougal’s collecting for the Jacobites, it was Jamie (and Murtagh) who helped defuse the tension and stood up for him and what he’d done. Him acknowledging the truth of what Claire says - that Jamie would help any of the others out of a similar bind - is part of what shames/guilts/inspires Rupert and Angus into agreeing to come along too. The music of this scene and as Claire and company ride into view of Wentworth - and carrying into the credits - is full of their determination in the face of impossible odds (and I love it). Also, that blanket/shawl of Claire’s is my favorite costume bit of the episode (I’m not a huge fan of her performer’s outfit though I do like the way they did her hair while she was wearing it).