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“Martin doesn’t like acting, doesn’t like representing. He likes feeling, likes being. There’s enormous technique at play in his work. He can do almost anything and imagine himself into almost any situation and then, with enormous delicacy, present it for the camera. It’s so difficult to analyze how Martin Freeman works, but he’s better than most of us…”
-Sir Ian Mckellen


I love how they pop out from behind the tree, shuffling sideways, and layer up after each other. It’s like the introduction to some kind of performing act. 😂😂

“If you jump, I jump"
“If you’re a bird, I’m a bird”
“If I’m on that list, you’re on that list”


David Tennant as Romeo in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Romeo and Juliet (2000) - Part 3

Excerpts from a Scotland on Sunday article on David at the RSC in 2000

“He is perfect casting, because of the intensity he brings to his work,“ Michael Boyd says.  While Tennant’s great friend and former landlady, the comic performer and author of Does My Bum Look Big in This?, Arabella Weir, says: "He’s astonishingly focused for his age and amazingly straightforward and honest. He’s trustworthy and he’s honourable.”

There is still something uncynical and unspoilt about him, though. He confesses that being with the RSC can be scary. “Not only because you are in the home of ‘world class classical theatre’ (as all the brochures tell you), but these big Shakespearean roles come with a lot of historical baggage attached. People tell you how romantic Ian McKellen was as Romeo, or how masculine Sean Bean was, or how marvellous Laurence Olivier was. You feel the weight of all those ghosts, those performances that have taken on a mystical resonance. And because it’s Shakespeare, you feel it’s hard to make it believable, because it is so beautiful.  With this play, everyone has so many ideas about it, that you almost want to play against the beauty. We did the balcony scene the other day and I was doing: 'But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun!’ And I was going: 'How can I say that?’ It is beyond parody, but all you can do is be personal with it and make it your own, if that doesn’t sound too pretentious. I know that’s how Alex [who plays Juliet] feels about famous lines like, 'Parting is such sweet sorrow’.”   

The intensity of the rollercoaster he is on is overwhelming. Stratford is a grueling, sometimes stifling, hothouse. Rehearsal followed by show, followed by rehearsal, in one long punishing schedule. After one-and-a-half hours in the rehearsal room, there is just time for a snack  before voice warm-ups for the matinee of The Rivals. There, Tennant’s rapier-thin young blade gets involved in sword fights and various cunning derring-do disguises, then he is off again for lunch. And back on again, for The Comedy of Errors. A short show, but a physical one, as Tennant slides down those banisters, executes pratfalls and turns in a brilliantly funny double act with Ian Hughes, who plays his manservant, Dromio. He also does the neatly witty trick of lighting two post-coital cigarettes after seducing his long lost twin’s wife and then buries his head in Nina Conti’s cleavage.

Later Tennant is in his dressing-room, stripped to the waist, slapping Simple moisturizer onto his face, swigging pints of mineral water, and packing up his make-up box, an old-fashioned leather bowling case. As we leave, we trip up over a bloody but unbowed Hotspur, about to go on stage and die in Henry IV, Part 1. Falstaff is plumped in the corner and wishes us a courteous good night, while various make-up girls daub elderly knights. “It’s like this every night at this time,” says Tennant. “You can’t move for men in armour and there’s blood everywhere.”    

Photo credits include:  Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, photostage.co.uk, the Royal Shakespeare Company, and more 

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my favourite thing about TVD is Nina’s acting. it’s like Katherine and Elena are played by two different people. and not just the obvious evil slut/virgin saint difference, but every little thing in the characters, even the way she stands or walks. like, Elena is just walking carefully, blending into the background, but Katherine is fucking strutting down the street like she owns the whole fucking planet (she should tbh).
and those scenes when Katherine is pretending to be Elena, Nina changes between the characters like she’s turning a switch. it’s just so amazing. I was watching it for five seasons and I was just as amazed watching the finale as I was the first time.

I know a lot of people didn’t like her acting with Ian in the finale. I can’t say anything about that since I haven’t seen it, but as Katherine, and Elena, and Katherine as Elena, she was fucking awesome.

Gonna Be Okay

Summary: Ian goes manic and has a panic attack, and Mickey helps him out with a proposal.

Word Count: 1955

Notes: For the person who requested this, I hope this is what you meant. I was trying to make it romantic but not cringey with panic attack— hope it worked! :)

Over the past few days, Ian was acting overly energetic, and abnormally horny. Luckily, this time he stayed away from any other guys or porn stars; though this meant that he and Mickey would fuck like twelve times a day. Another factor was that the redhead must’ve gotten three hours of sleep over a four day span due to the fact that he was jumping off the walls. It was extremely erratic behavior, which sent alerts to everyone that Ian needed a med change.

Everyone who knew the redheaded Gallagher boy well enough were worried sick about him. Mickey had been following him everywhere he decided to go, and Fiona was trying to set up another doctor’s appointment, but apparently there was a few days wait. In the meantime, everyone worriedly kept an eye on him, but there was only so much that they could do.

One day it was a bit different though. Ian stopped jittering and telling crazy stories, instead he said, “I should take a nap,” then laid down on the couch.

Mickey was fiddling with the small box in his pocket, but when Ian spoke he raised his eyebrows in suspicion and turned to face his boyfriend. “Are you serious?” He could imagine that Ian was tired, but he couldn’t imagine that he’d even realize it in his current manic state.

“Mhm. Tired,” Ian mumbled and began to close his eyes. It was the first time in a few days that Mickey heard real exhaustion in his voice.

Mickey slowly made his way over to the surprisingly sleepy redhead. “Okay,” he nodded. “You know I have work? I gotta go soon,” he spoke softly. Then he squatted down and ran his fingers through Ian’s hair. He couldn’t believe how beautiful this boy was in all his forms.

Ian smiled softly. “I know. Go. I love you, see ya later,” he titled his head upward so Mickey could kiss him, which he did.

“Um, o-okay,” Mickey spoke in a leery manner. He wanted to believe that Ian was passing through this, but he was fully aware of how unlikely that was. “I love you too. Sleep tight.” He tucked him under the blanket, and watched Ian as he walked into the kitchen.

When Mickey got to the kitchen, he found Lip and Fiona standing near the counter with beers in their hands. When they saw his disheveled look, they each looked at him with a questionative expression. “What’s up?” Lip cocked his eyebrow.

“He-he, um, said that he’s gonna take a nap. One of you watch over him while I’m at work, please?” Mickey rarely asked for anything, so they knew when he was serious. “I don’t want anything to happen to him.”

A hopeful look plastered across Fiona’s face. “Wait. I mean, that could be good, right? Maybe he’s getting over this.”

“Fi,” Lip said sorrowfully. “I’m sorry to say it, but has it ever turned out that way with Monica?” He averted his eyes from his sister to the beer in front of him. It hurt him to relate his mother with brother because they aren’t the same people— they never could be.

Fiona let out a choking sound. “I know.”

Mickey frowned and put his coat on. “You’ll fucking watch over him, right?” He asked the two eldest siblings before leaving the house. “And call me if he needs me?”

“Yes, of course,” Fiona nodded and waved him goodbye. Mickey stormed out with worry; he truthfully hated leaving Ian more than anything. Fiona watched after him while Lip stared at the sleeping boy through the doorway of the living room.

* * *

While Mickey was at work he felt his phone start to vibrate through his pants. Out of instinct, he quickly scavenged through his pockets to get his phone out. He rumbled through the box and his wallet before finding what he needed. When he finally reached his cellphone he realized that was Debbie who was calling. Before he had the chance to answer, the call ended. “Fuck,” he said to himself as he redialed Debbie’s phone number. “C’mon,” he said into the cell phone.

“Mickey,” Debbie responded franticly. The Milkovich boy let out a sigh of relief, just for the fact that he heard her voice.

“What’s going on, Debs?” His voice was full of worry like it has been for the past few days.

“Ian. It’s Ian. He’s bugging out. He’s screaming that people are coming after us, and he’s going nuts. You need to come home. Hurry, Mickey,” she pleaded.

Within a millisecond, Mickey rushed out the door. He wasn’t mindful enough to tell Kev why he was leaving. Never in his whole life had Mickey ran so fast. He sprinted so fast that he couldn’t feel his legs, but he heard his heart beating in his ears. The worst possible case scenarios were shuffling through his mind, which made him as a run faster. He needed to get home.

When he arrived to the house, he heard the sound of glass shattering. Bolting his way in the house, he saw Ian knocking over lamps— it looked like it was in a defensive way. There were tears flowing out of his eyes. “No! They won’t take you! I won’t let them take the people I love,” he cried out. No one knew what the hell he was talking about, but they were all scared.

Suddenly, Ian dropped down to the floor. He wrapped his arms around his legs, shoved his face between his legs, and started sobbing. The redhead was shaking, and it looked uncontrollable. The next thing to happen to Ian was that he started hyperventilating, which was enough Mickey to go off the deep end.

The Milkovich boy ran to overly distressed boy, and pried his fingers from his face. “Hey, hey,” he said with love and worry. “Please, look at me. You need to look at me.” Ian’s eyes squinted open, and there were tears crowding them.

“Th-they wanna take you away,” Ian cried.

“No one’s trying to take us away, okay? Listen to me, no one’s trying to do that,” he grabbed Ian’s face and wiped away the tears as they poured down. He watched as Ian looked around the room, but frowned as he started to shake and sob harder. “Ian,” he said sadly and wrapped his arms around the boy. He ran his hand over his boyfriend’s hair. “Talk to me.”

“I-I–” Ian tried to speak, but nothing came out. His hyperventilated worsened.

“Okay, okay,” he went back to holding Ian’s face with his own hands. “Breathe. You gotta fucking breathe with me.” He took a deep breath as a representation. “You see what I just did? I want you to do the same.” He kept taking these deep breaths until Ian could catch on, and once he did they started breathing together.

After a while, Ian started to calm down a little. “I’m crazy,” he pushed his head into the crook of Mickey’s neck. “I’m a psychopath,” he said shakily.

“Shhh,” Mickey hushed him as he soothingly rubbed his back. “No, I love you. You’re not crazy. I love you.” He kissed his cheek and rested his forehead on Ian’s.

Another sob came from Mickey’s throat. “I’m so sorry.”

Mickey shook his head. “It’s okay. It’s gonna be okay.” He kissed him on the side of the head once again.

For a while, they sat on the ground. Each boy ignored the faint sound of cries from the rest of the Gallaghers, but they stayed wrapped in each other’s arms. Ian’s eyes were shut so tightly that one would think he’s trying to block the world from his sight. While Ian was doing that, Mickey was holding back tears of his own.

Eventually Ian whispered to Mickey, “I wanna go to sleep. Can we?” Mickey nodded and helped Ian up. They walked up the stairs hand in hand, leaving the rest of the Gallaghers without anything to say to them.

“What was that?” Carl said nervously. He hated seeing his brother struggle with this disorder.

Fiona frowned. “It was a panic attack, bud,” she frowned as she placed a hand on Carl’s shoulder.

“At first though, when he was talking about people trying to take us, he was paranoid. It turned into a panic attack though,” Lip added.

Carl made a sad face along with his sister Debbie. “Can we help him?”

“We’ll get him some new meds. He’ll be okay,” Fiona said in a upset but nonetheless optimistic tone. “We’ve got him. Mickey’s got him. Until he can get to the doctor, we’ll keep watching over him like we always do.”

Fiona and Lip noticed the younger kids sad expressions. Liam didn’t really know what was going on, but even he was frowning. Lip made his way to his youngest siblings, and took Liam in his arms before kissing each of their heads. “It’ll be alright.”

* * *

Mickey tucked Ian in on his side of the bed and pressed a faint kiss on his forehead. He placed a hand on his boyfriend’s cheek for a moment. Suddenly Ian grabbed at his wrist. “You deserve more than me,” he frowned.


“Someone who you could have a fucking stable relationship with.” More tears welled in Mickey’s eyes.

Mickey snorted. “This is the most fucking stable I’ve ever been, you dumbass. I love you, Ian.”

“Do you though? Could you love someone so crazy?” Ian mouth curved downwards. Mickey fought past the idea of shouting at Ian because he knew that this was the mania speaking.

Suddenly a realization hit him— there’s a box in his pocket that really claims the love his has for him. Taking a deep breath, he pulled the velvet box out of his pocket and got down on one knee, causing Ian to jump up from under the covers. The redhead could not believe what he was seeing. “Mick—”

“Fuck you if you ever think I don’t love you. Ian, you are the one and only good thing in my life. You’re the reason I am who I am— a better person than I ever thought I could be. And I could care-fucking-less about how crazy you are because it makes you, you. I need you. No matter how hard it gets, you’re my fucking rock, and I fucking love you. Now to fucking set this in stone, would you marry me?” He opened the box to show a beautiful golden ring that had the words ‘makes me free’ engraved on the inside— it was reminiscent of the day Mickey came out.

Ian allowed the tears to stream from his eyes because this time he was crying tears of joy. After all he’s put Mickey through, he still loves him. “Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you. I love you, I love you so much.” He allowed Mickey to slide the ring onto his left hand.

Mickey then got onto the bed and pulled Ian into a passionate kiss— a kiss that showed more than words or a ring could ever show. The two then proceeded to go underneath the covers together.

Ian wrapped an arm around Mickey’s waist and put his head under Mickey’s chin. Mickey had one hand on Ian’s head and the other wrapped around his back. Their legs were twined together as well. Ian had to curl up to be in this position due to his tall height, but it was still comfortable for them. They held onto each other like they were each other’s lifelines, and in that moment, that’s exactly what they were. The boys fell asleep like that— tangled inside of their own world, completely isolated from everything and everyone around them.

when you think about all of the burned episodes of Doctor Who that may never get recovered and all of the wonderful acting that’s probably lost forever


Summary: Ian and Mickey get in an argument and when Ian gives him the silent treatment, Mickey knows he needs to fix what he’s done.

Word Count: 1338

Notes: I’m hoping to be working on a lot more requests today— loved this one!

Mickey saw the anger boiling inside of Ian’s eyes and he immediately regretted partaking in any sort of scheme that Iggy asked him to. He sucked in a breath and prepared for Ian to shout. “Are you fucking serious, Mickey?”

“I’m sorry—”

“No, no, no, no, asshole! Apologizing does not fucking fix this. This is not just you going out to buy or sell some weed— I can fucking do that. You fucking went out with Iggy and went on a drug run to sell fifty fucking pounds of cocaine! Are you nuts? Do you want to be thrown in jail again? How fucking stupid can you be?” Ian shouted. He was gripping the chair in front of him so tightly that his knuckles were turning white. The rage inside of his was so strong that he felt his face burning up.

Mickey began to speak, “It was just a drug run—” He was cut off once again. He shrugged and put his head down to listen.

“And to add on to that dumbass move, you fucking lied to me! You promised me you would stay out of trouble— fucking promised! We fucking survive on trust, Mick!” The redhead let out a frustrated groan and started pacing back and forth.

For a moment, Mickey was wordless. Guilt was a lack of the correct term. He knew that after all he and Ian had gone through, trust was a major factor. He started to take a step forward, but when Ian shot him an overly annoyed look, he froze. “I shouldn’t have lied, I fucking know,” but then some sparks of rage lit up in Mickey as well. “And you know what, it’s not like you’ve never fucking lied to me. I could make a fucking list of everything you’ve lied about!”

Ian slammed his hands on the table and started walking closer to Mickey. When he was close enough, he shoved him causing Mickey to fall back a few steps. “Fuck you,” he said and then walked out of the front door.

Shit, shit, shit, Mickey thought. He knew he fucked up this time. How the fuck was he going to fix this?

* * *

When Ian comes back home, it’s one in the morning. Mickey was up and pacing back and forth with his hands in his hair. He wasn’t necessarily worried about Ian’s whereabouts because Lip had texted him multiple times to tell him that they were together, but he was worried about how mad Ian was.

The shorter man stopped when he saw his boyfriend. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything about you lying, you haven’t done that in a while, and I shouldn’t have lied to you,” Mickey said in a sincere tone.

Ian wasn’t taking any of it though. He wordlessly shoved passed Mickey and put a pillow on the couch, obviously making himself a place to sleep. He kicked off his shoes and laid down as Mickey watched with a remorseful expression.

Mickey then let out an unreadable huff of air. “Please do not fucking sleep on the couch. You don’t have to fucking speak to me, but I know I can’t sleep without you next me, and I know damn well you can’t either— you wouldn’t have came home if you could,” he tried to somewhat reason with Ian, and crossed his arms in the process.

Ian rolled his eyes, but Mickey knew he was right when the redhead he’s swung his feet off of the couch. Both of them then made their way into the bedroom and undressed without a word. Once in their boxers, they got under the covers. There was none of that touchy, feely, cuddly shit due to Ian’s anger, but there legs were still lingering against the others. Mickey was using all his might not to twine them together and wrap his boyfriend in his arms because he knew Ian needed a sliver of space— at least for the night.

Surprisingly the night went by quickly. They both fell asleep around the same time, but when Mickey woke up, Ian wasn’t vacating the left side of the bed.

Worriedly, Mickey got up to see if Ian was in the kitchen, and he was. Normally when Ian would wake up earlier than Mickey, he would make them both breakfast, and have a glass of juice poured for his boyfriend, but not now— now Ian was sitting there with a single bowl of cereal for himself.

Mickey looked to the ceiling and held back any quarrelsome words that were running through his mind because he knew that he was the sole reason this whole argument erupted. Instead of being his normal cocky self, he went to make himself breakfast, and said, “Good morning,” to Ian as he walked past him. The redhead ignored him though, and Mickey started fuming. “Are you seriously going to give me the fucking silent treatment, like we’re six years old?” Ian said nothing again, so Mickey stormed back into their bedroom.

* * *

A few hours later, when Ian was at work, Mickey had thought of all the possible ways to make everything he did wrong up to his boyfriend. He ordered Ian’s favorite take out food for dinner and even wrote “I’m sorry for being a dumbass” on a card— if Ian was gonna act like they’re fucking children, so was Mickey.

When Ian walked into the house, Mickey made sure to be facing the opposite direction and on the phone with Iggy. Iggy was annoyed that Mickey made him stay on the phone so long, but he had nothing better to do so he agreed.

Once Mickey heard Ian’s bags drop, he started. “Iggy, I am fucking telling you that I will never go on another run with you. It’s not fucking happening. I don’t want to get sent back to the joint— hate that place. Plus, I got fucking priorities now.”

Ian processed Mickey’s words as his boyfriend paused. He couldn’t hear was Iggy was saying in return, but his curiosity was definitely perched.

“Yes, dickhead, he is my top fucking priority.” Mickey started and paused for another moment. “No, shut the fuck up. If he doesn’t want me goin’ on runs anymore, I’m not fucking going!” He then hung up, not giving Iggy a chance to respond. Once the cellphone was back into his pocket, he turned to his boyfriend.

Ian turned his gaze from Mickey to the dinner table. He saw his favorite Chinese food and the poorly drawn card, and had to choke back a giggle— it was awfully cute. “You serious?”

Mickey let out a sigh of relief when he heard his boyfriend’s voice. “About what?”

“Not going on anymore drug runs,” Ian said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Oh, yes, of course. I was serious about you being my top priority too, I could give a fuck about all the other shit,” Mickey said and walked closer to Ian.

Ian nodded and finally allowed himself to grin. “I know that. Just don’t want us lying to each other, alright? Bad shit starts going down when he get into that cycle, and I don’t wanna go there again.” He looks into Mickey’s eyes and they stand in each other’s breathing vicinity.

“I know, I’m really sorry— won’t happen again,” Mickey nodded vigorously. His voice held an unmistakably large amount of honesty.

“I know it won’t,” Ian said. He then crouched down to kiss his boyfriend. He chuckled when he felt Mickey smile into his mouth. “I love you, okay? No more being a dumbass.”

“I can’t help that I’m a dumbass,” Mickey said sarcastically. “But I won’t be an asshole anymore if that makes sense,” Ian nodded to agree with him. “And I love you too,” he kissed him once more. He was praising the gods above that they were done with this argument because he fucking hate not being able to kiss or speak to the beautiful redheaded boy— really fucking hated it.

Lights Will Guide You Home

“…and ignite your bones”

Ian wakes up on morning, distraught over leaving Mickey, to find a stranger by his bed. Or was he a stranger at all?

Ian walks home from work filled with exhaustion in so many ways. The journey almost pitch black from the shitty street lights not working. He opens the door, the light from inside killing his eyes, and finds Lip and Fiona drinking on the couch.  

“Hey, man,” Lip greets him. “Wanna join?”

Ian offers a fake smile to his siblings. Not having a genuine since…  He things Since you broke up with the man you loved and did nothing as he got chased away with your gun toting half-sister…or was she your cousin. Who the fuck knows. It’s not like your siblings pay enough attention to you to realize your smile isn’t real.

“Nah,” Ian says. “Had a long day. Think I’ll just go to bed.”

“Aww,” Fiona groans, she already seems to be drunk. Drunk Fiona was always a lot of fun. Ian thinks before he shrugs lightly still smiling and heads to the stairs.

Ian’s face drops as soon as he’s out of sight. He gets to his bedroom, Lip’s old one, and starts taking off his clothes.

He sits on the edge and sighs. Another day end, another failed relationship that couldn’t fill the void that was left by-

Ian can’t say his name. Doesn’t want to. It’s left at the back of his throat and he swallows it down hard.

He lays his head on the pillow and welcomes the dreams that will let him escape this reality, at least for a little while.


The morning comes too quickly, the night was filled with tossing and turning and Ian wakes up as he usually does…still tired. His mind is full of regret, guilt, and whatever the hell else kept him up at night and haunted him in his slumber. He rubs his eyes, his body acting hungover despite him not having a drink last night. This is typical until he gets some caffeine in him. Though not even caffeine could hide the disgust and general hatred for himself he felt whenever he thought about…him… Mickey. He lets him think of his name. The man he loved and left again and again. He tried to bury everything he felt with man-hopping and his new job but it didn’t work and Ian knew it.

The bright sun blinds him as Ian looks towards the opened window.

He sighs and turns over to his side and notices a large lump by him on the bed. At first he thinks it’s a pillow but quickly realizes it’s a person. He quickly shifts all the way to the other side of the bed. It’s probably someone Frank let in for some cash or drugs. Won’t be the first time.

Ian leans back and extends his leg slowly pushing the person further and further off the bed until they get close enough to the edge and Ian kicks them off as forceful as he can.

A loud thump is heard and a groan soon after. Ian quickly jumps off the bed and grabs the bat he always has by his bed.

“Well that’s one fucking way to wake up.” The person says. It’s mumbled enough that Ian can’t quite make out if he knows them or not.

He comes over to the side of the bed the person fell out, his grip on the bat tightening. He can see now it’s a man though most of his body is still covered by the sheets that fell with him.

Ian holds up the bat higher and is about to shout at the man when the man’s arm escape his cover prison to rub his head and Ian sees his hand.

The bat slips out of Ian’s fingers and crashes down on the floor making a worse noise then the body that hit it a few minutes ago.

It can’t be he thinks but he sees it clearly.



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Analysis of Televoid’s Oddities (Episodes 0-4)

Episode 0 - Beat The Clock (January 27, 2016)

Description :: The description for this episode reads, “[This is a pilot for a new show where I dig up old television shows, weird VHS stuff, etc. to talk about. I love watching this stuff anyway, and it’d be fun to share more of what I find with you guys! Please let me know how you like it.] Ian flips the channel to an old episode of Beat the Clock.” Notice the brackets and the use of first person. This is presumably the real Ian, the one who is uploading the videos to his channel. However, it switches to third person for the actual description of the video. THIS IS THE NORM FOR BRUTALMOOSE VIDEOS, so the reason I bring this up is because this is the only Televoid episode with a normal description like this. All the other descriptions are written in second person - “you.” I don’t know what it means, but it is interesting to note.

3:00 - 3:30 :: Ian attempts to play along with the game show by solving a word puzzle. When he reveals his answer, it shows up as, “This joke is brought to you by Sylvania.” Although it may seem like this is a weak joke done to mock the show’s constant endorsing of Sylvania, Ian acts surprised and confused when he sees what’s written, even claiming that it wasn’t what he meant to write.

16:50 - End :: Ian says we, the watchers, don’t have to leave. He suggests we stick around to watch something else with him. As he flips through the channels to find another show, he finds only static instead. He grows visibly discouraged before everything abruptly goes to black and we are left in silence for nearly five seconds before the episode officially ends.

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HWTR to you saying something bold in a video

Max: He would tune into to one of your live-streams, unexpectedly, just to see you and hear your voice, which he found strange because he had just returned to his hotel room from your place not too long ago, but he missed you. Your relationship with him was private…extremely private…to the point where absolutely no one knew about it, not even his friends. No one in his friend group had seemed to question your ‘friendship’, being that Max was usually always flirty with you since the day you two met. You and Max had been dating for over eight months. Fans had their speculations and others had their doubts. Most would actually ask you questions either in person or through social media, especially on this specific stream since they were all filled in that Max was watching. Of course you would deny the accusations and steer clear from the questions, being that you and Max didn’t want anyone knowing, but tonight, you had been drinking and you became very dull. You were also with your friend and that gave you a boost of confidence. Your friend read a question from the chat where fans were able to communicate: ‘What was your first impression of Max when you met?’

“I’m gonna be honest. I wanted to fuck the shit out of him…or him fuck the shit out of me. I mean, look at him. He’s gorgeous.” you answered, “He was here not too long ago and did exactly that after we went out on our date.”

Max’s eyes widened from the other side of the screen. He didn’t know whether to laugh, or gasp, or scream. The chat began to blow up with comments and emojis and capitalized letters. He was at a loss of words, not knowing what to do. Should he call you? Should he comment in the chat? One thing was for certain though: he wasn’t angry. There was no reason for him to be. He actually found the whole situation really funny. You weren’t as loud as he was, you were more reserved, and even your fans knew that, so you speaking out and saying what you said was a stretch. After your stream, he called you laughing about the things you had said in your live-stream. You were embarrassed, you couldn’t process how drunk you were and what it was that you had said, which made the whole thing even funnier than it initially was.

Joji: I feel like Joji would definitely stay quiet and smirk to himself if you let it slip that you guys were fucking behind everyones backs, he wouldn’t deny it at all, he would definitely own that shit. I feel like Joji’s the type of person that’s really laid back, and he would just take things as they come and go. The two of you weren’t dating…you were just ‘talking’. Both of you wanted a relationship but it just wasn’t the right time for there to be a title put on your exchange with him just yet. Your fans wanted the two of you to get together but you wanted to keep them guessing, Joji wanted to mind fuck them just as much as you did, too. You were collaborating with him on his Filthy Frank channel and he had broken character to laugh at something you had said. You spoke about how sweaty he was under the hat he wore and he claimed that he had been profusely sweating lately around his apartment because the air conditioning needed to be repaired again.

“Your hair sticking to your forehead due to the heat and the sweat is like, almost as bad as how much you sweat when we fuck.” you laughed, “You put in a lot of work  when you fuck me so I’m not surprised…especially when I can’t walk because my thighs burn for two days straight.”

All he did was stare at you, trying to internalize his laugh to stay in character. He couldn’t hold it in anymore and just burst into a fit of amusement. You sat there laughing with him, but not as much, confused as to why he found the situation so funny. Soon after the video was uploaded, you realized why it was so funny: he wanted to add in that part to the video…and he did. You glared at him once the video ended. He winked at you and showed you the responses and comments people were leaving. A lot of them knew there was something between the two of you, and they were really excited about it, most never even expected it. The both of you were really popular on youtube and whenever you would collaborate, there was always some sort of tension…and now everyone knew why.

Ian: Ian would get so shy if you guys ever got exposed or if you ever exposed him, oh my god! I feel like you’d be doing a Q&A session in one of your videos and someone would ask you what it’s like to film vlogs with Ian and how he acts behind the scenes or how he acts in the scenes you don’t upload, maybe the ones you cut out. You start talking about how funny he is and how he always makes you smile. You tell them that what you capture in your vlogs is completely real, that’s how the both of you are when you’re alone and all you do is just add a camera into the mix to create a vlog.

“Obviously we don’t document, or vlog, everything because privacy’s nice…especially when Ian gets all…frisky. Which happens more than you would think since a lot of people always peg Ian as like a dorky/geeky persona. I mean, yeah I guess he is. But he’s kinky as fuck…from geeky baby to daddy in less than three seconds.” you giggled and moved on to the next question.

Ian’s face glowed the color of crimson when he watched the video, doing that little nervous laugh he does. He wasn’t necessarily shocked, but more stunned. Being compared to him, you were known as the shy one who never opened up. This time when you did, he was proud yet slightly bashful. He owned up to it as well, which made everything a thousand times better. He’d get over it pretty quickly too, he’s someone that would live in the moment and then let it go. Like, yeah, sure he felt embarrassed but that’s not going to stop him from continuing a relationship with you…or stop him from enjoying himself. Ian would actually be more happy that you’re coming out of your shell than worry about what it was you said, in all honesty.

Good To You

Summary: Based off of “Good To You” by Marianas Trench.

Word Count: 1628

Notes: this is such a good song, thank you for this request omg

Everyone’s around, no words are coming now

And I can’t find my breath, can we just say the rest with no sound

And I know this isn’t enough, I still don’t measure up

And I’m not prepared, sorry is never there when you need it

The Gallagher family was preparing for a big dinner at their house. Kev and V were coming, as usual, along with Jimmy, who invited his dad Lloyd. Mandy was also coming with Mickey.

Mickey was invited by Mandy because he was complaining about being bored at home so he lazily agreed to come– secretly though he was excited because he knew he’d see Ian. To his demise, Ian wasn’t happy with him at the moment. It was understandable, Mickey knew that he shouldn’t always act like Ian is nothing to him– like he’s not completely in love with the redhead.

As everyone sat down to eat, Ian ignored making eye contact with the Milkovich boy and engaged in conversation with Lloyd. No one would think anything about Ian and Lloyd talking, but Mickey knew different– he knew they were fucking which bothered him way more than he would have liked it to. He scowled at the older man for what felt like an eternity.

Suddenly Jimmy’s father and the redhead turn to talk to the rest of the family. They share a few laughs, clearing enjoying their time together. Mandy is deep in conversation with Debbie, and Mickey sits awkwardly and silently. He’s doing everything he can to stop glancing at Ian.

Suddenly Mickey hears Lloyd clear his voice. “So,” Lloyd starts. “Ian, my son has been telling me he and Fiona think you have a boyfriend that you’re not telling anyone about. Is that true?” Mickey heart drops to his stomach because he knows that he, himself, is the so called boyfriend that Lloyd is asking about.

With that being said everyone tenses up at the words. Carl turns his head to Mickey with the fear that he would lash out and beat his brother for his sexuality while Mandy got ready to hold her older brother back. Mickey masks the sadness that came to him when everyone reacted like that. “What the fuck? I know he’s gay. It don’t fuckin’ bother me,” is all Mickey can say. It doesn’t fucking bother me because I’m his boyfriend. It’s me. He can’t breathe, he feels like he’s suffocating because he wants to say more, it just won’t come out. The feeling worsens when Ian frowns at him and abruptly excuses himself from the table.

“Where’s he goin’ now?” Fiona raises her eyebrow.

Lip sends a threatening look to the Milkovich boy that told Mickey to fix whatever he did to hurt Ian. He then turned his head so he was looking at his older sister.  “No fucking clue.”

After a few moments, Mickey decides to go outside and take a smoke. He’s expecting Ian to be long gone, but instead the redhead was sitting on the porch with his knees ups to his chest. His eyes is red, it looks like he might’ve been crying. Mickey’s heart breaks at the sight he caused.

Mickey frowns and sits down next to Ian. He lights his cigarette and takes a drag before handing it over to the other boy. Ian thoughtlessly takes it and places it between his lips. They sit in silence– an unspoken conversation.

Eventually he glances up through his eyelashes to find Mickey staring at him. Mickey gives him a soft and apologetic look when their eyes meet. He then reaches out and quickly squeezes Ian’s hand. There’s so much flowing through his mind, but he cannot talk, and he doesn’t know why. He hopes this uncommon sign of affection is enough to at least show Ian that he cares, but he knows it’s not enough to be the man Ian deserves.

* * *

I thought I saw a sign somewhere between the lines

Maybe it’s me, maybe I only see what I want

As Ian went to bed that night his mind was completely occupied with the thought of Mickey. He tried to get him out of his head but nothing seemed to work. All he kept thinking about was the look that Mickey gave him when they were out on the porch— what was it? Nothing? Worry? Love? Care? An apology for making me feel like I mean fuck all to him? He couldn’t decrypt what emotion that Mickey’s eyes were holding. It was so odd for Ian not to understand the Milkovich boy.

He fell asleep think about Mickey, and woke up thinking about Mickey. Even in his dreams, Mickey was the main character.

He rolled over in bed and shoved his head in the pillow. At first, he didn’t even notice Lip kick him in the back. “Ian, get the fuck up.”

Ian groaned but turned his face from the pillow. “Why?”

“It’s noon. What the hell were you so distracted for last night?” He looks curiously at his brother. “I know it was about Mickey. Every time he’d stop staring at you, you’d start staring at him. Then when you and him came inside later you were all weird. What the fuck did he say to you?” He presses.

Ian quietly snorts. “Nothing. He said nothing.” Being that Lip is the only person who know about him and Mickey, he’s a little bit more open about talking about their relationship or whatever it is.

“Then why are you acting like you’re in outer space or some shit? It’s Mickey fucking Milkovich– not like anything will come of you two,” Lip scoffs.

Ian lets out a frustrated sound. “There is something in him that wants to be with me. I know what he felt with me. You can’t fake that.” His tone is hopeful, but Lip sees past it.

The older Gallagher boy thinks Mickey is a useless piece of Southside trash. “Whatever, man. I just don’t wanna watch you get screwed over.”

Ian turns his gaze away from his brother out of annoyance. He knows Lip can’t understand what he’s trying to say, so he doesn’t try to start a fight.

As Lip leaves their bedroom, Ian leans back into his pillow. “Fucking Mick,” he says to himself in a whisper. Why do I even try to stick up for him? He probably could give a shit about me, right? Ian doesn’t know what to believe.

* * *

And now I do want you to know I hold you up above everyone

And now I do want you to know I think you’d be good to me

And I’d be so good to you

Ian walks into the kitchen after work, takes a beer, and goes behind the counter to make himself food. Luckily, Mickey didn’t have a shift today so Ian didn’t see him at work earlier.

For about an hour, he has a surprisingly peaceful time with his family. Then, Mickey storms in with messy hair and red cheeks. It looks like he was running.

Ian completely froze. Since their last encounter his anger towards the closeted Milkovich boy has been diminishing, but he wasn’t completely happy with him. He never explained himself– always leaving Ian in the dark.

The two stare at each other for a bit before Mickey walks to him. Neither of them knew who initiated it, but suddenly their lips were suddenly connected. Ian’s hands cradled Mickey head while Mickey’s hands rested on Ian’s hip.

“Stop fucking the geriatric viagroid,” Mickey insists right after they separate. He doesn’t even give Ian time to process their kiss.

Ian nods rapidly. He can see that look again in Mickey’s eyes, but this time he finds it to be readable– it’s love. “Okay.”

“Good, that guy’s a fucking pedophile,” Mickey says harshly. “Plus, you’re mine now,” he looks into Ian’s eye with a bashful expression. The thought of Ian being with other people was slowly killing him.

“Only yours,” Ian beams. All the happiness he once had came rushing back to him. “Always will be,” he says. “Don’t need to be anyone else’s,” he wants to say, but he bites his tongue because he knows his family is listening.

Mickey nods and kisses Ian harder. He’s tried everything to not fall in love with Ian, but nothing worked so he’s almost fully accepted. They seemed destined to be together.

Cutting them off from their moment, Fiona speaks up. “What the fuck?” Ian tries not to but he laughs into Mickey’s mouth.

Mickey undoubtedly feels anxious when he thinks about turning around to see the whole Gallagher family looking at him, but he knows he needs to.

When they turn everyone is staring at them with wide eyes. No one would ever assume that a Milkovich could be gay.

“What the fuck?” Fiona repeats herself. “The guy you’ve been seeing is Mickey Milkovich?”

Ian nods slowly. “He’s good for me, Fi.”

“Bullshit,” Lip says under his breath.

“Fuck you–” Mickey starts at the eldest Gallagher brother, but gets cut off.

“We are good for each other, guys.” Ian speaks with a convincing and serious tone.

Fiona seems to understand that Ian won’t let up— that this was serious between them. “Alright. If you’re sure you two are good for each other I don’t really care.”

“Thank you,” Ian says softly to her.

Carl suddenly has a look of realization. “Cool,” he smirks.

When Mickey sees how accepting the Gallagher family is– besides Lip– he turns to look at Ian in awe. They genuinely smile at each other.

Mickey knew he had to be good to Ian for as long as they live, and Ian knew he had to do the same. They finally had the chance to be together.

Hwtr to meeting you, their old crush, and admitting you liked them




He’d be pleasantly surprised to see you, accidentally meeting you on the street after a long time. Of course he recognizes you—he has never forgotten about you and you probably didn’t forget about him either. He’s glad and he insists on spending some time together, go to a coffee or something and catch up. He can’t help but smile widely at you the whole time because he’s admiring you, comparing the two ‘you’ from past and present. And he likes what he sees, the changes, how beautiful you are—that never changed. And he feels the long forgotten memories and sentiments resurfacing; maybe, in reality, he has never forgotten them. He just locked them inside of him, because he might’ve been thinking about you from time to time. And you talk for hours, like you’ve never talked before, about everything and anything. It’s not an awkward atmosphere, it’s pleasant and warm. So when you open up with a smile and tell him ‘It’s funny how I was never able to tell you what I felt about you back then…It seems so easy now’, he freezes in shock. YOU LIKED HIM AND SAID NOTHING ABOUT IT?! He can’t believe it. He was so in love with you, preferring to watch you from afar and keep things on friendly terms. You seemed so far and you were so kind with him, giving nothing of your feelings away, that he never believed you liked him that way. But now it all makes sense. And he felt stupid for never trying to get to you.

So, with a sort of bittersweet smile, he’d say “Do you still like me now?” He’s still sort of afraid to tell you everything about what he felt or feels, but he wants to try. He can’t lose you now and deep down, he hopes he still has a chance. It’s up to you.

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renae9000  asked:

What was your impression or thoughts on the DE reunion and Ian and Nina's acting in those scenes...? It looked awkward and forced between them ...

honestly one of the most awkward thing on the internet.

he’s literally kissing her chin?!?!??!?!?!?

what is this? that’s not how you hold hands! *consuming love my ass*

look at them!!! they’re both in pain! wHelp!!!

There’s legit no way Bamon can’t be endgame. And if Bamon isn’t endgame then Julie Bleh should never be allowed to write again. If she wanted to write her own dullena fan fiction there is AO3.

Bamon has had massive development, not to mention the insane chemistry from the start. From enemies to best friends. From insults to soul binding hugs.

Either way, it HAS to be endgame. Ian can’t even act out liking Elena cause he hates the ship so much. If even the actors know it’s toxic then you know it’s toxic 🙄 because they get paid to do the scenes.

Seriously the only time Elena was even likeable was when she was with Stefan. Once she got with Damon, she went crazy. She became dependent to the point that she forgot all about her friends (aka when Bonnie died and yet she was screeching for Damon 👀) and it was overall a horribly poisonous relationship.

And Caroline suits Klaus a thousand times better. So preach that shit.

A Lot Of Fixing

Summary: Mickey gets released from juvie around the same time Ian gets out of ROTC camp due to extreme anxiety. When the Gallagher clan throws a party for Ian, everything goes downhill.

Word Count: 1500

Notes: This was a request :) Keep sending them in!

Ian has been suffering from anxiety since the start of middle school, but in the past few months, it seemed to be getting better. When Fiona was called to be informed that Ian was getting sent home from ROTC camp due to his increased amount of panic attacks, he knew she would be surprised.

Being that the Gallaghers knew their brother so well, they knew he wouldn’t want to talk about his anxiety too much, which made him feel a little better– though he knew he would eventually have to try to explain it to them. Ian was fully aware that this was going to be handled the way everything else was handled in this family– a crazy Gallagher style party. He assumed it would be later at night so they can all get hammered without any worry.

As Ian walked back to his house, his mind started to wander. He started to think about the boy who caused the relapse of panic attacks– Mickey Milkovich. What if that asshole got released? What if that asshole tries to get back with me? Not fucking happening if he doesn’t change, he thought to himself. After getting lost so deeply in his thoughts, he looked up and noticed he was at his house already.

He took a deep breath, and approached the front door. As he stepped in the house, everyone jumped up from behind to couch and screamed, “Welcome home, Ian!” He didn’t think of the possibility of a surprise party, and truthfully, it startled him a little bit.

“Hi, guys,” Ian chuckled and plastered on a smile.

“Ian!” Debbie yelled. Everyone ran at him and gathered him in a big group hug.

Once they all separate, Fiona grabbed his face. “We missed you, sweetface.”

“I missed you guys too,” he said genuinely. When he looked around he saw Fiona, Lip, Debbie, and Carl huddled close to him. Closer to the kitchen was his best friend Mandy, Kev, and V who was holding Liam in her arms. He smiled at the sight because even though he knew his anxiety would need a lot of fixing, he knew he had them through anything.

Suddenly, the person he least expected walked out of the kitchen— Mickey with a beer in his hand. Ian felt stomach twist and turn and his heart was thumping loudly and quickly. It was hard to explain why the thought and the sight of Mickey made him so anxious, but he assumed it was because Mickey made him feel unwanted and alone, which are two of his least favorite feelings. Ian did his best to hid the nervous feeling that creeped through his body so he could send a rude glare at the closeted Milkovich boy.

Lip noticed the scowl on his redheaded brothers face and pulled him to the side of the room. “How was ROTC?” He tried distracting Ian.

“Fine,” Ian said as he tapped his fingers against his leg.

Lip shook his head when Ian’s gaze stayed on Mickey. He was the only person who knew about the Milkovich boy and Ian’s so called relationship, and he knew something terrible must’ve happened between them. “What the fuck happened between you and Mickey, man?” Ian turned his head. “Your panic attacks started up again right after he got sent to juvie,” he said in a questionative tone.

“I’m nothin’ but a warm mouth to him, alright?” Ian scoffed as he repeated Mickey’s last words. “Just forget about it,” he walked away, leaving his older brother in a confused and worried state.

Ian refused to look at Mickey as the night went on, though the neurotic feeling in his stomach grew worse and worse. He did not want to have a full on panic attack in front of his family, Mickey, and Mandy, so he preoccupied himself. He caught up with his best friend and his younger siblings and told them about ROTC until everyone was completely wasted, then it turned into a complete shit show.

“When the hell did Mickey get out?” Ian hazily asked Mandy. He tapped his fingers against his bottle of beer in a melodical fashion.

“Today. The fucker said he’d rather be here than in our very own Milkovich house of horrors,” she chuckled as Ian’s jaw dropped open. The brown haired girl then walked away to dance with Lip, leaving Ian to dwell in his unwanted thoughts.

Ian’s left leg started trembling, which was never a good sign. Then to make it worse, he noticed that Mickey was making his way over to him. “Hey,” Mickey nodded.

“H-hi,” Ian said shakily. The anger he had inside of him was being masked by the jitters.

“Listen, Gallagher–” Mickey started but Ian put his hand up to shut him up and ran out of the house. The dark haired boy was beyond baffled. He figured Ian would still be pissed but what was that?

Lip noticed the interaction between his brother and Mickey, and immediately tensed up. When he saw Ian frantically run out of the house, he yelled for Fiona and everyone ran outside to find the redhead.

When they found Ian, he was on the sitting side of the house. His arms were clasping around his stomach and his face was in his knees as he cried. He was shaking badly, and he clearly had a very little amount of control over his own body.

Fiona frowned as she made her way towards her younger brother. It broke her heart to see him like this again. “Hey, buddy,” she said softly. “Can you hear me?” He nodded while trying to catch his breath between sobs.

Lip turned his head to look at Mickey, because he knew that he was the culprit. As Lip watched the thug stare at Ian with wide eyes, he didn’t know what to think– until Mickey ran back into the house, then he wanted to kill him.

When Lip reverted his attention to Fiona and Ian, he saw something he’s seen many times before. Fiona had Ian’s hands placed on each of her shoulders while she instructed him to focus on the steadiness of her breath. Once he seemed focused enough, the two of them counted to ten while taking deep breaths in between each number. It saddened Lip to see this because he knew how much suffering Ian has been through in the past while dealing with this.

“Are you okay?” Debbie said sadly as she walked towards a much calmer Ian.

He faked a smile. “Yeah, Debs. I’ll be fine,” he tried to reassure her. When he noticed the worried look on her face he shook his head and turned to his little brother. “Carl, why don’t you take Liam back inside. Debbie, go with them,” he instructed in a shaky voice, but the kids obliged.

“You gotta talk to us about this, Ian,” Fiona said sharply.

At first, Ian ignored her to look around at the crowd standing in front of him. Of course, the only person missing was Mickey. The rage fueled back up inside of his. “Just,” he tried to say calmly. “I think I need to sleep on it.”

Ian got up and made his way towards the entrance of the household. He ignored the conversations between everyone behind him in hopes to avoid more stress. When he got inside, he saw Mickey standing with a glass of whiskey in his hand. Forgetting all worry, Ian stormed to Mickey. “You’re a fucking asshole,” he spat.

“Fuck you mean?” Mickey acted dumb.

Ian pushed him into the wall. He wanted to punch him so bad, but he held onto the consideration of his younger siblings being in the same room. “Why are you always fucking with my head, Mick?” He shouted, but when Mickey had nothing to say, Ian pushed him again. “Get the fuck out!”

“What the fuck ever,” Mickey tried to say coldly, but Ian saw right through it. Ian heard the hurt in his voice and scoffed as the Milkovich made his way out of house. Mickey knew he’d need to fix things between them, but Ian seemed to hate him.

When the door shut behind Mickey, Ian stomped up the stairs. He slammed the door for everyone to hear as he got into his bedroom.

“What the fuck was that?” V said in shock. Lip put his head down and tried to act confused so no one questioned him.

“Who the hell knows,” Fiona raised her eyebrows.

“That was fucking weird, don’t you think?” Mandy nudged Lip, but he just nodded.

“Really fucking strange,” Kev said in bewilderment.

As everyone sat in the living room trying to figure out what just happened, Lip sat on the stairs and watched, Ian drowned his problems by trying to get a proper night sleep, and Mickey snuck off to practice some target shooting. Everything was fucked up, and it really needed to be fixed, but no one knew if it would be.

im about to rant on ian somerhalder AGAIN get ready everyone

can y’all believe how SHOOK he was during this interview when they talked about characters coming back/nina coming back? he literally interrupts the interview and says “no, you’re not gonna get em. sorry bud, zero.” like ok dude first of all you’re not the one writing the episodes so how could you be SO quick to answer that question? then julie’s like woah ok sorry to burst your bubble but i’m definitely going to bring back familiar faces thanks. i can’t believe he had the audacity to do that!! he was so serious about it too and everyone else’s faces are like what is he even saying right now?

then when they brought up the possibility of nina coming back, paul literally had to say “jules” so she would answer the question before ian could interrupt and say something stupid again. he was literally just sitting there with a blank stare like “hello darkness my old friend” then actually says the percentage of her coming back is 18.75% like dude your bitterness is showing so much!! i commend zach for interrupting and saying, “at the end of the day, we’d love to have her back because this show wouldn’t be what it is without her” and everyone says yeah and smiles in agreement like thank you so much for acknowledging that because it’s completely true there would be no TVD without nina and it’s ridiculous that ian acts like she was never even apart of the show.

then there was this interview where his message to the fans was to remember that the actors aren’t their characters and to separate reality from fiction………………..what? this man is trying to tell me to separate reality from fiction when he is literally shook just by hearing “Nina Dobrev” i really can’t believe that. i know he’s gotten a lot of shit from people towards his personal life but cmon, i don’t think i’ve ever seen someone so fueled by hate that he feels he has to remind people that he isn’t damon. there are plenty of TV ships out there that aren’t together IRL and have people that ship them together IRL. but the actors still support the ship they’re apart of and don’t let it damage their personal lives. so before he can tell ME that, he needs to remember to separate his personal life from his work life, he can be friends with his ex-girlfriend, he can still support the ship he’s apart of, and he doesn’t have to be an ass about it every time she’s brought up.

nina has never said one bad thing towards ian since she’s left and that says a lot. she is so much more mature than him and i know she won’t have any problem coming back to TVD because she’s loved by everyone except him. i’m actually so curious to see how that will play out. ian will probably kiss ass and act nice to her as if he hasn’t shit talked delena and been disrespectful ever since she left. nina’s been able to separate her work life from her personal life and it will be so easy for her to get back in the swing of things. i feel bad that she’s gonna have to work with him again because he’s done nothing but disrespect her whilst she’s done nothing but respect him. i still love delena very much so i hope their storyline has a good ending and i pray for nina having to deal w ian bc i don’t know how he’s gonna be able to be in the same room as her again. this rant was so long but i’m just so sick and tired of the way he’s been acting and i hope he can suck it up bc nina’s coming back at some point whether he likes it or not :-)