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Martin Freeman’s got lots of wonderful quirks and talents, many of which are on display in the film.  But his most remarkable quality as an actor is to be able, with absolute clarity, to convey that he’s thinking two things at the same time.  And you know as an audience what they are.  And I wasn’t the only one on the set to say to himself later: “I wish I could act like that.”  He has a palette of subtlety.  And I thought, this is a new sort of acting that I’ve never seen before. — Sir Ian McKellen, The Hobbit Behind The Scenes

Martin Freeman in BBC Sherlock  |  [insp.]


“Martin doesn’t like acting, doesn’t like representing. He likes feeling, likes being. There’s enormous technique at play in his work. He can do almost anything and imagine himself into almost any situation and then, with enormous delicacy, present it for the camera. It’s so difficult to analyze how Martin Freeman works, but he’s better than most of us…”
-Sir Ian Mckellen


I love how they pop out from behind the tree, shuffling sideways, and layer up after each other. It’s like the introduction to some kind of performing act. 😂😂

Okay can we talk about the look that Ian gives Mickey when Mickey says that Ian had his back more than his family ever did?

 How tragic is that Ian is shocked when Mickey said that because he has realized just how untrue that is? He clearly knows that Mickey is giving him entirely too much credit. He completely recognizes that he wasn’t actually there for Mickey nearly as much as Mickey seems to remember, and he feels bad because if the limited amount of times that Ian backed him up is considered more than his family… Then Ian is finally realizing just how alone Mickey always was. Looking in Ian’s eyes and seeing that regret and that shame honestly made me forgive him instantly because it was made painfully clear that he knew how much of an ass he was and he feels bad for it (though I had already mostly excused him because he was unmedicated, but this took the cake). I feel like this is something that a lot of Ian haters seem to overlook is the fact that Ian clearly knows that he fucked up and clearly knows that he was horrible to Mickey and that he doesn’t deserve him anymore and that is just so upsetting to see him recognize that. 

Who’s to say that Ian wasn’t constantly wrestling with his guilt at knowing that in the end he wasn’t a very good boyfriend to Mickey even before this moment? (Obviously I know it wasn’t his fault, but try telling that to Ian… especially in this moment.) He recognized that he did build a wall between him and Mickey that hurt both of them. That wall was built when he broke up with him in 5x12, I argue to protect Mickey from hurting if Ian decided to remain unmedicated, but also to protect himself from the pain of knowing he would be hurting Mickey, and also to protect himself from Mickey eventually leaving (which I have no doubt Ian saw happening while his plan was still to keep off his meds). When Mickey punched him in the arm for not visiting him, I felt all of that built up pain and resentment for being abandoned and my heart broke so much. Imagine the resentment he was burying deep up until that moment. All of the visitation days he was waiting, hoping, for Ian to show up and never did. The letters he may have started but never sent because he knew he wouldn’t get a response. So literally all he had in prison was the memory of their relationship and his confidence that if he got to see Ian on his meds that Ian would be back to his Ian, or at least closer, and that they could make it work. Then my heart double broke when I saw the shame in Ian’s eyes for knowing he abandoned Mickey… 

Guys, I am so not fucking okay. I am so far from okay.

“If you jump, I jump"
“If you’re a bird, I’m a bird”
“If I’m on that list, you’re on that list”

when you think about all of the burned episodes of Doctor Who that may never get recovered and all of the wonderful acting that’s probably lost forever


David Tennant as Romeo in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Romeo and Juliet (2000) - Part 3

Excerpts from a Scotland on Sunday article on David at the RSC in 2000

“He is perfect casting, because of the intensity he brings to his work,“ Michael Boyd says.  While Tennant’s great friend and former landlady, the comic performer and author of Does My Bum Look Big in This?, Arabella Weir, says: "He’s astonishingly focused for his age and amazingly straightforward and honest. He’s trustworthy and he’s honourable.”

There is still something uncynical and unspoilt about him, though. He confesses that being with the RSC can be scary. “Not only because you are in the home of ‘world class classical theatre’ (as all the brochures tell you), but these big Shakespearean roles come with a lot of historical baggage attached. People tell you how romantic Ian McKellen was as Romeo, or how masculine Sean Bean was, or how marvellous Laurence Olivier was. You feel the weight of all those ghosts, those performances that have taken on a mystical resonance. And because it’s Shakespeare, you feel it’s hard to make it believable, because it is so beautiful.  With this play, everyone has so many ideas about it, that you almost want to play against the beauty. We did the balcony scene the other day and I was doing: 'But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun!’ And I was going: 'How can I say that?’ It is beyond parody, but all you can do is be personal with it and make it your own, if that doesn’t sound too pretentious. I know that’s how Alex [who plays Juliet] feels about famous lines like, 'Parting is such sweet sorrow’.”   

The intensity of the rollercoaster he is on is overwhelming. Stratford is a grueling, sometimes stifling, hothouse. Rehearsal followed by show, followed by rehearsal, in one long punishing schedule. After one-and-a-half hours in the rehearsal room, there is just time for a snack  before voice warm-ups for the matinee of The Rivals. There, Tennant’s rapier-thin young blade gets involved in sword fights and various cunning derring-do disguises, then he is off again for lunch. And back on again, for The Comedy of Errors. A short show, but a physical one, as Tennant slides down those banisters, executes pratfalls and turns in a brilliantly funny double act with Ian Hughes, who plays his manservant, Dromio. He also does the neatly witty trick of lighting two post-coital cigarettes after seducing his long lost twin’s wife and then buries his head in Nina Conti’s cleavage.

Later Tennant is in his dressing-room, stripped to the waist, slapping Simple moisturizer onto his face, swigging pints of mineral water, and packing up his make-up box, an old-fashioned leather bowling case. As we leave, we trip up over a bloody but unbowed Hotspur, about to go on stage and die in Henry IV, Part 1. Falstaff is plumped in the corner and wishes us a courteous good night, while various make-up girls daub elderly knights. “It’s like this every night at this time,” says Tennant. “You can’t move for men in armour and there’s blood everywhere.”    

Photo credits include:  Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, photostage.co.uk, the Royal Shakespeare Company, and more 

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my favourite thing about TVD is Nina’s acting. it’s like Katherine and Elena are played by two different people. and not just the obvious evil slut/virgin saint difference, but every little thing in the characters, even the way she stands or walks. like, Elena is just walking carefully, blending into the background, but Katherine is fucking strutting down the street like she owns the whole fucking planet (she should tbh).
and those scenes when Katherine is pretending to be Elena, Nina changes between the characters like she’s turning a switch. it’s just so amazing. I was watching it for five seasons and I was just as amazed watching the finale as I was the first time.

I know a lot of people didn’t like her acting with Ian in the finale. I can’t say anything about that since I haven’t seen it, but as Katherine, and Elena, and Katherine as Elena, she was fucking awesome.


I’ve been tempted to dub this comic for a while now and I’m glad I did!  ^^

Special thanks goes to @weevmo for letting me dub her comic as well as @spdy4 for stepping in as Boris!  Hope you enjoy!  :D

SDCC17- Preacher Panel Compilation:
  • New mid-season trailer
  • Seth Rogen on making Preacher: “It’s like a childhood dream come true.” “People’s sensibilities have declined.”
  • Preacher Season 1 was always planned as a prequel (to comics)
  • Seth Rogen: “The dynamic between the three main characters … was the thing that we most wanted to bring to life.”
  • Dominic Cooper: “[Jesse] has a side that no one has seen yet. And I think we’ll see more and more of that.”
  • Ruth Negga on Tulip:  “I don’t think she’s ever tried to fit in.”
  • Ruth Negga on Cassidy and Tulip pulling away: “They’re like his sidekicks on a journey that they haven’t really signed up for.”
  • Joe Gilgun on Cassidy: “When he’s with Jesse and when he’s with Tulip, it’s almost like being in rehab for him.”
  • Joe Gilgun says Cassidy is giving redemption a go. Almost dropped a spoiler.
  • Seth Rogen says Cassidy will get more “vampirey” in the second half of the season.
  • Graham Mctavish on the Saint of Killers: “He is a man with singularity of purpose.” “The Saint carries love for his family with him as he kills mercilessly.”
  • Ian Colletti says acting without the mask made him feel "very naked”.
  • Arseface gets to spend more time with Hitler in Hell on this season.
  • Seth Rogen identifies Herr Starr as “one of the most badass men on the planet.”
  • The next episode dives into the Samson Unit and Here Start. 
  • An exclusive clip of next episode with Herr Starr was shown. 
  • Pip Torrens about Herr Starr: “He’s a highly therapeutic character to play." 
  • Seth Rogen about Ruth Negga: "Ruth was very instrumental in bringing the character to life." “ Ruth is Tulip and Tulip is Ruth.”
  • Ruth Negga doesn’t actually know how to drive which makes filming hard.
  • Ruth doesn’t know what a rutabaga is. Now the whole panel is trying to explain it.
  • Ruth Negga being confused about rutabagas.
  • Dominic Cooper based his accent on Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights.
  • Joe Gilgun: "I’ve turned into a bit of gigolo I think.”
HWTR to you saying something bold in a video

Max: He would tune into to one of your live-streams, unexpectedly, just to see you and hear your voice, which he found strange because he had just returned to his hotel room from your place not too long ago, but he missed you. Your relationship with him was private…extremely private…to the point where absolutely no one knew about it, not even his friends. No one in his friend group had seemed to question your ‘friendship’, being that Max was usually always flirty with you since the day you two met. You and Max had been dating for over eight months. Fans had their speculations and others had their doubts. Most would actually ask you questions either in person or through social media, especially on this specific stream since they were all filled in that Max was watching. Of course you would deny the accusations and steer clear from the questions, being that you and Max didn’t want anyone knowing, but tonight, you had been drinking and you became very dull. You were also with your friend and that gave you a boost of confidence. Your friend read a question from the chat where fans were able to communicate: ‘What was your first impression of Max when you met?’

“I’m gonna be honest. I wanted to fuck the shit out of him…or him fuck the shit out of me. I mean, look at him. He’s gorgeous.” you answered, “He was here not too long ago and did exactly that after we went out on our date.”

Max’s eyes widened from the other side of the screen. He didn’t know whether to laugh, or gasp, or scream. The chat began to blow up with comments and emojis and capitalized letters. He was at a loss of words, not knowing what to do. Should he call you? Should he comment in the chat? One thing was for certain though: he wasn’t angry. There was no reason for him to be. He actually found the whole situation really funny. You weren’t as loud as he was, you were more reserved, and even your fans knew that, so you speaking out and saying what you said was a stretch. After your stream, he called you laughing about the things you had said in your live-stream. You were embarrassed, you couldn’t process how drunk you were and what it was that you had said, which made the whole thing even funnier than it initially was.

Joji: I feel like Joji would definitely stay quiet and smirk to himself if you let it slip that you guys were fucking behind everyones backs, he wouldn’t deny it at all, he would definitely own that shit. I feel like Joji’s the type of person that’s really laid back, and he would just take things as they come and go. The two of you weren’t dating…you were just ‘talking’. Both of you wanted a relationship but it just wasn’t the right time for there to be a title put on your exchange with him just yet. Your fans wanted the two of you to get together but you wanted to keep them guessing, Joji wanted to mind fuck them just as much as you did, too. You were collaborating with him on his Filthy Frank channel and he had broken character to laugh at something you had said. You spoke about how sweaty he was under the hat he wore and he claimed that he had been profusely sweating lately around his apartment because the air conditioning needed to be repaired again.

“Your hair sticking to your forehead due to the heat and the sweat is like, almost as bad as how much you sweat when we fuck.” you laughed, “You put in a lot of work  when you fuck me so I’m not surprised…especially when I can’t walk because my thighs burn for two days straight.”

All he did was stare at you, trying to internalize his laugh to stay in character. He couldn’t hold it in anymore and just burst into a fit of amusement. You sat there laughing with him, but not as much, confused as to why he found the situation so funny. Soon after the video was uploaded, you realized why it was so funny: he wanted to add in that part to the video…and he did. You glared at him once the video ended. He winked at you and showed you the responses and comments people were leaving. A lot of them knew there was something between the two of you, and they were really excited about it, most never even expected it. The both of you were really popular on youtube and whenever you would collaborate, there was always some sort of tension…and now everyone knew why.

Ian: Ian would get so shy if you guys ever got exposed or if you ever exposed him, oh my god! I feel like you’d be doing a Q&A session in one of your videos and someone would ask you what it’s like to film vlogs with Ian and how he acts behind the scenes or how he acts in the scenes you don’t upload, maybe the ones you cut out. You start talking about how funny he is and how he always makes you smile. You tell them that what you capture in your vlogs is completely real, that’s how the both of you are when you’re alone and all you do is just add a camera into the mix to create a vlog.

“Obviously we don’t document, or vlog, everything because privacy’s nice…especially when Ian gets all…frisky. Which happens more than you would think since a lot of people always peg Ian as like a dorky/geeky persona. I mean, yeah I guess he is. But he’s kinky as fuck…from geeky baby to daddy in less than three seconds.” you giggled and moved on to the next question.

Ian’s face glowed the color of crimson when he watched the video, doing that little nervous laugh he does. He wasn’t necessarily shocked, but more stunned. Being compared to him, you were known as the shy one who never opened up. This time when you did, he was proud yet slightly bashful. He owned up to it as well, which made everything a thousand times better. He’d get over it pretty quickly too, he’s someone that would live in the moment and then let it go. Like, yeah, sure he felt embarrassed but that’s not going to stop him from continuing a relationship with you…or stop him from enjoying himself. Ian would actually be more happy that you’re coming out of your shell than worry about what it was you said, in all honesty.

Analysis of Televoid’s Oddities (Episodes 0-4)

Episode 0 - Beat The Clock (January 27, 2016)

Description :: The description for this episode reads, “[This is a pilot for a new show where I dig up old television shows, weird VHS stuff, etc. to talk about. I love watching this stuff anyway, and it’d be fun to share more of what I find with you guys! Please let me know how you like it.] Ian flips the channel to an old episode of Beat the Clock.” Notice the brackets and the use of first person. This is presumably the real Ian, the one who is uploading the videos to his channel. However, it switches to third person for the actual description of the video. THIS IS THE NORM FOR BRUTALMOOSE VIDEOS, so the reason I bring this up is because this is the only Televoid episode with a normal description like this. All the other descriptions are written in second person - “you.” I don’t know what it means, but it is interesting to note.

3:00 - 3:30 :: Ian attempts to play along with the game show by solving a word puzzle. When he reveals his answer, it shows up as, “This joke is brought to you by Sylvania.” Although it may seem like this is a weak joke done to mock the show’s constant endorsing of Sylvania, Ian acts surprised and confused when he sees what’s written, even claiming that it wasn’t what he meant to write.

16:50 - End :: Ian says we, the watchers, don’t have to leave. He suggests we stick around to watch something else with him. As he flips through the channels to find another show, he finds only static instead. He grows visibly discouraged before everything abruptly goes to black and we are left in silence for nearly five seconds before the episode officially ends.

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