Marianas Trench Asks: Ever After
  • Ever After:What's your favorite fairy tale?
  • Haven't Had Enough:Are you a hopeless romantic?
  • By Now:Ever loved someone who didn't return your feelings?
  • Truth or Dare:Have you ever played Spin the Bottle or Truth or Dare?
  • Desperate Measures:Are you a virgin?
  • Porcelain:Is there anything you hold dear?
  • Fallout:When is the last time you cried?
  • Stutter:Are you confident when speaking?
  • Toy Soldiers:Are you obsessed with anything or anyone?
  • B Team:Have you ever been someone's second choice?
  • So Soon:What goes by quickly for you?
  • No Place Like Home:Where are you most comfortable?
Call me maybe? - Liam Dunbar

Request: Hey! Can you do an imagine where you’re Scott’s sister and you have a crush on Liam and he likes you back or something idk

Requested By: anon

Word count: 495

Being Scott’s little sister sucked, liking Liam Dunbar… also sucked. Scott had one rule about me, I couldn’t date any of his friends. But Liam’s different, Liam’s. Eugh, Liam’s fucking perfect. His blonde hair spikes perfectly up and his blue eyes- Stop, quit it. You are not supposed to like Liam, but how could you not. Eugh, here we go again. I hardly see him though, he will smile at me at school but that’s about it. He’s never at our house, well I guess neither is Scott. He is always out doing god knows what with his friends.

“I’m going now!” shouted Scott, shortly after I heard the front door slam. I got a lot of time to myself. My mum, Melissa, works a lot now to support Scott and I. and well, Scott, is just… always out.

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Once I decided one what book to read, The Hunger Games, I got under the covers and well, you will never believe what I did. That’s right, I red. Suddenly I heard the door open. I could hear shuffling of the feet. Now I did the complete opposite to what I would usually do, I investigated. I slowly walked down the stairs and saw the blonde haired, blue eyed boy searching my house for something.

“Can I help you?” I said, my heart beat picking up quickly. He was in my house! Liam Dunbar, oh my god. He looked Startled and quickly turned around, looking at me. Oh god he is looking at me.

“Oh, Uh. Scott didn’t tell me someone was home.” He said, not breaking eye contact.

“What are you looking for?” I said walking down the stairs. He started stuttering.

“U-uhm, S-scott’s jumper.” He said, again, not breaking eye contact. I smiled and walked into the lounge room, picking Scott’s jumper up and walking back into the dining room, where Liam was.

“Here.” I said handing the jumper to him, he took it and smiled. Starting to walk away, ask him if he has a girlfriend? Wait, no don’t do that, you’ll sound desperate. “Do you have a girlfriend?” God damn it y/n! He turned around and smiled, shaking his head no. “I don’t have a boyfriend.” I said, then quickly putting my hands over my mouth. What the hell! It’s like I have no filter!

“Do you want one?” he said, slowly walking over to me. I nodded my head.

“Only, if it’s you.” I said then dramatically closes my eyes, I swear to god if I saw one more word that I would only imagine myself saying I will actually die of embarrassment.

“Good thing I only want you.” He said, I smiled. Wait what? He wants me? He gives me a wink and walks out the door, shouting I’ll call you.

“How? You don’t have my number!” I yelled back, I sighed turning around and then see on the table a note.

04     **** **** call me ;)

- Liam