ian x wanderer

Fanfic Masterpost [The Host]


Mel has a question for Wanderer about her new body. What do you get when you add a mischievious Melanie, a guilt-wracked Wanderer and a concerned Ian? Fluff of course.  Ian/Wanda.  Oneshot.

Fading Away

Quite a few times during The Host, Mel seems to fade away due to the lack of action or danger to keep her mind occupied. Where does she go?  Mel/Jared.  Oneshot.

Jamie’s Plan

Jamie is sick of Ian and Wanda acting so shyly around each other. So he comes up with a plan.  Ian/Wanda.  Oneshot.

Fanning the Flames

Wanderer isn’t sure what to make of her new body’s strange reactions to Ian.  Ian/Wanda.  Oneshot.


Alone at last for the first time in months, Ian and Wanda take a walk outside amongst the stars. A different approach to the usual O'Wanda first time fic. Shameless fluff/PWP. Ian/Wanda.  Oneshot. NC-17.