Got Your Back

Summary: A client of Mickey’s becomes extremely homophobic, and Ian puts a stop to it.

Word Count: 717

Notes: Day 2 of Gallavich Week :)

Ian and Mickey have always loved and cared for each other. They survived through Mickey’s psychotic father, rape, forced marriages, the military, bipolar disorder, and prison. Their bond was practically unbreakable, but that does not mean people didn’t try to wedge their way in between and fuck everything.

Terry Milkovich was in prison. It was guaranteed that he would be locked up for at least another eight years, so it was nice that they didn’t have to worry about him. 

Frank Gallagher was dead. His liver went to shit, once again, and there was no possible way for them to fix him up this time. They didn’t constantly have to hear his dumbass comments anymore.

What the strong couple did have to worry about was homophobes. From Mickey and Ian’s past experiences, they could be pretty brutal. It was never anything they couldn’t handle though.

Right now, it was a client of Mickey’s. The man, a small Italian guy named Antonio, needed his car fixed up, and while he was there he had happened to see Ian dropping off Mickey’s lunch off for him. He saw when they kissed each other goodbye. “Fucking disgusting,” he muttered to himself.

The next day was when it was the worst though. Antonio walked in with a scowl on his face. “Hey, man. Your car should be done tomorrow,” Mickey said as he ignored the man’s miserable expression. He then turned to start walking back to the vehicle.

“Whatever, faggot,” the guido spoke with malice. His eyes held hate. A hate that had absolutely no reason of being there.

Mickey stopped in his tracks. He hasn’t had to deal with this since way before he went to prison. Turning around, he looked at the man with wide eyes and raised eyebrows. “What the fuck did you just say?”

The man stepped forward with ice in his eyes. “Called you a faggot,” he chuckled. “That a fucking problem?” Antonio looked Mickey up from head to toe, and spat at his feet.

Thankfully, Ian walked in the mechanic shop right then. Mickey would’ve thought about killing the guy if he hadn’t. His averted to his boyfriend, and obviously Ian saw the anger and tension. It looked like some sort of argument was brewing.

Cautiously, Ian walked forward. He placed the lunch down of the counter. “What’s going on, Mick?” He asked ordinarily.

Suddenly, Antonio caught eyes with him, and then turned back to Mickey. “This your twinky ass boyfriend?”

Mickey clenched his fists tightly. His teeth were gritted as well. “Ian,” he said, not responding to the man. “I’m really thinking about gettin’ my ass thrown back in jail right now.” He rudely chuckled.

Ian put his hand on Mickey’s chest and backed him up a little bit. He shook his head, in fear of the thought of Mickey being away from him again.

“What?” Antonio interrupted. “I know who you are. You’re supposed to be a Milkovich, you sure don’t belong in that fam—”

With that, Ian’s anger really took over. He punch the skinny guy square in the face. When the guy’s face conformed to shock, he did it again, but harder. He then grabbed him by the back of the neck and slammed his head on the hard counter. “You better shut your fucking mouth, Tony. You don’t know shit about Mickey,” he spat as he tightened his grip. “Next time you open that mouth of yours, I’ll let Mickey kill you. You hear?”

The man started to nod his head. “Yes, yes.”

Mickey through Antonio’s keys onto the counter. “I have the right to refuse service, bitch. Get someone else to fix your ugly ass car.” He snickered. He then put his hand on Ian’s arm to back him up a little.

“Get outta here,” Ian pushed Antonio away. “Fucking dick.” The man obliged and ran out.

Mickey grabbed Ian by the back of the neck and kissed him hard. “Y’know I don’t need you beatin’ the shit outta people for me,” he said as their foreheads were leaned together. “That’s always been my job.”

“You got a reputation to keep up nowadays. Plus, I got your back, man. I always got your back,” Ian kissed him again. As long as they had each other, it’d all be okay.


brunet + redhead = my fuckin otp (and broken heart)

like if u see ur otp

“It was hard seeing you...”

Alright so I need to talk about this part:

Because this pisses me off so bad. And you may wonder why. Well I’m going to tell you.

Because Ian had a hard time seeing Mickey in prison, he left Mickey alone to suffer by himself. But you know what, Mickey never left Ian when it was “hard”.

Do you think this wasn’t hard for Mickey:

Or this wasn’t hard?

No! It was fucking hard! It torn Mickey. But you know what he did? He did this:

So what if it was hard for Ian to see Mickey like that? Mickey needed Ian. Ian should’ve been there for him.