ian what are you doing

“It was hard seeing you...”

Alright so I need to talk about this part:

Because this pisses me off so bad. And you may wonder why. Well I’m going to tell you.

Because Ian had a hard time seeing Mickey in prison, he left Mickey alone to suffer by himself. But you know what, Mickey never left Ian when it was “hard”.

Do you think this wasn’t hard for Mickey:

Or this wasn’t hard?

No! It was fucking hard! It torn Mickey. But you know what he did? He did this:

So what if it was hard for Ian to see Mickey like that? Mickey needed Ian. Ian should’ve been there for him.

No offense but Fiona saying Mickey would set a match to Ian’s life and Ian telling Mickey that he didn’t think he moved on with his life since he was in prison but Mickeys response being that he knew he had and backing off saying “what are you doing here with me?” When Ian said he had a boyfriend is exactly why Mickey wasn’t the problem in their relationship

  • [2am, mark and ian in bed]
  • ian, waking up: mark what the hell are you doing?
  • mark, laptop lighting up his manically gleeful gay face: defending the acronym

ian-noble  asked:

do you think zenyatta taught genji binary/whatever the omnic language is? and if so do they sass people with it

holy shit

i definitely feel like genji picked up on speaking to omnics in binary (mentioned in tdlh itself when genji and bastion first communicate) on his own, but - i mean, dude. zenyatta would totally teach genji the finer details of using it, and can you imagine what sort of havoc that would wreak

  • athena having to deal with genji not only sassing her but doing it at a speed where she actually has to focus on it in order to respond in an effectively timely manner (she misses the blackwatch days when genji would just yell at the ceiling)
  • genji and zen able to form plans almost instantaneously and silently and then execute them before anyone is aware (be it actual mission-related stuff, pranks, anything)
  • also genji and zen arguing and speaking via binary and literally no one can tell except for the fact that genji sometimes forgets and laughs out loud to something zen said
  • what would happened if genji bluescreened?? he’s still human so he’d be able to function but maybe he’d be stumbling around like ‘MY EYES’ and zen is just like ‘there there’
  • shit i wonder if angela ever had to debug genji’s programming??
  • genji and zen spamming chatrooms with 1s and 0s both accidentally and purposefully, to the point that athena installs a binary translator directly into the feed
  • ‘genji shut up’ //garbled server noises//
  • i could go on about this but i gotta run to class fffffff

I’m mad at Ian for not being able to be professional. The Delena reunion felt emotionless and he is the one to blame. The poor emphasis, the closed-mouth kiss and his facial expressions were awful. We deserved better as DE final moments. Seriously, I’m super pissed at their lack of interaction and the way it was all portrayed. Cause Damon would have jumped into Elena’s arms with passion and a big smile on his face, but Ian made Damon totally OOC.

'as long as mickey isn't dead there's always a chance for these two to find their way back to each other'

you know what, i do believe that ian will go to mexico to be with mickey in season 8 because that fits the script perfectly. we all know that the end of ‘shameless’ is on the horizon (we have to accept this) and to my mind this action is likely to happen because it’s what the writers have in mind. this step would represent the development of ian’s personality. and as far as i’m concerned that’s what has to be done in the end. that’s the idea of the writers. every one of the gallaghers has to develop their personality by the end of the series. remember how lip almost fcked up his life having gotten addicted to the alcohol? he understood that he has to stop. that is the progress. and how about frank and his true love to monica? we understand now that he’s capable of loving someone. love is always the representation of person’s purity. if you can love you are not a bad person. fiona is also doing something right in her life finally. she’s doing right things. ian is not the exception. he should be happy. and mickey makes him happy. that’s why i’m sure that gallavich is not over yet. it will never be over. it is the only true pairing. gallavich is love. ian and mickey will be together eventually. i believe in them. i believe in gallavich


Georgina’s hands are shaking so badly she can hardly hold the phone. Her legs are already rubbery from playing a tough game of tennis against her merciless husband and are now threatening to collapse. But her voice, jagged with anger, is unfaltering. “DAD. What the hell do you mean, Mother is missing?”
Ian explains in a gruff, stilted tone that neither he nor Douglas had seen Bunty all morning but they had assumed she was merely sleeping off a hangover, especially as her bedroom door was closed and there were a number of empty wine bottles in the recycle bin. “It’s not unusual for her to sleep in till midday, you know that, ” Ian says. “In any case, Douglas knocked on her door just after eleven because there was a phone call for her and that’s when…when he discovered the bed hadn’t even been slept in.”
“When was the last time anyone saw her?"Georgina says. Patrick is standing behind her mouthing "What’s wrong?”, his face pink and shiny from his exertions on the tennis court. She turns her back on him.
Her father is now sounding dazed. “Well, that’s the thing. Dougie and I had had a long day, we got up at 4 am to go to the yearling auctions, and we were both bone-tired. I went to bed around 9 pm and I’m pretty sure your mother was just sitting in the living room drinking her wine and watching TV, maybe she was reading a book…Doug thinks he remembers hearing her calling the dogs around 10 pm, but he was upstairs in his room dozing and watching a movie and he didn’t actually see her…I’m sorry Georgie, but as I tried to explain to the police, my memory’s not as reliable as it used to be, especially when I’m tired or under a lot of stress-”
Pain zigzags between Georgina’s temples. She tries not to think of her mother sitting alone and forgotten in the living room with her bottle of wine after everyone else had gone to bed, nobody even bothering to stick their head into the room and check on her or wish her good-night. She tells her father to wait there for her and that she will be right over and slams the phone down on its cradle.
“Georgie, stop, "says Patrick. He tries to grab her shoulders but she shakes him off. His concern makes her feel even angrier. "What’s happened? What’s wrong with Bunty?”
Move, Patrick. I have to get changed and drive to Appaloosa. Mother’s missing. And nobody knows if she’s been abducted, or murdered, or just wandered off, or decided to join the circus or any other fucking thing, because nobody in that family gives a fucking DAMN about anyone except themselves.” Georgina’s rage makes her vision blurry, her fists clenched.
“I’m coming with you.” says Patrick. “I’ll drive. You can’t drive while you’re upset.”
“No. You stay here with the children,” says Georgina.
Patrick shakes his head. “The children will be fine with Océane.” Océane is the au pair, a gorgeous 17 year old from Champs Les Sims. Patrick seems oblivious to her charms, which annoys Georgina when she is feeling especially churlish. Her life would be so much simpler if Patrick was screwing the help!
“Alright, alright,” shouts Georgina. “Can we just hurry, Patrick. What are you doing? I don’t want a fucking hug, I’m too furious-
"Shhh,” says Patrick. “Please let me give you a hug. I think you really need one-”
Georgina stares at his kindly pink face then shoves him out of the way and marches out the door before he can see her face crumple. Her anger is her energy. If she gives in to her guilt she will be too much of a mess to be able to do anything at all.

watching shameless with my parents part 6

mom: *watches Ian taking his bag and going to Mickey’s appointment* police is gonna bust him now…

mom: *watches while Ian throws the bag inside Mickey’s jeep* nooooo… don’t do it… don’t throw it all away! 

dad: *talking about Ian* what can you do. He’s in love…

where is chad i am sorry

Cancer crew preference – You cook with them.
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• Him teaching you how to make Japanese food.
• “No that’s wrong.” X10
• He would be impatient af
• “It’s not going to taste good y/n.”
• “You S/C piece of shit what Are yOu dOing?”
S/c – skin colour
• Would he really be patient enough to do it.
• “Is that… A hair?”
• “CUNT what the FUCK are you doing?”
• “Who has the chef hat? me.”
• Bossy baby boy
• “Stop throwing eggs, you’ll get egg shells in the food.”