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[ It’s been so long since I got to hold you
but I still can’t seem to get you off my mind
and I do believe I feel you all the time, all the time
tell me I can have the fact you’ve loved me to hold onto
tell me I can keep the door cracked open, to let light through…
] [x]
(Asra’s route)

 - - -

<< Go easy on me, for I mean you no harm, it’s possible charm is in order
but you make it so hard when you throw up your guard
I’m not here to spar, so go easy on me
[…] See, my heart barely works and it’s covered in dirt
it still kind of hurts, so go easy on me…
>> [x]
(Julian’s route)


A Line of Hamlets with their Hamlet counterparts

1971 - Ian McKellen (UK/European Tour)
2008 - David Tennant (Royal Shakespeare Company)
2010 - Rory Kinnear (National Theatre)
2015 - Benedict Cumberbatch 
2016 - Paapa Essiedu (Royal Shakespeare Company)



shameless characters + name meanings ( insp )