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A Line of Hamlets with their Hamlet counterparts

1971 - Ian McKellen (UK/European Tour)
2008 - David Tennant (Royal Shakespeare Company)
2010 - Rory Kinnear (National Theatre)
2015 - Benedict Cumberbatch 
2016 - Paapa Essiedu (Royal Shakespeare Company)


Ian is depressed:

Ian does his best:

Ian is suicidal:

Ian eats pastry:

Ian isn’t honest:

Ian is bored:

Ian is here:

Ian leaves:

Ian is queer:

Ian drinks tea:

Ian asks a question:

Ian is cheeky:

Ian is a secret agent

ian-noble  asked:

ok but imagine Orisa trying to help Hana and pulling up all sorts of textbooks on therapy

“it is in my programming to keep you safe,” says orisa.

“you can’t protect me from my own mind,” hana says, giving orisa a pat. “thanks, though.”

“i read that hugs help elevate mood and relieve stress,” orisa says. “do you want a hug?”

“no, i’m okay, thanks, orisa. i’ll be fine.”

orisa hesitates. hana looks so small and sad and she wants to help but doesn’t know how. she can protect against threats that might tear this girl apart - but only physically. how do you fight something that shreds you apart from the inside?

“do you want tea?” orisa asks, and hana looks up at her. “i can make tea. efi showed me how.”

hana is quiet for so long that orisa thinks she’ll never get a response. efi told her that not everyone would be receptive to her help at first, but orisa is determined to learn as much as she can. if hana doesn’t need her help, then orisa will find someone who can give it to her. the older human, perhaps. the one they call commander. he could help -

“tea sounds great,” hana says, and when she moves to get to her feet, orisa swoops down and helps her up. the human gives her a small smile. “thanks. i appreciate this.”

“of course,” orisa says, quietly relieved, and already she is scouring the internet for textbooks on mental illness. if she can’t help hana now, she will do her best to be able to in the future.

that is what she’s meant to do, after all.

Cancer Crew Ask Challenge

1. Who did you find first?
2. Do you prefer Joji or Frank?
3. What are your opinions on Chad, aka anything4views, aka Fat Cunt?
4. Have you seen all 3 cake videos without gagging or throwing up?
5. When you first got into The Cancer Crew, who was your favorite?
6. Who is your favorite member now?
7. What is your favorite Pink Guy song?
8. Favorite color of Max’s vomit?
9. Do you think angry Max is obnoxious or funny?
10. Do you ship any of them?
11. Are you ashamed of these ships and make fun of them, but low key go on the tag?
12. Would you get a tattoo on your butt if Pink Guy was giving it to you?
13. Favorite Joji song?
14. Do you like Kickstarter Crap or Bad Unboxing videos more?
15. Would you have ate all the cakes if it meant hanging out with the group?
16. Do you watch HowToBasic?
17. Are you subscribed to all of their side channels?
18. Do you have friends who watch them or is it like a secret passion of yours?
19. Are you subscribed to all of Max’s channels?
20. Do you make cancerous references to yourself or to other people?
21. What movie would you love to see the boys reenact?
22. Do you love when Joji breaks out of the Frank voice, get annoyed, or just don’t care?
23. Do you know where all the members are from?
24. Agree or Disagree: Bring back Jojivlogs
25. Are you all caught up on the Filthy Frank lore?
26. What is your favorite video from them?
27. Do you get excited whenever Max cross dresses in a video?
28. Do you follow them all on social media? (Including Chad and HowToBasic)
29. Are you active in the fandom? (make edits, write fanfiction/imagines, run a blog dedicated to just them, make fanart)
30. Fuck, Marry, Kill: Max, Joji, Ian

[Assuming people actually see this,
This can be taken as a “Ask me which to answer” or a “Hey I’m gonna answer all these even if none of you want it” kinda thing.


Ian: “Come on, Lip I didn’t drink that much last night.”
Lip: “You were flirting with Mickey.”
Ian: “So what? He’s my boyfriend.”
Lip: “You asked him if he was single.”
Lip: “And cried when he said he wasn’t.”