ian thorpe photography


I’ve just got these five books from the Vintage War series from Vintage Classics today and I’ve decided I’m gonna make some pretty pictures and put them up for y'all to admire this super duper edition of best of the best books on not so happy topic - war.

I can’t wait to start reading them (but I have to, school stuff) and also buying more of these. I plan to get the whole edition (12 books) so I’m gonna put a picture of all of them together when I’ll have them.

I don’t usually buy 20th century (and 21st obviously) in Vintage Classics edition because I wanted to mainly stick with the Penguin Modern Classics, but I just couldn’t not buy these. Plus, they’re the smaller size than most of what I have in my bookshelfs so I can just pretend thy have nothing to do with the rest of my books.