ian the recluse

anonymous asked:

Ian: F

Oh man, you could not have picked a worse character for this one.

F: Fun
1. what do they do for fun?
Ian’s a bit of a stick in the mud when you get down to it. His idea of fun is a quiet night alone in a place he feels comfortable.

2. what is their ideal party?
A glass of water, a lit candle, and a theology text.

3. who would they have the most fun with?
Valeria would bring out his inner party animal (through magical means) and THAT’S when the REAL fun begins.

4. can they have fun while conforming to rules?
Ian’s idea of fun IS conforming to rules. Well, the ones he sees as “good rules” anyway.

5. do they go out a lot?
Nah, Ian’s pretty reclusive and likes to be alone most of the time.

Like, Ian’s biggest character flaw is his distrust of others, and that leads him to live a pretty solitary life. He has like…three, maybe four friends and only because they won’t leave him the fuck alone.

Well, also because he’s romantically involved with one of them, but still.