ian sundahl


Hello. My name is Carlos Gonzalez. I have a new comic available called Test Tube # 2. The second in a three part mini series. Some set pieces in this issue involve a woman in a swimming pool talking to a computer, a man staggering through a ragged hallway, and a journalist lying on the floor in a cloud of self loathing. It’s 6$ ppd in the USA. You can order via paypal to deriveshmerive@yahoo.com. email me about international postage rates or to send an order to my street address. Issue # 1 is still availabe for the same price.
If anybody cares here are some cultural recommendations for media that has spoken to me lately. Book: “Dirty Snow” by Georges Simenon. Comics: Mold Map 3, “Social Discipline” by Ian Sundahl, and The Squadron Supreme mini series from 1986. Music: Rick Weaver - “Black Medicine” cs, “Time Will Make A Change” gospel LP comp. Netflix: “Mountaintop Motel Massacre”. Keep killin it everybody. The internet cannot contain these dreams. It’s just a pale, little pathetic crawling reflection of them. The real thing is white hot and uncontainable!