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  • Me: *is reading fanfiction*
  • Parents: Oh what're you reading?
  • My heart: *stops*
  • My mind: *panics*
  • My future: *dies*
  • My will to live: *also dies*
  • Me internally: a book it's a book
  • Me: *nervous sweat* oh a *nervous laughter* just a uh a bo-ok. A book I'm reading a book
  • Me internally: nailed it
  • Parents: oh really? What's it about?
  • Me internally: nvm ur screwed.

Bruno & Pol: Bruno moves to Rome

 Philip & Lukas: Lukas is shot 

 Mickey & Ian: Writers will ruin it 

Connor & Oliver: Still broken up

 Even & Isak: Too much stuff to even count 


i dont know if i’m normal anymore, cause i am a 16 years old girl, who feels butterflies in her stomach every time she sees gay couples kissing…


I’m just going to leave this here, because it’s relevant, again, and I remember seeing a legit press interview he did for Hatfields And McCoys in which he referred to Bill Paxton being a mentor to him while on-set, so I’m not saying that it’s been nearly two decades, and Bill Paxton is still trying to raise the greatest ships from dark depths, but it’s been nearly two decades, and he’s mentored Noel and literally fathered James.

in 2017...

in 2017 we will have no SKAM, Evak will be silent, no sleepy kisses, no lyrics from Even;

in 2017, no more EYEWITNESS, no Philkas kisses under trees, or meetings on roof; 

in 2017 we not gonna be able to wait for next SHAMELESS serie, no more Gallavich, no more banging while no one sees;


So Eyewitness and Shameless have the same finale date and Sherlock season 4 is starting the day before Shadowhunters season 2. I have so many mixed emotions


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osjLyv2i2JA)

WOW! Just wow.

I don’t know what else to say, but everyone should watch this video!

if you say loving lgbt+ couples is a fetish, you’re also saying that loving a lgbt+ couple is different than loving a straight couple and it’s not. neither are fetishes. we need to start normalising lgbt+ relationships now.

Yes, he’s a fuck-head who needs to die a slow and painful death, but, ...

… every time that I see some one on here say that they’ve never hated a character more than they hate Ryan Kane, I can’t help but think ‘Then you really don’t want to know who Terry Milkovich is’.


This is amazing 


Gallavich is coming to a complete and utter end, Isak and Even did the most beautiful cuddling I’ve ever seen on TV just to come to a excruciating stop, and only God knows what Philip and Lukas will be up to this upcoming Sunday. It’s rough out there, guys. Just quit the games and be in love!

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