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  • Me: *is reading fanfiction*
  • Parents: Oh what're you reading?
  • My heart: *stops*
  • My mind: *panics*
  • My future: *dies*
  • My will to live: *also dies*
  • Me internally: a book it's a book
  • Me: *nervous sweat* oh a *nervous laughter* just a uh a bo-ok. A book I'm reading a book
  • Me internally: nailed it
  • Parents: oh really? What's it about?
  • Me internally: nvm ur screwed.

Me: *is having a normal day* Me: *goes on tumblr* Someone: *posts a sad headcanon about my otp* Me:

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i dont know if i’m normal anymore, cause i am a 16 years old girl, who feels butterflies in her stomach every time she sees gay couples kissing…

  • Me: I'm in love....aye, I'm in love
  • Best friend: Ugh, no not again. How many times do I need to tell you that falling in love with a fictional character or a celeb is not going to improve your dating status.
  • Get a grip.
  • There are so many dateable guys around you.
  • ME: Does any of them have a pen that can turn into a sword?
  • BF: no
  • Me: Does any of them intentionally burn good bread, gets hit by his mother and pretend throw it away so that the girl he likes can eat it?
  • BF: no
  • Me: Does any of them throw knives at the person who they like?
  • BF: what?
  • Me: Will any of them go to Japan and become super successful so that he can make himself worthy of the girl he likes?
  • BF: ummmm
  • Me: Will anyone of them do anything that the guys of The Mortal Instruments did for their loves?
  • BF: I haven't read...
  • Me: Do you want me to continue with my never ending list?
  • BF: UMmmm

Bruno & Pol: Bruno moves to Rome

 Philip & Lukas: Lukas is shot 

 Mickey & Ian: Writers will ruin it 

Connor & Oliver: Still broken up

 Even & Isak: Too much stuff to even count 


  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> Gallavich is over. Fuck.<p/><b>Me:</b> Philkas is over.. Fuck.<p/><b>Me:</b> Evak is over. Fuck.<p/><b>Also me:</b> BITCH MALEC COMES BACK FROM WAR JANUARY 2ND<p/></p><p/></p>
  • Friend: So any new crush?
  • Me: *opens my mouth* Y....
  • Friend: Someone who breathes the same oxygen we breathe?
  • Me: *opens my mouth* Ye.....
  • Friend: Someone who is actually aware of your existence?
  • Me: You cramp my style, you know that? And I thought you were my friend!

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WOW! Just wow.

I don’t know what else to say, but everyone should watch this video!

Real human: *gets injured* Me: oh no… what a tragedy… Fictional character: *is slightly sad* Me:

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I’m just going to leave this here, because it’s relevant, again, and I remember seeing a legit press interview he did for Hatfields And McCoys in which he referred to Bill Paxton being a mentor to him while on-set, so I’m not saying that it’s been nearly two decades, and Bill Paxton is still trying to raise the greatest ships from dark depths, but it’s been nearly two decades, and he’s mentored Noel and literally fathered James.

in 2017...

in 2017 we will have no SKAM, Evak will be silent, no sleepy kisses, no lyrics from Even;

in 2017, no more EYEWITNESS, no Philkas kisses under trees, or meetings on roof; 

in 2017 we not gonna be able to wait for next SHAMELESS serie, no more Gallavich, no more banging while no one sees;



I’d really like to make myself a some friends.

So hey peeps! 

I’m kinda ambiverted and I read a lot. I have a tendency to not text people first because i feel like i bore them.

Also a sucker for various genres of rock music.

And I support Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. I think Kaka and Thomas Muller are absolute sweethearts. I love the Blackcaps and Trent Boult,, Tim Southee and Adam Milne. and  the  INDIAN CRICKET TEAM.  I also like Liverpool. And I love Maria Sharapova and Andy Murray.

My ships are Malec, Klaroline, Destiel,  Percabeth, Naley,  Mia thermopolis and Michael Moscovitz, Solangelo, Adrian Ivashkov and Sydney Sage, Sizzy, Haleb, Spoby, Caskett, Katniss and Peeta, Wanda and Ian, Sussanah and Jesse,  and……. many more.

So, hi!