ian rown

Platonic relationships I wish had been explored more
  • Pierce and Annie: I really wish we could have seen a kinda parent/child relationship start to form
  • All the girls: I feel like they didn’t really go deep enough into any of the platonic female friendships
  • Duncan and Jeff: There’s clearly history, and I felt like we saw none of it
  • Frankie and Jeff: I feel like they could have a really cool friendship, but there wasn’t enough time for it to develop
  • Frankie and Chang: I feel like they would be great frenemies or just enemies, but their dynamic would be hysterical to watch
  • Pierce and Shirley: Pierce clearly admired Shirley and thought she was a great person, and he was becoming less shitty towards her (her race, hitting on her, etc.) and I feel like they could have formed some kind of friendship or at least mutual respect for each other or just bond over being the oldest members of the group and getting excluded because of that sometimes