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Oh look, an official type announcement for @artzquez, my new ”main” blog! Just in case the above comic did a poor job explaining it, I basically got overwhelmed with keeping this place organized. This site was the home of/named after my main personal comedy-journal comic, the place to find all my other art and where I promoted my other stuff like @themovierats (my puppet webshow & movie review podcast I co-host) and the upcoming comic Biscotti (the all-ages comic I’ve been developing with @kmorrisoncartoons) …which is a lot of stuff for this site to be while being called “Nothin’ Bunny.” So hopefully making a new blog will help it out! 

It’s not a portfolio site but it will be more focused on my other drawings. All the one-offs, character designs, fan-art, illustrations, photography & puppets and stuff will go over there first! I’ll reblog stuff here, but not all of it because I’m hoping to do a lot of art–too much to put in two places! This site will keep posting my comics, which is just as well because it’s my most personal project at the moment. Anything with the “Nothin’ Bunny” cast of characters will stay here, as well as the occasional off-topic reblogs or text or whatever! 

In short, this place is “Me, and also a comic,” the new place is “everything I do in one roof.” But you probably got that the first time I said this. (I just wanna be thorough you guys!)

We’ll see how this works! Hopefully well! I mean, I already bought the real estate for it…Please follow, and thanks for your time!


Happy New Year everybody! Starting things off with the “Nothin’ Bunny” cast’s new looks in full color! 

I’ve been mostly offline for all of December but now that it’s…not December, there’ll be a New Year’s comic coming up along with some other little surprises before the 12 days of Christmas is officially over, wink wink hint nudge……and also replying to people because I sat on my inbox too long, sorry about that. Looking forward to posting art again! (AND doing more on @themovierats too!)

yes i am hip to the kids of today

i have played the pacs man once