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More character drawings!

Sorry for the lack of comics here lately, between commissions, my trip, trying to focus on more eye-catching original stuff, a lot of personal real-life things keeping me busy/distracted, health and…laziness I haven’t really had the time. Hopefully there’ll be at least one in a month and it won’t take too long to get back in the swing of it!


Happy New Year everybody! Starting things off with the “Nothin’ Bunny” cast’s new looks in full color! 

I’ve been mostly offline for all of December but now that it’s…not December, there’ll be a New Year’s comic coming up along with some other little surprises before the 12 days of Christmas is officially over, wink wink hint nudge……and also replying to people because I sat on my inbox too long, sorry about that. Looking forward to posting art again! (AND doing more on @themovierats too!)

Night comic! Got home late and wanted to finish this one finally. I know this isn’t the best or most legible comic, so I’ll kinda explain it: So, here in Miami we’ve got these little lizard guys, I don’t know what they’re called but they’re absolutely everywhere and all over everything.

To Florida natives this is probably as mundane as seeing a squirrel or bugs outside, but to someone who lived half his life in a big city and the other half in a smaller city in the desert, this kind of “pest” is positively novel and exciting. How cool is that! To have slightly more tropical birds hanging out, tiny geckos being normal…It’s the one neat thing about the landscape, it’s like living in a discount rainforest! Of course I’ve been here a year now so I’m used to it, but a couple months ago I did get a crazy surprise when the family was out–one was in the house! It was nuts, hilarious, I got a kick out of figuring out how to get it out the house safely and how neat it is to have wildlife indoors! I learned that these guys always run away from you because they’re scared, but always in a straight line forward and not too far. If you get them to run on to a surface you’re holding (like my slipper) you can take them out on that. It worked, and I felt like a hero! Then stupid for feeling like that…then just like laughing for the whole silly moment where I got to chase a tiny lizard. Good times.

Month later it happens again when I’m not much in the mood for it and mom is actually home…I try to calmly use the same method–but it backfires when I make a mistake and he runs straight under mom’s door into her small closet. I wake her up and we spend a miserable hour trying to find it, getting frustrated, having it run away and forcing us to pull up the carpet to find it. In the end, it disappeared into the wall and we have no idea where it went.

Apparently these guys get in when you leave the door open, like bugs, sneakin’ up the door frame when we don’t look above us. Last week-ish in the middle of the night, this comic happens. I try to do the first method again, not repeat the mistake from last time, and not having fun anymore, just worried he’ll run into mom’s room and annoy her or behind the TV and I’ll break something–anything. In the end though it works, and I drop the little guy outside (after shaking him off my hand for a while, they’re sticky and he didn’t seem to want to go)…and I see a cat just staring me smack in the face, watching the whole thing.

…..so long story short I think I just doomed a poor lizard to death by kitty.

warpedspeed90  asked:

What are your thoughts on the latest Weird Al album, Mandatory Fun?

WOAH! An ask! First off I want to say thanks for sending this, I love getting mail! I forget I can get mail sometimes.

And I think so far it’s pretty fun! I’m kind of letting myself discover it as the videos are being released so every day there’s a pleasant surprise for me, but the songs so far have been pretty darn alright! I guess I can say none of the songs have “blown me away” yet, especially coming after Alpocalypse, which was practically nothin’ but well-produced comedy hits and had a ton of really solid work, a lot of my personal favorites. (Then again that album was a long time in the making, this seems more like “hey, I wrote some more, enjoy!” than a big collection)

Then again though I’m a huge fan of Weird Al, I’m seriously at beginner level (I’m a big fan in the “liking” definition, not knowledge), so I can’t really say like which albums are really the best, you know….just songs I like. Out of the full songs I’ve heard, “Foil” is my favorite straight parody, and “Sports Song” gave me the biggest laugh on the lyrics alone.

But seriously, it’s always the polka medley I can’t stop playing and it’s awesome again. It’s like a Spike Jones Year-In-Review.