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“My name is Connor Lassiter. I am the Akron AWOL. I don’t have much time…”


Timeline of Derek Hale’s Life:

-Derek is a happy, fun wolfie with a cute girlfriend

-Girlfriend dies, and Derek becomes a really sad wolfie with blue eyes

-Derek’s house gets burned down and almost all of his family members die in the fire, leaving Derek an even sadder wolfie but also a vengeful wolfie

-Derek grows up into a big bad sexy wolf and is high key lonely AF

-Derek meets Scott and Stiles, Derek crushes on Stiles

-Stiles calls Derek a Sour Wolf because he’s a sour wolf

-Derek gets betrayed by his uncle, blablabla

-a fuckload of stuff happens that negatively affects Derek

-he gets kidnapped by the woman who murdered his family and then turned into his former, teenage self

-young Derek escapes with Scott’s help and finds that his house and family are gone

A summary: shit hits the fan and it all lands on Derek, who deals with it like a bad ass motherfucker

The lesson you were supposed to learn from this: When shit happens, just remember that at least you aren’t Derek.