ian mckellen is the shit!

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pleaspeleplaseplapselpleplease can i have a headcanon for harry meeting ian mckellen backstage at graham norton and then introducing him to his boyfriend? 😭

Harry was looking down at his shirt, trying to decide whether he could get away with one more button undone. He bit his lip and fiddled with the fabric a little, making it flounce and wave a bit. Finally deciding he probably shouldn’t risk it, he began to button it back up.

“Shame for you to cover such fantastic skin while you’ve got it,” Harry heard from across the hall in what was a very, very easily recognized voice.

His head jerked up and yep. Right in front of him stood Sir Ian McKellen.

Holy. Shit.

“I’m a huge fan of yours, by the way. All of yours, but absolutely a fan of yours specifically as well. The work you’ve done with the switchboard is truly lovely.”

Harry just stood completely wide eyed and slack jawed because one of his heroes, the man who is still hanging in a movie poster on his childhood room wall, is standing there telling Harry he knows who he is and he _likes_ him. This cannot be real.

“Oh come now,” Sir Ian McKellen chuckled. “Breathe a bit, blink, perhaps close your mouth and swallow some too.”

Harry finally came to and did as Sir Ian McKellen instructed. He’s met a shitload of his heroes, but he’s not sure that he’s ever been this overwhelmed and he knew he would meet him! But like, he didn’t realize that he would meet him this soon. And here. And before they were on stage with their fake smiles and polite handshakes. They’re just standing in the hall in front of their dressing rooms because Harry had just used the loo and was so preoccupied with his shirt he hadn’t gone back in yet. Wow he’s an idiot.

“Hi, I’m Harry,” he stupidly says as he regains control of his body and sticks his hand out to the God of Acting standing right there. “I am a massive, massive fan.”

“Charmed! And likewise,” Sir Ian responded, and that’s good. Harry has finally also schooled his brain to not call him by his full name anymore so hopefully that means that the shock is wearing off.

Harry opened his mouth to say something, probably about how many times he watched Lord of the Rings or X Men or something equally as embarrassing, when the door behind him opened and he heard Louis’ voice.

“Hazza love, I was wondering what you’d gotten up to. Was worried you were worried or summat,” he said as he gently rubbed Harry’s back. Harry knew exactly when Louis realized they weren’t alone though because his movements froze and he just said, “Oh fuck me!“

"Probably not the best idea here of all places,” Sir Ian joked.

“Sir Ian, this is my boyfriend, Louis.” Louis glanced up at Harry in surprise at the introduction but Harry just shrugged. Of all people, Sir Ian could definitely know the full truth and not just be left to his own supposition.

“Incredible to meet you, sir,” Louis said while holding out his hand.

Sir Ian grasped it in his own and giving them both a blinding smile said a simple, “For me as well, thank you.”