ian macfarland


I really enjoy DOC and when it’s one of your favorite vocalist it doesn’t hard either.  The only other vocalist I could think about really wanting to see something like this is Chino from Deftones. “Rung In A Ladder” is an amazing put together piece by Ian MacFarland, I can’t say that I’ve seen any of his other works, but probably should after watching this. Alot of artist have this kinda of wall that is created around them, either by media or the fans themselves. Having met Jacob Bannon in person, talking with him like I would one of my friends for years it was clear that he’s just a guy enjoying life. I think this film opens up a door that I don’t believe we’d here outside of possible making it up from lyrics in Converge songs. There are alot of things said through out this that I would have never thought about Jacob from seeing him on stage or just listening to the music that he makes. I believe we find a very genuine human in this film, someone trying to do his best…in this day and age it seem far and few between that you find such people.  Jacob and his band continue to amaze me with not only what they do with their music, but more so they do with the reputation that they’ve gained through the years.  I hope you enjoi and our inspired by this film.