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Tuesday, October 5: Spiritual Beggars, “Magic Spell”

Michael Amott was already a highly respected figure in the underground thanks to his genre-defining work with Carcass, but Another Way to Shine still surprised with its swagger and groove.  Amott’s second record under the Spiritual Beggars banner carried on with the stoner metal sound of the group’s debut, but “Magic Spell” nonetheless sounded more like a Swedish Kyuss than Heartwork (though in fairness, Bill Steer would follow a similar path with his post-Carcass outfit Firebrid).  Spice’s howling vocals fused John Garcia with Ian Gillan, Ludwig Witt’s drumming had arguably more swing than even John Bonham, and Amott’s riffing and solos revealed his love for Ritchie Blackmore. “Magic Spell” defied ‘90s metal conventions even among underground acts, and showcased the breadth of Amott’s talents before he mined more familiar territory to greater commercial success with Arch Enemy.