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For nine years the exceptional talent of @ianlawson visited our islands. First to simply photograph the unique landscape but the more he visited the more he became at one with the nature of The Hebrides. Once tied to the nature he became at one with the people and stopped taking photographs and began crafting images. A detailed and patient craft not dissimilar to that needed in Harris Tweed weaving. Realising the symbiotic relationship of land and fabric, Ian continued on an odyssey of capturing the colours of The Hebrides, the colours that inspire the world-renowned Harris Tweed. We are forever grateful to this talented man who has helped make Harris Tweed the success that it is today.


A BIG birthday treat from Matt was this limited edition in a run of 200 copies, by talented photographer Ian Lawson, who spent five years in the company of the shepherds of the Lake District, and their Herdwick sheep. It’s a celebration of shepherding, and has a special section included in this edition, featuring Hilltop, and other farms associated with Beatrix Potter, hence the Tailor of Gloucester mouse embossed in the silk binding on the back of the book. 

In case you’re wondering, the picture of the sheep with the patches on their bottoms has a story. Their shepherd has hand sewn patches into their fleece, over their tails, because they are too young to lamb, and the patches are to protect them from over-amorous rams. :-)


Bonus Fun Fact: Wedge is also the only background character to survive all 3 major battles in the original trilogy – Yavin, Hoth, and Endor.


Teen Wolf AU -
Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered


(inspired by Buffy - the Vampire Slayer)

Victoria Argent could not be more proud of her son Isaac. She would do absolutely anything for him, until one day he brings home his new boyfriend Scott… Victoria, a powerful witch herself, can tell immediately that Scott is a werewolf and like all witches, she deeply despises his kind.

For her son, she tries to accept his and Scott’s relationship for a little while, but when she suspects that the two of them are having sex, she can’t take it anymore and decides that it is time to do something about Scott. 

In her desperation, Victoria casts a powerful spell that robs Isaac of his love for Scott and transfer his feelings to every other guy in town. Now, Scott suddenly finds himself getting rejected by Isaac, while every other man is more than eager to declare his undying love for him.

Terrified by the situation, Scott seeks help from the sorceres Marin Morrell, who tells him that the only way to break Victoria’s spell is to make Isaac remember his love for him. A task that unfortunately turns out to be almost impossible and already Scott is running out of time. The other men in town quickly grow tired of his constant rejection and with a nudge from Victoria, soon the first of them - Stiles - gets violent and targets Scott. However, Victoria’s plan backfires, when Stiles all of a sudden goes after Isaac, too.


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