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cass-ian replied to your post “ACOMAF Crackships Question, because I was thinking about this today…”

I would rather have Mesta than moriel/nessian tbh

Tell me why??? :)

@wpbianca99 said:

I like Rhycien more than Elucien 😅

Ooh, see now that’s really interesting to me and I’m curious as to why you prefer it? I enjoy the Rhycien headcanons and fics and find it interesting, but in general, people seem keen to keep it as a history between them and not something in the present/future of canon. Do you just enjoy it more than Elucien in general because it’s more interesting/entertaining to you as a story/ship? Or do you actually want it to be canon over Elucien? Or… something else entirely I’m not reading?

@kitashiwrites said:

*waves at her fandom shipping twin* Cazigan for the win, but Moriel & Nessian for the canon lol

*waves* Hi love of my life! I see you and I feel you, as usual. :)