ian hearts tx

Ian Tries To Escape From Shitty Midwest Towns!

AKA Everything is Bigger in Texas!

  • for those new, Sam is basically my future wife and the only reason I haven’t jumped overboard these past seven months.
  • i’m currently jobless (i’ve got a decent job record, background and drug free if you know of any job opportunities!!)
  • and in the middle of nowhere, indiana (i can give you photo proof if need be, i’ve actually had online stores tell me they couldn’t ship to my house b/c i live in a “rural location”)
  • I would love to find a place in Austin, TX, so I can also save Kelty from homelessness
  • i’m not asking anyone to do anything they can’t afford; i’m extremely grateful for whatever comes our way, it’s tough for most right now!
  • There’s a donate button on my blog sidebar, but my paypal email is korynn@live.com!

If you need more information or just want to pester me, please go right ahead!