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God!Ian and Succubus!Christian just fucked me up, thanks.

The constant taunt from Succubus Christian, tryna riled up God Ian just to gauge his reaction, e.g. Christian trespassing into the Gods Sacred Grounds and seduce some other Gods (God Tattoo/God Seagull), or directly distract God Ian, whispering sinful promises in his ears *wink wonk*.

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Out of the Ashes, First Day

Out of the Ashes, part 5/?
Rose Tyler, human!Tenth Doctor (AU)

Rose Tyler is used to being alone, having learned the hard way that, eventually, everyone disappears.  After losing the one person she dared to believe wouldn’t leave her, she stops trying to believe that anything will last.  She’s determined that no one will hurt her or her son again.

Genres: hurt/comfort/romance
Rating: teen
Beta: rudennotgingr

tumblr A03

At seven thirty, Monday morning, James was bouncing on the balls of his feet outside Rose’s flat after giving the door a “shave and a haircut” knock.

“You’re early,” she said as she opened the door, looking at him in confusion.

“Yes, I am,” he said.  “But…I brought doughnuts.”

She narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously, but he simply gave her a smile and held up the bag in his right hand.

“Yeah, alright then,” she said after a moment, opening the door wide for him.  “God, I don’t know which of you is more excited.”

“Hard to tell,” he admitted, following her further into the flat.

“James!” Ian cried happily, sliding off his chair and running to him, wrapping his arms around James’ knees.  James immediately put the doughnuts and various items under his other arm on the table, then reached down and swung the boy up onto his hip.

“You’re not gonna make me learn about trees, are you?” Ian asked, anxiety all over his little face.

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